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July 1, 2012
Mars needs moms and movie producers need to stop making stupid movies
September 11, 2013
Mars Needs Moms. Looking at the title right away, I knew the film was going to be an epic disaster of all proportions, and it didn't shock me that the film became one of the biggest box-office flops to come out of Hollywood in recent years. Curious of why it flopped, I decided to check the film out for myself and see why the film notoriously bombed. It turned out that the film is one of the biggest movie-watching mistakes I've ever made in my life. Mars Needs Moms is truly a bomb, and I don't mean it's spectacularly good.

The film is about a boy named Milo who's sick of doing chores for his mom, wishing that he didn't need one. He finds out the hard way that he needs a mom when she is abducted by Martians from the planet Mars. Milo hitches a ride to the planet, and discovers that the aliens intend to eliminate her brain and give it to robots to teach their alien children to behave. Teaming with fellow human Gribble, who had a similar life-changing experience as a kid, Milo races to save his mom before it's too late.

Now I have to admit. I love motion-capture technology, especially in animated films. I was highly impressed by the facial techniques in The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol, along with Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin. Here, the technology is a waste. The landscapes are a ginormous, boring, wasted mess, the characters look like they're half-asleep all the time, and the aliens look as though it was imitated in a Star Wars movie. Robert Zemeckis, who directed both Polar Express and Christmas Carol, and produced this, should be ashamed of being involved in wasting technology he helped pioneer. No wonder why Disney shut his company down after the film flopped!

The characters and the voice actors clearly wasted their talents here. Seth Green voices the kid Milo, and it looked like he is going to play the part well, but what ruined it was at the last second, Disney redubbed his voice with literally an annoying bratty kid who sounds like Jake Lloyd. Man that was false advertising. Especially in the credits, you see a making of the film where you hear Green's actual voice, and it's not as annoying as what we ended up getting. So I had no sympathy for the kid. Dan Fogler voices Grubble the Mars nerd, and is also very annoying. If a guy like that was living in my house, I would easily send him off to a mental institution, especially toward the end when he desires to fall for a rebel alien female. Man this guy's sick! I thought this was a Disney movie! As for the alien I mentioned, voiced by Elisabeth Harnois, she's even more annoying than the Green redubbed kid and Fogler combined. When the character starts to act like hippies, I completely lost it. Joan Cusack voices the mom, and while her voice works well as Jessie the cowgirl in the Toy Story films, here, I was annoyed again. If she was my mom, I would disown myself. End of story. And finally, Mindy Sterling voices the alien leader, and is also very annoying, mostly because her character mostly speaks in alien language and there's no translation/subtitles to hear what she's saying. The alien sounds like, "ALOASJDVHWOIEJFHQLAJEFHBOLSEJDGHFOSLDJHFGVLSZEDJYFBVALSZ,EDKRFYHBVLCIUKRJYCVGBL,RKFJHBCLS.RUCBHVN;ELRUFBCHVN ;OSITRFYGHJFSEDRUKFYGHBVN;OSRIFJKHBSEVO;ITRUFHGBVN;OD!" and I couldn't get a word of it. Pretty lazy for the director's part.

If it's Disney, I know that I'm going to receive the best family experience possible. In Mars Needs Moms, I left the film feeling depressed, offended, and literally confused. The story where the aliens abduct the moms, kill them, and take their brains out is something that would definitely scar a kid for life, especially if a 5-year-old was watching this. Man did I feel bad for little kids who ended up watching this on opening weekend. The story also confused me. The aliens abduct the moms from kids who hate their moms and also from certain kids who love their moms? WHAT??????? Also, the part where it's revealed that the alien wants to give the mom brains to robots to teach the alien girls and send the male population to the dumpster with the "dumb" alien "ape" males got me extremely offended. If a film depicts men as stupid apes and women as the higher species, then that draws the line there. I thought Disney was the studio who believed in good quality family entertainment and moral values for every member. I felt none of that when watching this. People made the right thing when avoiding this.

John Powell, who generally excels in scoring animated films, really disappoints here. There was literally nothing in the score that excited me, moved me, or put me in suspense. Like about everything else, as Lena Lamont says in Singin' in the Rain, "I CANNNNNN'T STAND IT!"

I would have given this a 0%, but I did enjoy the use of Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" during the end credits which raised my overall score a little bit. Even with that one small redeeming factor, there was almost nothing that truly excited or wowed me in Mars Needs Moms. The premise is stupid, the motion-capture animation is the worst I've experienced, the characters are annoying and voice talent wasted, the story will likely scar every young kid for life and offend every male in America, and the score is an epic disappointment. Man I'm glad I didn't waste my money watching this and checked it out at the library instead. Now I completely understand why this film flopped. And I must say, it truly deserves it, more so than The Lone Ranger.
August 31, 2013
Innerspace fumbling about. This is inventive but not really entertaining.
August 24, 2013
I did find it just a tad unoriginal and boring at times, but the animation alone is worth seeing this one. It's very good. Even the people look more realistic then in most Animation films.

Basically the plot is paper thin: Aliens use the DNA from stern mothers to power Robots to take care of their Alien babies. One boy steals a ride to Mars to save his mom before that happens.

It should be known that while Seth Green is billed as the lead, all he did was the motion capture stuff, as his voice was later redubbed by a younger child.

I really enjoyed Fogler here. His animation is very good and his voice work gives the film it's only real life.

The detail on the Aliens was pretty solid as well.

