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October 30, 2008

Bonding with Bond, Day 10: The Man with the Golden Gun

Community Manager RT-Ryan has never seen a single James Bond film, except for 2006's Casino Royale. To rectify the situation, he decides to watch every Bond film and write about his reaction as a 007 novice. Today's article is on The Man with the Golden Gun, Roger Moore's second foray into the world of 007. Read on to see how Ryan responded to its campiness and lighter tone.More…

February 23, 2007

Daniel Craig Wants Jane Seymour Back in Bond-age

Jane Seymour made for a pretty striking Bond girl when she appeared in "Live and Let Die" -- which was way back in 1973. But 007 star Daniel Craig doesn't care that the gal's 57 years old. She's still quite beautiful -- and apparently Danny wants her back for "Bond 22."More…