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Whedon pulls off a stunning feat in bringing balance to this superhuman circus, engineered to charm the geek core and non-fans alike.

April 20, 2012 Full Review Source: Hollywood Reporter | Comments (19)
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Steven S.

Steven Smith

Whedon is dominating lately..

Apr 20 - 02:29 PM

Paul Cieslewicz

Paul Cieslewicz

I'm sure I'll agree with most everything Mr. McCarthy states in this review. However, for him to berate Serenity as "middling" when it is now a beloved sci-fi classic that has an outstanding 7.9 rating on IMDB is insulting. I just had to put that out there.

Apr 20 - 11:56 PM


John Reese

Never take the IMDB ratings seriously. They are so flawed.

Apr 23 - 12:27 PM

Passing S.

Passing Stranger

Yeah, they really are strange sometimes. A high rating can either mean "this is truly a classic movie" or "this is a movie that is popular at the moment."

Apr 26 - 04:50 PM


Sean Pak

Yeah, IMDB does not a classic make. But I agree with you about Serenity, although the Firefly season was even better.

Apr 23 - 04:38 PM


Writin Man

While I loved Firefly, Serenity is far from a "classic." Middling is pretty accurate, really.

Apr 23 - 11:27 PM

Frank Poncherello

Frank Poncherello

Well, 7.9/10 is a C+ in school, so I can imagine someone might interpret that as middling ...

Apr 25 - 08:16 AM

Matt Ziegler

Matt Ziegler

Why is Don Cheadle listed for this movie on RT? I know people who have seen it and they say he is not even mentioned, let alone in it.

Apr 21 - 04:05 AM

James K

James K

Yeah, because one person made the whole movie, right?

Apr 21 - 01:51 PM

Gerald Mohr

gerald Mohr

There was one director, yes.

Apr 22 - 08:58 AM

Movie Fail

Soren Hough

^ +2 internets

Apr 24 - 09:09 AM

Zachary H.

Reservoir Man

As said, there is one director. Also, if the movie sucked, Whedon would also get the blame. It's like being the President. You get both credit and blame for things that aren't necessarily in your power to influence.

Apr 24 - 08:07 PM

ray e.

ray ero

Good I like everything Joss has done basically, he should do Wonder Woman at some point

Apr 23 - 06:16 PM

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan

thats a dc comic so dont expect it to happen

Apr 25 - 04:15 PM

Passing S.

Passing Stranger

DC properties as a whole (with the giant exception of Batman) have had pretty bad luck in the last couple decades.

Apr 26 - 04:53 PM

Sean Aminali

Sean Aminali

Can't wait to see Rex Reed's review. It should be either really stupid, really funny, really annoying, or all three combined.

Apr 24 - 12:09 PM

Mate Sr?en

Mate Sr?en

I'm voting for the combo pack.

Apr 24 - 02:05 PM


Jaime Arroyo

How about "surreal?" As in, the guy seems to live in his own reality.

Apr 26 - 05:46 PM

Jam Cook

Jam Cook

Agreed. I fully enjoyed the movie as well. Full of action and was hilarious. Recommended :)

Apr 24 - 10:42 PM

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