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½ April 8, 2015
Cute comedy that's barley got enough for a one time watch.
January 20, 2014
I know this movie is a tad slow and a bit cheesy, but I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Merry Clayton is the star of the movie. I personally think everyone plays their part well. Honestly, I wish I could get my hands on some of the music from this movie in .mp3 format, but even the cassette edition ceases to exist in these times. The movie picks up in the middle of the movie, and of course, it gets better from there. It may not be packed full of action like in the "Terminator" movies, but it's a nice gem of a film. I'm glad it exists, and check it out sometime! It's floating around on YouTube! The DVD is out of print, but goes out on eBay for $20 or more.
December 7, 2012
Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!
July 23, 2012
Cute, predictable and definetly the 80's!!!

Ally Sheedy is the damselle in distress who's pushed her fathers last button and his bank account to overdrive. When her spending habits loose control and her attitude is less than responsible or desirable shes wished away to learn her lessons. And thats when the Grimms brother adaptation of Cinderella comes alive. In the end we the audience learn to love Sheedy's character and yes she wins over our hearts, then gets the dream guy, learns life the hard way and earns her old life back but with a few lessons learned along the way.
May 30, 2012
Great movie. Watch out for the language.
May 22, 2012
I first watched this when i was just a little girl, it was GREAT.
April 5, 2012
Ally Sheedy plays this rich girl gone bad, who somehow gets changed into a poor one and has to find a job to support herself. Intersting flick.
Super Reviewer
September 6, 2010
I really liked this movie, Sheedy plays a rich girl who's life is turned around and she must be the maid instead. This movie is funny and I really liked it.
½ September 25, 2010
Only PG... really?! The rating system must have been waaayyy different than it is now. With a scene containing brief nudity from behind, excessive drinking, and at least one instance of name calling - using a derogatory term for the buttocks... I would have definitely expected this to be PG-13. ~ And all that was just in the first 7 mins of the movies...

Extremely slow in the beginning. Cinematography, acting, wardrobe, effects. etc. all typical in style of a movie in the 80's.

Language continued with the overuse of GD... as well as Hell, God, the f-bomb... and repeated use of the derogatory term for poop... I only continued watching out of pure curiosity... hoping it would get better... and it didn't!!! Stopped after about 35mins in... It wasn't worth my time or interest to continue on...
½ January 21, 2010
Dull plot and characters. If you want to hear a bad version of "It's In His Kiss", this movie's for you.
½ December 9, 2010
One of my guilty pleasures.
½ October 20, 2010
A movie that @GraceAlexis will hate that I wasted time watching. I can't help it. I love Ally Sheedy.
September 25, 2009
Loved this movie...Loved every minute of it. Got to love a fairy Godmother who can jog and smoke at the same time LOL.
August 11, 2009
I'm a sucker for spoiled, rich girls learning a lesson on responsibilty and the value of a dollar. But this film adds a twist, when the girl's fairy godmother, cast a spell making her not only flat broke, but making her friends, family and even her dog completely unaware of who she is.
July 21, 2009
I don't know why but I liked this movie...Maybe it is because I was crushing on Ally"
Super Reviewer
March 28, 2007
This modern retelling of the Cinderella fable isn't much of a star vehicle for Ally Sheedy, who's constantly upstaged by the supporting players.
September 20, 2008
Ally Sheedy was just grate
July 13, 2008
This is directed by the woman who directed 'Slumber Party Massacre'.....hmm...
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