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½ July 27, 2015
gotta love Dallas ...
½ August 28, 2012
Male strippers woohoo! Fun at the beginning, then it gets more serious during the whole movie while knowing more about each character and his/her lifestyle.
Many dance numbers that shows what you already know: Channing Tatum has impressive six-packs. lol
July 22, 2015
It was ok, ending was meh. Boogie Nights is superior in every way
July 16, 2015
Soderbergh knows what he is doing. What a great filmmaker, what a great idea.
July 13, 2015
Su guión se queda a medias, intentando trasmitir las altas y bajas de sobrevivir como stripper, pero Soderbergh sabe explotar a Channing Tatum como bailarín en el escenario, así como sacar el lado más explosivo de Matthew McConaughey.
July 12, 2015
Fun... but a tease. A strip tease! And a fantasy, as a club with this much talent and group numbers and costumes and dancing would be a blast. Thankfully the Blu-Ray has 3 full length extra feature strips that are cut short in the film.
½ July 11, 2015
So much fun! Obviously the routines were the best part. :P
July 10, 2015
This movie was so utterly enjoyable! Like a long-playing music video for teenage girls with clean beautiful acting on top. The bodies, the dancing, the romance, the masculinity shown in so many ways, the deep human connection, it's all there. In the form of young hot chiselled male torsos. What's not to love.
July 10, 2015
Magic Mike is a lot smarter than it would have you believe.
July 5, 2015
A big disappointment. Was kind of boring. The first Magic Mike was way better
½ July 5, 2015
Leave it to Steven Soderbergh to string along people to play up to their expectations and then completely destroy them. 'Magic Mike' is a fun but also very smart film.

The film has a good introduction and throws right into the action, it did seem kind of weird to only have one scene at the construction site, but I guess that really wasn't the focus; but there are some scenes that we only see once and I thought we would have seen more of, I thought there would have been more than one scene at the routine practice, for example. However, what I did like is that Adam wasn't just an expert right away, even though he knew what he was doing after a short while, when he was performing with the rest, I liked that his timing seemed just a little bit off, it seems like the kind of nice little detail that Soderbergh puts in. The set up for when Adam goes on stage for the first time felt a bit clichéd with the fact that of course a character had something go wrong and nobody else can fill in for some reason but the first time he went on stage, I was very nervous for Adam and I was sitting on the edge of my seat. I wondered if something was going to go wrong because he still had his socks on and I know it was trying to convey his inexperience but he could have at least turned around and taken his jumper off from the back or something!

The script for this film was very good, the characters were well written and they were given little quirks to them to make them feel like real people like the part with the plastic in Mike's car. It also makes sense because later on that moment you can look back and relate that moment to the theme of needing money to have a better life. I had the feeling right from the beginning that the film was going to develop into some darker themes but I thought that it was either going to come from Dallas, and while he certainly has his moments, it came from something else entirely, which was what I thought it might tackle. This film had me smiling at the start and it had its funny moments but they become less frequent as the film veers into its themes near the end. Some could say it didn't need to go the direction it did, and given how the film ends I guess that is correct to some degree, but for what it did, it makes sense and would fit in an intelligent portrayal of something like this. It's also smartly filmed, once again by Soderbergh himself and he gets some very interesting shots and the colours look beautiful, it has a great soundtrack as well.

The acting in this film is great and everyone does a good job, it's Soderbergh, he knows what he is doing, that is all except for one person. Cody Horn in this film is on an entirely different level from everybody else; I haven't seen her in much but at least in 'End of Watch' she fit well. In this she seemed permanently angry, even in the few times that she smiled she still seemed mad; I know she's trying to look out for her brother and while some scenes it worked as her heart was in the right place, she seemed out of place. I thought when Mike said to Adam that his sister was smiling at his performance; I thought he would say, 'now I believe it even less'. Jessica's Biel was offered the role and I know she turned it down but as soon as I read that, I just went, 'oh she would have been perfect!' I could just see it. People were saying that Matthew McCounaghey was going to receive a Best Supporting Actor nomination for this, but that really isn't saying much, because pretty much every film he was in around this time-frame came with that statement, just a testament to what a fantastic actor he is. I noticed at one point McCounaghey holding on to his very thing g-string and I had wondered if it had been damaged or something but the audience actually did rip it, credit to him for keeping going. It also made me laugh because he said 'alright' a few times but not his iconic 3 times, then Channing Tatum said it 3 times and then did McCounaghey later on, hey it all works out in the end.

