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July 29, 2011
A better title would be The Bikini Shop From Hell because instead of the viewer enjoying some dumb fun in the sun this movies dishes out agony.
½ July 26, 2011
This movie was to say the least, lame. lol! If you're broke... then you're in for a treat. Tits, and lame comedy at your fingertips. Made me laugh a couple of times but nothing had to do with the writing. The halarious came from the shitty acting and terrible clothing. The funny thing is this movie is not funny.
August 3, 2012
Never pretending to be anything more than a cheap T&A comedy for an undemanding young male audience, this is a consistently enjoyable beer and pizza night movie, featuring no less than three music montages in its last third. A little cult classic within its genré that rises above most because of the scene-stealing Debra Blee as a spoilt daddy's little girl, and Michael David Wright and Bruce Greenwood, who appear to be having more fun than anyone has the right to as budding businessman brothers.

Released in Australia as 'The Bikini Shop'.
July 19, 2012
I loved it! Great babes and great message to!!
July 6, 2012
I saw this film on Rhonda's USA "Up All Night" show and thought it was fun and had a good moral. One brother is a kind of goofus and the other a business-like guy, engaged to a wealthy daughter of big company owner. he is on a fast track to working for her dad. The brothers inherit their "weird" Malibu aunt's beach shop. One brother is happy and the other wants to sell it ASAP and get back to work. They try to increase sales to attract buyers. They hire local swimsuit designers, who work for almost nothing to get their designs seen. The goofus brother is in heaven and goes Malibu "native". The business brother tries to hide what he's doing, is angry it is taking so long to get rid of, but he is grateful for the increasing popularity of bikini styles being made by a sweet, beautiful, kindhearted bikini designer. His "Heather's" fiance shows up with her dad, is appalled at the funky shop, & insults everyone. Ah, but when the business brother sees the comparison of the kind woman compared to the crass, rich, entitled, spoiled fiance, he decides to give up the fiance, money, and high-level business position for a simple life on the beach, selling bikinis designed by the beautiful designer. A love story indeed that is about what makes life valuable.
January 3, 2010
The Malibu Bikini shop is to be watched by people who are very open and accepting, and not afraid to watch soft-core porn in front of others. It is a fun movie with songs by people you've never heard of and many actors and actresses you'll never see again (with the exception of Bruce Greenwood), but is ultimately a wonderful movie. (:
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