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½ February 19, 2009
A great time. One outragiously funny and original movie that has the old school 1950's sci-fi style and material. It packs great laughs, mayham and crazyness. Bruce Campbell brings his great nack for comedy as well as a great directional debut, proving he can handle being the star and crafting his own film.
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½ January 27, 2009
In this Sci Fi original type movie Bruce Campbell loses all of his good Indie cred by doing his same old tired schtick.
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½ September 5, 2008
Bruce is alright, but the movie needed some help. These made for sci fi movies should be b movies, but they often aren't good enough to even be that.
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½ June 9, 2007
Bruce Campbell rocks!!! This is ultimate B-movie cheese, intentional for a change (at least I THINK it's intentional) and as long as you're not expecting Citizen Kane, a lot of fun.
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August 9, 2007
After I watched this movie, I did, indeed, feel as if my brain were screaming. This movie was, to put it simply, PAINFUL to sit through- it's full of sub-corny jokes, cheesy effects, virtually no budget (the poster is actually the cover of the comic book adaptation, for cripe's sakes!), nothing but daytime shooting (as there was not enough money for a night shoot), hence no atmosphere, pathetic attempts at acting, and a rapping Russian played by Ted Raimi. This direct-to-video tripe has so few redeeming qualities that I wouldn't recommend this movie to ANYONE- and no, there is no exception to this. Still, though Bruce Campbell fails on almost every level in his first outing as a director, his own performance is as all-out as anything else he's done, and he goes garner a few chuckles; and Stacy Keach is always nice, even with a phony Russian accent. All in all, though, unless you are obsessed with Bruce Campbell to an unhealthy degree, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!
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May 11, 2007
I love Bruce Campbell, but this was bad, and not in a 'so bad it's good' way, it just not good.
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June 21, 2006
I love Bruce, but this kinda' sucked big time.
½ March 11, 2012
Fun and cheesy. Bruce Campbell makes this film very entertaining. The plot is interesting and the characters are hilarious. A nice sci-fi comedy.
½ December 7, 2010
I have a fun little story to share to go along with this movie. When I used to live in Oregon when I was about 9 maybe younger my family lived near a movie theater that showed movies with only limited theatrical releases and sure enough Man With The Screaming Brain was being premierd in that theater. Me and my family were and still are huge Bruce Campbell fans and once we found out that he was signing autographs at the premiere for his new movie we simply had to go. We ended up waiting in line for three hours just to get our copy of If Chins Could Kill and Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way signed and when we finally got up to Bruce he was like the coolest guy ever. He signed our books, shook our hands and even played with my brothers Evil Dead action figures it was the best day ever.

I wont let the experience I had at the premiere change my true opinion of the movie itself because it actually really isn't that good. I mean if your not a Bruce Campbell fan then your probably gonna hate this but because I am I thought that it was pretty decent.

It's a retelling or Frankenstein where a guy gets hit in the head with a pipe pretty hard giving him serious brain damage. A scientist finds him and fixes his brain by combining two halfs of two different brains together but now because of this he now has a voice talking to him in his head that only he can hear. The guy talking to him is his taxi driver because it's his brain that Bruce is sharing with him and now they must work together to find their killer.

It's sort of a throwback to old school sci-fi movies but your never too sure if it's ment to be taken seriously or not. The effects are pretty bad and the acting is corny but the actors don't really act like their trying to be bad on purpose. I'm guessing that this is intentional because everything else in the movie is so ridiculous that it's impossible to take seriously especially with Bruce Campbell and his fake mustache.

It's a guilty pleasure of mine and I think that anyone who gets entertained by the presence of Bruce Campbell sould like it or at least check it out.
½ July 22, 2010
Well the story of this movie is the exact title of it. It happens sometimes. Bruce Campbell is in see it? Ehh...
½ August 26, 2007
Bruce Campbell's baby is great at showing off... Bruce Campbell! As writer/director/star/producer, and the fact that he tried for 15 years to get this made, this is his vision entirely. A last minute rewrite, due to budget restrictions, placed the movie in Bulgaria, instead of LA. This actually helps the story, in my opinion. By setting it in an eastern European nation, it adds a flavor of the original "Frankenstein" story and makes Dr. Ivan Ivanov, a wonderfully off-kilter Stacy Keach, a much more believable figure.

