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December 8, 2013
My momma was an extra
May 30, 2013
Fun, campy movie! I really enjoyed it, every movie does have to be Oscar material!
October 23, 2012
Griffin's favorite film.
March 16, 2011
Tão sem graça...o tipo de filme que te faz pensar: 'esse povo estava precisando de dinheiro, e topando qualquer coisa...'
February 9, 2011
Despite abysmal (and perhaps deserved) reviews - Lisa Kudrow can do no wrong in my eyes. As silly as it is, the movie made me laugh out loud and the great supporting cast of NY actors (especially Jane Krakowski, Sherrie Renee Scott and Veanne Cox) - work it. Also Matt Morrison as a member of a gay boys band is hilarious!
February 7, 2011
Easily the worst film of the decade.
½ September 13, 2010
It's painful to see how bad it is.
½ August 18, 2010
Just LOL. I love Damon.
December 28, 2009
I thought this movie was pretty funny although it was not the best story
½ May 30, 2009
Lisa Kudrow rapping about purses!?!?!?! Why Damon Why?
May 4, 2009
Remember actors say that some movies have ' not been their best work', well..this is nothing like that. This couldn't have been worse for Lisa Kudrow who I absolutely adore in F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Damon Wayans who I really like in 'My Wife And Kids'. This is a perfect example of a movie that is senseless, hopeless, meaningless, non enjoyable and a bad attempt to comedy. Any one who finds this funny and enjoyable or can entertain this film for a whole 2 hours can be only for two reasons : One- Awful Taste in almost all things and Second - Probably a bet involving a huge amount for who can actually survive the film. The only thing worth appreciating in how the actors manage to find jobs after the film was released.
April 28, 2009
I tried to enjoy it! It was funny for the most part!
April 9, 2009
Lame but I love Lisa Kudrow so it was bearable
½ March 31, 2007
CRAP!!! not even worth a look! so dont waste your time with this!
July 10, 2008
Lisa Kudrow is brilliant. pretty funny.
Super Reviewer
½ August 28, 2007
I saw this because it had Lisa Kudrow and actually thought it was pretty funny.
½ April 26, 2008
Terrible shit. Who the hell green lights crap like this?
January 21, 2008
Dreadful comedy, appallingly bad. I am stunned this movie was ever made and can not understand how some of the actors could have gotted involved in this awful mess.
January 14, 2008
tttttttttttttoooooooooooo fyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
January 7, 2008
might be a good movie
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