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The Man Who Cried Reviews

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Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
This is a fairly basic Nazis = bad film. There's not much in the way of political acumen, and the characters and their storylines never escape from basic types. The acting is good until the characters begin the worst lip synching in film history. Potter's dialogue is fairly stilted, but the art direction and cinematography is good.
As a whole, the film needed to escape cliche and take greater advantage of its cast, all of whom are capable of strong, nuanced performances.
Keysha H

Super Reviewer

October 15, 2007
Really good movie. Depp and Ricci have a really intsense love scene. Depp tends to look at her longingly for a good 2/3s of the film. But I'll forgive..he's lovely. And Blanchett does a really flighty portrayal of a early 20th century gold-digger. All in all..great story of perserverance with a stellar cast..but honestly...I don't understand the title.
Wildaly M

Super Reviewer

May 16, 2007
Ricci turns in a really good performance.

Super Reviewer

September 25, 2011
The actors in this film constantly look as if they're befuddled, doing their best to interpret Sally Potter's obtuse writing and directing style.
Nikki M

Super Reviewer

July 27, 2009
Hard to understand what some of the characters are saying or singing and a little slow in parts.

Super Reviewer

August 25, 2009
Gloriously flamboyant and emotionally camp exploration of cultural assimilation. Christina Ricci is fabulously passive and unmoved by proceedings as is an equally understated Johnny Depp. Cate Blanchett chews scenery with panache, and Sacha Vierny's camerawork is exquisite.
Erin C

Super Reviewer

May 19, 2009
Johnny definitely didn't have a big enough part. I felt like his talent was wasted in this movie. It was a good story, but the acting was just so so.
Sunil J

Super Reviewer

September 11, 2007
Weird and really boring but the acting was good.

Super Reviewer

October 7, 2007
i watched this movie last week....and thought it was good....sad tho but good
January 1, 2009
Embarrassingly painful, I felt bad for all involved. It was an insult to the historical events that took place. It had potential and then it fell flat on its face with Ricci's Jewish character trying to become a professional dancer only to have WWII interrupt her love affair with Depp, a gypsy. This relationship of the two persecuted minorities was too contrived. Ricci did sing "Gloomy Sunday" so I gave it an extra half a star.
July 20, 2010
This film was rather interesting. There were some parts in the movie that could of been better but if you have a vivid imagination, I guess you can figure out the details yourself. The acting was great and everything was put into place decently. Overall, I liked this movie.
July 10, 2010
I did not like this movie. Christina Ricci sucked. Her English accent was hideous!!!!! Unfortunately for the other actors they don't get a chance to shine cuz the storyline was lame. +
October 16, 2006
Not a bad film. Young Christina Ricci and Cate Blanchette. I was a tiny bit icked out by the sex scenes Ricci had with a much older Johnny Depp in the film but otherwise, a nice film to pass the time. The soundtrack wa salos very good and inspired me to download some opera to my Itunes.
July 4, 2010
There was more than one man crying...but I enjoyed the film. It could have had a better ending, but it was still tolerable.
March 22, 2010
Very good story about a girl who survived. going from one thing to another, and got out of Europe before wwII. About love, betrayal, love found, lost and found again.
November 20, 2008
April 22, 2008
This movie was NOTHING that I thought it would be. I loved it anyway. =]

Christina Ricci once again proved to me that she is a marvelous actress. She's gone a long way from Adam's Family.
Johnny Depp has too, of course, shown me that he deserves to be in my favorite actors. Unfortunately, he only had a few lines, but he was in a lot of scenes, standing in a dark corner, being mysterious. He really had an impact on the story.

I couldn't believe how good this movie turned out to be. I almost feel like watching it one more time, just so that I can focus on the details. This movie can really tell people about how it was a long time ago, with all the wars going on. Awesome movie, by an awesome cast.
May 20, 2008
If you like movies that look from the 20s and 30s then yeah this is your movie. I did not like how Christina Ricci screwed Johnny Depp, that is not fair.
July 28, 2007
Excellent movie. Johnny Depp is hot, of course. It's a very interesting piece...if you watch it that way. Don't go into it looking for a 'movie.' It's a piece of art...keep that in mind.
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