Keach, and his dim-witted assistant, Pavel, played with great glee and uncapped energy by Ted Rami (who else?!), are deliriously off beat. The characters and the performances are so far out of the ball park, it is insane.

As for the chin himself, he is excellent. He gets the excesses and bastard attitude of pharmaceutical magnate William Cole rather well, with his typical blunt irony, shining through in thoroughly deadpan fashion. Once his brain, and the brain of former KGB, current cabbie Yegor get jammed together, he really owns the movie. Watching Bruce beat himself up, not be able to control his hand, or just hysterically running around will always amuse me, and here, that's what he does.

The movie tries so hard to attain B-movie status, with it's madcap insanity, and then spoof the movies it loves. To do so, this plays out, just like a 1950s sci-fi flick, thus, many of the jokes are in the unfolding, watching as the typical 50s tropes are brought to a head, and then magnified. From the constant brain swappings, to the massive forehead scar, to the whys behind Ivanov's work in secret, it's all there, it's all dead on, and it's all funny.

As a director, Campbell allows these things to play out nicely, knowing when to end a joke, and how far to take the shady dealings. He gets the tone right, using lots of exaggerated colors, and zany sound effects, as if vaudeville ran smack dab into a cheesy sci-fi, flick. While not as sure-handed as his sophomore effort, this debut is definitely strong and showcases his humor and sensibilities impeccably.
December 2, 2009
I really wanted to like this film because of Bruce Campbell. But it was just not that good. The story was in pieces and it was not that entertaining. Plus it is sad to say, but Bruce Campbell did not do good at all. It was like he didn't feel comfortable as his character. This movie had potential to be good and I think it just kind of failed.
½ December 29, 2008
I really wanted to like this film because of Bruce Campbell. But it was just not that good. The story was in pieces and it was not that entertaining. Plus it is sad to say, but Bruce Campbell did not do good at all. It was like he didn't feel comfortable as his character. This movie had potential to be good and I think it just kind of failed.
November 26, 2008
I save my true DVD reviews for my Netflix profile, but as just a movie this is a 3 star movie. And I don't think many B movies should strive or can achieve more. They need to give what the audience wants. Ebert has a redeeming stance of judging a movie for the audience its targeting. In that sense, this gives what is expected, but is a bit slow to start up. However, the extras on a DVD make this a 4 star movie. Bruce Campbell can give a commentary on movies he hasn't even seen that are absolute crap and I'd listen.
October 17, 2008
For a Sci-Fi Channel movie, though, it was great! (But, for me, that's not saying a lot. I'm not the biggest fan of Sci-Fi Channel original programming. It seldom has heart in it.) Ted Raimi and Stacey Keech did crack me up with their Russian accents, Campbell's moustace was outstanding, love the robot and the scene where his wife falls down several flights of stairs was king! However, the flick took a bit too long to get to any screaming brain (for this type of movie, because, afterall, sometimes less plot could be good sometimes), there was a tad bit of overkill of Ted Raimi, and the villan (a gypsy woman) had lame motives. Still, worth a watch for fans of camp...
½ October 3, 2008
cheesy sci fi fun....bruce campbell.....and slapstick with him and ted i need to say truly why this movie is fun? i think not
½ June 21, 2008
Not Oscar, Emmy or Tony award worthy but Its Zaney & full of Slap stick Horror. If Your a Fan of Bruce Campbell this is a must See, If You like Movies like Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Re-Animator, and DArkman this is a movie to see.
June 12, 2008
This is your typical Bruce Campbell movie; it's him doing what he does best. I thought it was funny and kind of clever. Certainly not for everybody, but if you think Bruce Campbell is the man, then you will enjoy it.
May 20, 2008
I wanted to like this movie a lot more than I did. However, Ted Raimi is hilarious and made the movie worth finishing. Also, the dinner scene with Bruce was pure comedic slapstick.
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