For as good as the film is, when the credits rolled around I was a little surprised, Adam's dilemma was nowhere near being resolved, sure, Mike got a happy ending of sorts, but what about Adam? It doesn't resolve it and maybe that was the point? The film is trying to portray this as real and that is where some of the negativity with regards to the pace happens but I thought the pace was good, the film rolls casually from dilemma to dilemma but not having this resolved felt weird. I'm also wondering what the real focus of this film was, it's called 'Magic Mike' but it seems to be following Adam's story but then the film ends with a scene with Mike, I thought it should have been called 'Amazing Adam' or something; 'Magic Mike' does sound like the name that you would call the club or something, it just struck me like that. Also, while I said that the characters were well written, and that's because they are as it isn't like anybody is a cardboard cut-out, but most of the characters that aren't Mike, Adam, Brooke or, to a certain degree, Dallas, seem a little under-developed, which might also explain why they aren't all shown on the cover. They needed to be there because you can't have a club with 2 strippers in it but it was noticeable. I'm kind of surprised it wasn't mentioned more in the consensus. It might seem a little odd that Soderbergh was working with a first time writer in this big of a project, but everyone has to start somewhere, and it was pretty good, for the most part, like I've said.

I have been interested in this film pretty much since its release because it seemed like such a boundary pusher and it is, in more ways than one- did you see what they were doing on stage? Wow. 'Magic Mike' is overall a great film with great acting, a great story and good themes. This was a 5 star film that had me smiling so much, but as the film shows us, things change.
July 4, 2015
There are actually some interesting and authentic interactions between the characters, but the potential is drowned out with excessive and sometimes cringey dance scenes.
½ May 10, 2015
The strippers have great bodies, but this is no full monty. The story is painfully predictable and resolutions are far too easy. Tho, the performers do their best with what they are given. However, it must be noted that there is zero chemistry between the two romantic leads.
July 2, 2015
The plot was slow and awkward. Tatum was not : ) The dance scenes by Tatum, which felt few and far between, were amazing.
July 21, 2012
filled with too many unfill plot lines. Everytime you thought the movie was getting good the scene ended and they never came back to it. This movie could have been so much better with writing. A reason for the plot danglers were because a lot of the movie was filled with unnecessary stripping moments. like one or two would be ok to get a sense of their lifestyle but they showed a lot more than they needed. The camera angles were pretty awkward too. The acting was decent for the most part. Matthew McConaughey was the best in my opinion. Channing Tatum was great until his acting was put to the test when he was confronting someone. He didnt do a very good job with it to make a long story short. What i did like in this movie was that it was somewhat entertaining to see where the striping business was going. But overall dont watch this unless youre a horny little girl.
July 1, 2015
I don't have a clue what other people think they watched and gave such high ratings.I'm certain for what I watched and that was a movie with a remarkable all-male cast,with a really obvious and cliche plot,without even a recognisable central story.Every star I give is for the imense hours of training these people must have had to give us this result.Nothing else was enjoyable.Even the script was immensely stupid.Sorry,not sorry.
½ July 18, 2012
This movie was awful. I wanted to leave about half-way through. Cody Horn and Matthew McConaughey were particularly horrible. I obviously didn't have very high expectations of a stripper movie but there wasn't even any compelling stripping. I would have loved to see some more actually dancing and maybe spare me the life lessons. I was expecting this movie to be fun and engaging and it failed on both marks.
June 24, 2015
Amazingly entertaining with a mature and rational attitude towards stripping, this is a loving portrait of some ambitious Floridians and their non-amusement park Tampa milieu.
½ April 3, 2012
The casting is great. But there's no real story. It's very boring and slow to get going and there's no real actual stripping or anything.
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