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November 7, 2009
Steven Seagal was the man back in the hey day of mindless action movies, and this one was an interesting change from the usual cop thrillers.

Seagal play a retiring DEA agent, having had enough of the drugs and evils of his job, so he quits, makes his confession and gos back home to recuperate and forget about it all. The problem is, the Rastafarian gangs are taking over, taking drug dealing to a whole new level with provocative violence and stir crazy mythology, led by the psychotic Screwface, a supreme being amongst his men and feared by everyone. When Seagal interferes in a nightclub shootout, he and his family are cursed and marked for death by the gang, so its time to kick ass of course!

Anyways, what i liked about this movie was the change of pace and the bad guys, the Jamaicans are a scary bunch when hopped up on drugs and twisted immortality. Of course, there is a plot and background to the story, but it disappears in the first half when Seagal loses his cool and declares war on the gangs.

Action, things that go BOOOM and a pretty hectic car chase which ends with a nice jump into a jewelery story, and finally the showdown at the end which consists of a duel with swords.

Anyways, the only problem you will face is understanding what the rastas are saying. I was alright with it, but hell it took me time to fully understand a rasta accent and language, so subtitles will help heaps. XD

Anyways, another 90's action flick, and Seagal is smooth as usual. It even has a great scene in the crappy script, where Seagal meets his partner after killing one guy and watching a Rasta jump out a window to his death....

"One thought he was immortal and the other thought he could fly. Both were wrong."

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April 20, 2008
Seagal in his typical "good guy cleaning up the streets from drugs" role, but this time it's against Jamaicans. Not his best role, this movie is disappointing and even throws in a twin brother for good (?) measure. It's unlike Seagal's other movies around this time, but not as bad as his later ones. Nice to see Keith David in this, though. He's an incredibly underrated actor.
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March 2, 2008
Seagal, Voodoo, I like it.
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½ April 8, 2007
More humourless butchery from the pony-tailed bonehead.
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½ January 25, 2007
decent seagal actin flick
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½ January 8, 2007
I hate you Steven
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½ November 12, 2006
This is the mostly furiously paced and visually striking than Steven Seagal's debut movie "Nino: Above the Law".
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September 24, 2008
The movie is OK, it isn't going to win any awards for style but it's well made having been shot on location in Chicago & in Jamaica. Marked for Death was Steven Seagal's third movie. The rest of the cast are OK with Basil Wallace as Screwface putting in a surprisingly effective over-the-top performance. Director Dwight H. Little does a good job, some of the fights are very brutal which were a trademark of Steven Seagal's movies back in the 90's. The fights & action scenes are well choreographed. This movie is a throughly entertaining overblown unnecessarily violent & foul mouthed action movie, the sort of film which Steven Seagal was perfectly suited to star in.
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½ August 26, 2007
I don't care what any one says this one movie right here put Steven Segal on the action movie genre map. See it again!!!
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January 2, 2010
Steven Seagal plays a tough and rough retired cop who becomes marked for death after he crosses some members of a Jamaican gang of drug dealers who are led by Screwface, a scary Rastaman who has magical voodoo powers and is one of Seagal's more worthy adversaries. I thought the best acting actually was by the villain "Screwface"(Basil Wallace).
Rent this one if you are into mindless action films (I sure am lol!!).
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April 14, 2009
One of my fave Seagal flicks. It seems every time friends and i watch this out come the Jamaican accents lol.
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½ July 27, 2008
An underatted 90's actioner starring the amazingly talented thespian actor Steven Seagal. Loads of broken limbs and a decent story. Its well worth your rental money.
May 18, 2010
It's a typical Seagal film, if you've liked his others you will like this one, but there's nothing particularly thought provoking or ground-breaking about it.
January 31, 2010
Seagal rocks his ponytail in this action-packed flick. Guns, swords, and fists are used by the "Ponytail" to take down the bad guys. I don't know what it is with this guy...he just makes me feel so awesome when I watch his movies. I'm in love. His bad-a attitude is so cool.
½ August 2, 2009
i just saw this movie in the big-screen of my first time i was a kid with starring steven seagal's film. steven seagal of his third film into the action movie. i alway enjoy in every film with steven seagal's character that way he doing. wow jamaican villian screwface is little bit creepin. there shock there lot of topless woman that i saw i was an kid, lmao.
June 13, 2008
Sorry but Seagal is the worst actor of 80s kunf fu action movies and this movie was a great example of his lack of acting skills.
June 8, 2008
This was Seagal at his PEAK. My favorite part of his movies are the generic names of his characters.. this time around its John Hatcher.
January 7, 2008
½ October 21, 2007
Loved Seagal in this one. This guy kicks a**! He does some crazy s**t in this. Good story and great fighting.
July 25, 2007
some mafiosi says that Seagal can't kill him because he's a made man. Seagal kills him anyway and says, "God made men." Either that doesn't make any sense or Seagal works on a plane that's just too Enlightened for me.
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