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½ May 10, 2016
It's a thin premise: a regular guy gets caught up in international intrigue, the spy game, without being aware of it. And so it becomes a personality vehicle instead. Guess who's personality? It works sometimes, but mostly not.
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½ March 25, 2012
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January 5, 2012
A one-joke comedy that wants to carry the absurdity of its premise throughout the entire plot. At first it is a funny idea but it wears out faster than expected, with not many smart twists to keep the story fresh, but at least Bill Murray makes it an amusing experience.
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October 3, 2012
A decent semi-comedy that twists and turns until an ok but not terrific ending.
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September 6, 2010
Not Murray's best work. I'm not sure if this comedy is supposed to be a parody or satire or a remake or what. It just isn't funny enough. Murray tries hard, but the script fails him.
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July 27, 2011
Wallace: Please don't call me by my real name, it destroys the reality I'm trying to create. 

"He's on a mission so secret, even he doesn't know about."

The Man Who Knew Too Little is likable, but only because of a great premise and of course the one and only Bill Murray. The funny premise never really meets its full potential. The one joke plot line does get old after awhile. Everything that is happening is real and Murrays character, "Spencer" thinks it's all acting. Yeah, funny for awhile, but it can't withstand the hour and a half runtime.

Bill Murray is good of course. He really saves the movie from being complete crap. It's just sad that Murray isn't used to his complete potential. This spoof on the spy thriller genre doesn't come close to other Murray films like Stripes or Groundhog Day. Even with how mediocre this movie is, it never did reach the point where I hated it. It's full of references to other movies like Dirty Harry and The Shining. You can tell Bill Murray is having fun in his role. 

So, I'm kind of in between of The Man Who Knew Too Little. I don't like it, I don't hate it. But what I do know, is I like Bill Murray. So, I'm going to lean more towards the liking side. 
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January 4, 2007
incredibly clever. more zaney and slapstick than one might expect from such a clever idea, but here it works well and murray and whalley were the perfect combination for this story. one of my favorite comedies ever.
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½ April 26, 2007
While the plot is endlessly thin, this little comedy caught me by surprise.
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September 4, 2008
Haha Bill Murray is funny in it but the movie is really nothing special.
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October 11, 2007
Funniest thing ever! You really will laugh out loud. Bill Murray is awesome in this one.
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½ October 5, 2007
Been a while, but it was smilable
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January 13, 2007
Bill Murray vehicle that is basically one joke drawn out for the entire 90 minutes. It's all pretty much slapstick by numbers, but Murray is the kind of actor who can make good with the thinnest of material. Basically, if anyone else were in it, it'd be shit.
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August 25, 2006
Kinda dumb.
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½ March 5, 2012
Bill Murray is The Man Who Knew Too Little. This is a charming farcical comedy that perfectly fits the talents of Bill Murray: when Wallace Richie takes part in an improv theater performance on the streets of London, he accidentally ends up being mistaken for a spy and soon ends up deep inside a covert spy operation. Joanne Whalley, Peter Gallagher, and Alfred Molina provide a great supporting cast that works well with this style of comedy. The writing is fairly good and a lot of the comedy works, but some of the mishaps and misunderstandings are taken too far. But despite a few mishaps (and a piss-poor ending), The Man Who Knew Too Little is a hilarious comedy that's very entertaining.
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September 16, 2006
I love dramatic irony! A lot like the movie "The Game" only full of belly laughs instead of suspense!
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November 14, 2007
An amusing screwball movie, which could have been a disaster without a proper lead, but Murray pulls it off, as he plays a geekish bloke who is mistaken for a secret agent. Murray stumbles from disaster into the next and the movie relies on slapstick, one liners and Murray's iritiatingly stoic humour. Like many American goof fests, the movie goes over the top towards the end and whatever sublimity made the first two third great, is absent in the last. It is still a very nice movie, a classic screwball formula which falls right into Murray's lap.
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March 8, 2007
HAHA this was actually pretty good. I recommend it! Bill Murray thinks he is on a live action TV show as a hardass detective. Well little does he know the real bad guys are after him! Hilarity ensues...
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½ December 9, 2007
This moie is great, one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, I own it. In my opinion it is Murray's funniest performance to date. (Out of all the films that I have seen of him.) He has no idea what is going on, he thinks he is taking part in an entertainment service, but it is really a conspiracy. Very Under-rated gem of a movie.
½ April 25, 2015
Continuing my re-visitation of Bill Murray: This movie does exactly what it was supposed to do. A perfect inverted send-up of a well-known classic. Bill Murray plays the perfect fool/foil in this picture. As farcical as the premise was, the execution was very believable which I am not sure was intended. Great supporting cast including a very underrated performance by Alfred Molina.
½ December 10, 2014
Pretty good movie. The story, even if it's an adaptation, feels like a few other spy movies, but this still has some original ideas and plenty of laughs. It serves as the perfect vehicle for Murray's zany behavior and funny improvisations, which he does great.
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