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Man on a Ledge Reviews

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May 16, 2014
Le premisa es interesante pero la trama se torna sin sentido y una historia muy leve
November 18, 2011
As you'd expect, "Man on a Ledge" is a Swiss-cheese plotted heist and "prove his innocence" movie but taken as just that, it's quite an enjoyable movie. I suppose after having seen enough of these kinds of movies, I shouldn't expect perfection in how every plot thread is tied up since very few movies manage it. However, what the movie does excellently is setup the plot and build up the situation perfectly. Just starting as a literal man on a ledge, we see subtle layers added until we get this full on crescendo of diamond heists, negotiators, cops, convicts, bad guys, good guys all happening on in a single block in New York. So, given that you're willing to suppress your tingling plot-hole sense, it can be an enjoyable movie.

The cast is quite good and the acting and tension is par for the course. The leads Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks do a great job. Seeing Worthington as an ex-NY cop, ex-convict and Banks as a negotiator/psychologist with a past is surprising on paper but they manage to pull it off very well. However, Jamie Bell is one of the heist-team but his opposite who plays Angie make for some cringe-worthy comedy, like some Sofia Vergara slapstick in the middle of a tense situation. Ed Harris looks emaciated but equally sinister as the villain and there are a host other minor NY characters.

I can hear the Hollywood pitch for the movie in my head, "it's like The Negotiator combined with The Italian Job but happens in NY and instead of a hostage situation we have a jumper." And, essentially it's just that - a movie that heavily recalls other movies from the past except perhaps for the man on ledge. On a side note, it seems that every NY movie nowadays has a reference to the OWS movement and what a typical OWS protester might look like.

The movie is at its best when it clamors for our hero who desperate and is fighting all odds to clear his name as he shouts from his ledge, "I am innocent and this is my retrial." The movie is at its worst when it's ungainly roping in all the plot threads it cast out but can't seem to put it together. Overall, it's a good enough movie for people who like these kinds of movies. If you've caught yourself bitterly berating the many plot holes in heist movies, maybe this isn't for you.
May 14, 2014
Pacy watchable thriller let down with a poorly executed conclusion.
May 12, 2014
Havent watched it all yet but good movie from wat i seen
May 12, 2014
When a movie goes from absurd, to ridiculous and ends in preposterous (which means utterly absurd or ridiculous) while trying to be serious, then you know you have garbage on your hands. Nice cast "seriously" wasted.
May 11, 2014
Highly formulaic, with twists and turns you can see coming from a mile off ... but I still found myself enjoying it. But yeah, it's nothing special ....
May 11, 2014
Sometimes its acceptable for an action film to have holes throughout the plot but sadly not this time. Not only is this film not at all smart but it also suffers from terrible acting and a lack of convincing or exciting drama. Terrible ending to the film doesn't help. Fairly pitiful.
May 10, 2014
Far more entertaining than I expected. Although it is ridiculous it is gripping from start to finish. As a B-movie it works and Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks play their roles quite well and newcomer Genesis Rodriguez is easy on the eye to say the least.
May 6, 2013
A ex cop escapes prison convicted of a crime threatens to jump to his death with nothing to lose, But is there something else going on everybody's missing??????????. Intense and suspenseful
May 1, 2014
Nothing that makes your pant fall of but.. If you like Inside Man or Phonebooth you will like this movie.
February 7, 2012
Not a bad movie but once you understood what was going on, it pretty much has a predictable plot and ending.
April 16, 2014
The title is a trick but I think what happens was more enjoyable if it would have been a suicide movie for 90 mins.
Gabrielle M.
April 13, 2014
I have a love hate relationship with this movie. For the first three quarters of the movie I was sitting on the edge of my seat and then things started to go downhill, really quickly. It was as if the writers ran out of ideas but didn't want to end the film before the run-time so they rushed through the ending with the amount of finesse as a middle school student writing their first screenplay. The ending was ridiculous, unnecessary and unrealistic. This movie lost some serious points for the last quarter; it ruined the film completely.

Stamp of Judgement: Good
March 30, 2014
"Although the film has much more action than story, Man on a Ledge can't help but be a fun and exciting action thriller with some suspenseful performances."
January 10, 2013
a very good movie, unpredictable ending..and the suspense..wonder why it is rated poorly here
November 16, 2011
A very good suspense movie.
Matt H.
March 8, 2014
Man On A Ledge is light entertainment with a somewhat interesting plot line and okay execution. It'll keep your attention, maybe even explore some deeper themes and metaphors throughout the movie. There's little action that actually goes on, and more of the film I just Sam Worthington standing on a ledge. But hey, you can't say the title didn't warn you!
March 4, 2014
It was one of those movies that wasn't bad, but wasn't good. Just right in the middle.
February 21, 2014
Your usual heist movie. Nothing special, but not bad either.
November 25, 2011
Good action movie with unique plot twists.
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