The Man from Hong Kong (The Dragon Flies) Reviews

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February 5, 2007
Good entertaining chop-socky action film with some great stunts.
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½ March 2, 2009
A great excuse for great stunts and crazy action.
I mean the people and vehicles involved in this film are superhuman in durability and stamina that ends up making for some incredible sequences.
Of course the scenes in-between the action are very good, but their frequent laughability, and oh did I mention the action, make up for it.
Plus: where else are you going to see the One-Armed Swordsman go after James Bond, with the help and hindering of the Toecutter and Fifi from Mad Max.
April 4, 2012
This was one of those movies that I have heard lots about over the past few years, then even saw featured in the Not Quite Hollywood documentary, so I'm happy to finally cross it off my list of things to see.

Featuring some truly over the top action and stunts, this is well worth the time you might spend tracking it down.

November 25, 2012
The first Australian-Hong Kong co-production is clearly a product of its time almost from the word go: a promiscuous reporter hang glides into Wong Chuk Hong over the opening credits to Jigsaw's "Sky High" where she runs into a sarcastic inspector (controversial gung fu star Jimmy Wang Yu) who immediately detains her -- literally -- before heading to Australia to pick-up a Chinese criminal only to run afoul of a Sydney crime boss (unappreciated 007 and real-life Bruce Lee pupil George Lazenby).

"The Man from Hong Kong" suffers from an identity crisis: director Brian Tenchard-Smith's feature film dà (C)but is no more Australian than it is Chinese which may help explain why it works -- in this case -- on a superficial level mixing equal parts of Grant Page's thirst for octane with Sammo Hung's occasionally satirical; occasionally visceral martial arts choreography.

Where past hybrids tended to frustratingly vacillate "The Man from Hong Kong" is the best, in choreography terms, of both capricious low budget guerilla film industries strikingly captured by Russell Boyd's lens though on a whole it's about as sound as Roy Chow's English dub of Wang Yu's dialogue.

According to the 2008 documentary "Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation" nearly everyone involved on the Australian side of "The Man from Hong Kong" found star and unaccredited co-director Jimmy Wang Yu abrasive, controlling, openly racist to his white female co-stars, and all-around unbearable to work with.
December 9, 2011
Wall to wall cliches. An Australian/Hong Kong production with a former James Bond as a villain, martial arts choreographed by Hung Kam Po (Sammo Hung), and vehicular mayhem by Grant Page (who did the same for Mad Max a few years later). This almost plays like a parody of a 70s action drama. A very silly movie.
½ September 3, 2009
now here we go!! a movie that lets you know what is a about from the get go ! picture a big explosion of a car and a helicopter above and uluru (aka Ayer?s rock) you have entered THE MAN FROM HONG KONG !!! its like James bond meets Bruce lee !! its seriously non stop kung fu!! Car chases its pretty cool!!
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