It just wasn't very fun, despite looking really great.
½ August 18, 2013
I like the cast and the animation is fantastic but I have trouble loving it. The plot is clumsly and I believe the producer concentrate too much on animation but not on story and that why it's terrible.
½ August 18, 2013
It has creepy, soulless looking characters, a charmless uninteresting story and poorly written attempts at humour.
March 9, 2011
ietwat moraliserend, maar super mooie en leuke film. had er nog nooit van gehoord
August 15, 2013
Frightening in all its glory. The technology used is good but the story is not. I can not believe John Powell works in this lousy movie.
August 1, 2013
A fun and visually resplendent animated sci-fi flick with some genuine heart and imagination.
July 19, 2013
Good family entertainment for everyone. Very enjoyable but sometimes the creepy animation takes away that.
July 2, 2010
This happens to be more kid-friendly than the more adult-oriented Rango. Hopefully kids will appreciate their mothers after watching this film. The story is quite simple and far from reality, but it is packed with sweet and good messages. We need our mothers and she is usually faced with tough times in trying to raise us right.
½ May 27, 2012
Una peli cutre que a pesar de tener buenos escenarios, no es suficiente al ser muy predecible la historia, personajes planos y destestables, HIstoria muy cliche y con mucha semejanza a Jimmy neutron, modelado de animacion cutre y flojo, que perdida de tiempo fue esta peli, con razon fracaso en taquilla
July 7, 2013
The title kills the movie. Seriously. Who on earth will take pride for watching a movie called: "Mars needs moms"? A kid? really? Can't you picture a kid asking his pals: "hey guys: let's go to the movies to see: Mars needs moms". He will end up with his head in a toilet. I mean, maybe if we were in 1950 this movie would have been a hit, but in 2011? Do people in Disney have any idea about what kids like in these days? I am grown up, and I am embarassed to even watch a movie with that corny, cheesy, stupid title. This movie have to be tossed to the same trash can where "Honey, I shrunk the kids" was tossed. Again: from where Disney gets this titles?
After saying that there is no doubt about what the movie is about and its development. Marge is kidnapped to Mars and Bart Simpson comes to the rescue, with the help of Homer, but with no jokes. If fact I would had prefered that version.
One star for the animation effort and please: "Disney needs clever writers"
½ July 5, 2013
Yawn... What a meh experience. Although Disnet has been up and down with it's non-Pixar produced projects, this is definitely a turn for the dark side. Just generally weak in all departements. It looks nice enough, but the story isn't funny or cute, and although the voice acting is good, the material is too weak to pull the film through it.

A disappointing experience.
½ March 6, 2013

Mars Needs Moms is a sci-fi animated movie with voices provided by Joan Cusack and Dan Fogler. The movie is directed by Simon Wells who has done some decent animated fare in the past (most notably Balto and the Prince of Egypt). Unfortunately, this is a very weak animated film compared to most. While the film does provide a laugh or two throughout it's run time, the movie is a complete bore to sit through and it feels like a chore to watch. For a movie that mostly takes place on Mars, it is visually unappealing, with most of the color palette consisting of monotonous shades of chrome and gray throughout. It does have occasional splashes of color when the main character (Milo) meets a certain alien during the second half of the movie.
The plot of the movie is rather strange as well. Basically Milo is a young child who is fed up with his mother (Joan Cusack) telling him what to do all the time. The next logical step is for his mom to be kidnapped by aliens and brought to Mars. Milo soon realizes that he needs his mom more than he thought he did so he stows away on the spaceship and looks all over Mars to find her. There's nothing wrong with this premise if it's done right, but this movie doesn't have a sliver of imagination, wit or originality.
First thing's first: THE MOTION CAPTURE IS CREEPY AS SHIT. Seriously, the way the motion capture is done, it makes the characters (especially Milo and his mom) seem like they're staring into your soul with blank eyes or moving around like a damaged robot. The face animations are atrocious and never seem to fit what the character is saying or doing. Sometimes Milo's mouth moves for no reason when he's sitting still and his animations are really creepy and jerky. The visuals on Earth at the beginning look like they were ported straight out of the Sims 3 and they look terrible. The visuals once they get on Mars are monotonous, bland and boring.
Secondly, this movie lacks any imagination and it always seems to take the easy way out of situations involving Milo. The main thing the film is lacking is heart and emotion. If any animated movie is going to succeed, it needs to have heart and emotional attachment. This movie fails to provide that and it's hard to root for Milo because he's really cocky and he isn't really that likable.
A few bright spots come into the movie during the second half when Milo meets this girl alien who is able to make everything quite colorful. She is able to spruce up the bland visuals a bit during the second half of this movie. The other positive thing about this movie is that Dan Fogler provides a few laughs and his character is likable.
Overall, only watch this film if you are under 10 years old or if you want to at least watch an animated movie that's better than the Hoodwinked sequel.
May 13, 2013
Though it did slightly bore, Wells's first directorial attempt since 2002's terrible adaptation of his real grandfather; H.G Wells's, The Time Machine, kind of hobbles on good ideas; it's imaginative, the animation is well made, and the cast is solid, but it's confusing and multi-layered.
May 5, 2013
1/10: One of the worst cartoon I have ever seen.Soulless, empty, unlikeable and repulsive characters. Skip this, you won't miss anything even if you watch it on Mother's Day. :)
May 12, 2013
This was just wat that fucking dog ate
April 6, 2011
Mom needs a little space.
April 21, 2013
While it looks good and sounds great. Mars Needs Moms lacks a good story or common sense in the stupidity of certain characterization and over extended parts of Mars that are not easy to understand.
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