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November 3, 2013
Very inspiring true story of the Scottish immigrant who became Senate chaplain in the 1940s. Richard Todd is remarkable, especially when delivering Dr. Marshall's sermon material. The romance angle is overplayed, which is understandable given the era of the film and the studio's desire to pitch it as a love story. It is a love story, but centered more on the love of God than that of Peter and Catherine.
July 5, 2013
One of my favorites. Great feel good, inspirational movie for people of all beliefs. Truly a remarkable man used during a remarkable time in U.S. history.
October 19, 2012
I've heard good things about this.
½ May 11, 2012
i was just blown away by this film because it had alot of emotion in it and it dealt with this one person who not only wants to be a preacher in a church but make a diffrence in the world. there was alot of thought and great writing in this like the preaching parts and the whole idea that peter wants to go to sea and i loved that. and it has a really good love story that draws you into the movie which was spectacular. and the ending to this film will leave you crying your eyes out. so really good movie and well done
½ April 10, 2012
Initially I found it to be opressively corny. The romance side story played out like a strange version of "A Walk to Remember" set in the 1950s. Near the end of the film, the writing seemed to get better and I found myself enjoying it somewhat. Despite the occasional scenes with interesting dialogue, I would have to describe the movie as prentious, and entirely indulgent.
½ March 23, 2010
This is really good!
September 12, 2011
This biography moves me every time I read it, or see it on screen. I highly recommend it to everyone.
½ February 26, 2011
This is really good!
January 23, 2011
i havent watch this movie yet.but i think it would be very inspring movie...i am looking for people who review this movie
November 12, 2010
Have heard it is wonderful....have always wanted to see this movie & get the book
½ September 7, 2010
This is the most realistic account, in a movie, of a Christian preacher I have ever seen! Very moving sermons by Peter Marshall in this story based on his life as a Scottish born man with the call of God on his life who becomes the pastor of the "Church of the Presidents" in Washington DC. Although a short life, he accomplishes much for the Lord. Marshall is played by Richard Todd who did a very fine job with the role. Enjoyed this tremendously!
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½ July 10, 2010
Reverent, sometimes corny bio of Peter Marshall is saved by a strong central performance from Richard Todd. The film also has high production values and a good supporting cast including Jean Peters' swan song before marrying Howard Hughes and retiring from acting for over two decades and then emerging to only do a very few appearances on TV.
½ September 25, 2008
A sweet simple film, beautifully done, wonderfully acted. Great production, moving and well written. The characters have depth and you care about them.
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½ August 4, 2008
its main fault is it has a very slow and dull start. it kicks off when theres about an hour left with a sermon about a dying child. for that last hour ya don't look at the time. it's just a shame it couldn't keep my eyes hooked the rest of the time. very strong performance from richard todd and that's the reason to watch it
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January 15, 2008
nominated for best picture by NBR
September 22, 2006
I did not really like this movie.
October 5, 2006
Classified as a classic = Interested.
½ September 25, 2007
had a tremendous impact on my life spiritually!
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