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Apparently, bootleg copies of Transformers 3 made it to Asgard.

April 20, 2012 Full Review Source: Boxoffice Magazine | Comments (382)
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Floyd Rock

Floyd Rock

Did any of you drones actually read the review? It's a mixed bag of positive and negative points, and for the most part reasonably explained. So she didn't give it 8 stars or whatever, deal with it.

Apr 20 - 07:48 PM

Jeremy Griggs

Jeremy Griggs

When you mention Michael Bay and call Nick Fury "Nick Frost" it pretty much says she's an idiot and apparantly so are you..

Apr 20 - 11:25 PM

Rob G.

Rob Gonzales

WOW NUMBNUTS! You must have loved The Green Hornet and Drive Angry as much as she did!

Apr 21 - 04:25 AM

Thaddeus Venture

Thaddeus Venture

If you thought any of her points were explained reasonably, you lack reading comprehension skills. I honestly don't mean that as disrespectfully as it sounds, but come on lol.

Apr 25 - 04:08 PM

The Hitchhiking Ghost

Erik Van Sant

tell her on twitter: @AmyBoxoffice

Apr 20 - 07:58 PM

Topy Dajay

Topy Dajay

Hmm..well there goes its chances..

Apr 20 - 08:29 PM

Terry Houston

Terry Houston

She is a dumb as plain and simple

Apr 20 - 08:56 PM

Jeremy B.

Jeremy Blue

obviously´╝?she doesn't know anything about comics

Apr 20 - 09:21 PM

Diana Benton

Diana Benton

She may not read all these comments: better be sure and email her our concerns ...

Amy's email address:

Amy's work phone: 310-876-9090

Amy's work address: 9107 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 450 / Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Apr 20 - 09:25 PM

J C 85

Joel Corbett

Why would you do this? I can smell your evil intend from here. That was not fun!

Apr 20 - 09:53 PM


stewart jung

not kool... she's a critic, it's what she does.. good or bad.. it's her job, but passing along info like this... really, whose the idiot now...

Apr 20 - 10:04 PM

Dorian Emanuel

Dorian Emanuel

It is silly but she only put out already public information. No one is going to do anymore than cry about the bad review.

Apr 20 - 10:07 PM

Mitch Carpenter

Mitch Carpenter

You underestimate the internet. If she give Dark Knight a rotten review, I fear for her life.

Apr 22 - 06:05 AM

Nick Matthews

Nick Matthews

This information doesn't seem like it was too hard to find. Besides 4chan already has ahold of it...

I don't think there was any evil intent here, just seems to be having a little fun

Apr 20 - 10:09 PM

Matt Ziegler

Matt Ziegler

If you don't like the heat stay out of the kitchen, as they say.

Apr 21 - 01:21 AM

Dane McDowell

Dane McDowell

She should just die. But first punch her cunt mother in the face for ever letting Amy Nicholson fall out of her stupid vagina.

Apr 20 - 10:28 PM

Karla Jones

Karla Jones

I thought a lot of this review was completely legit. The reviewer obviously has different tastes, and it's good to hear from people who don't usually watch these types of movies. It's okay for her to criticize the movie, but a few of her points are flawed. It's pretty clear from the review that she hasn't seen and/or understood the previous movies. This in itself is nothing bad, but the fact that she judges this movie based on her flawed understanding of the previous movies is wrong. Let's list;

"Or you'll at least be sitting near a Marvel movie A-student who'll forgive you for whispering, "Wait, that giant blonde dude and that skinny brunette guy are brothers?""

Right. I don't know if this person bothered to pay attention during the movie, but this is literally the entire plot of Thor, and Loki's motivation for being evil in The Avengers.

"The bad news is that if you haven't seen Thor, Captain America and Iron Man 2?that's six hours and three minutes of homework?The Avengers won't make sense."

Well, if you're someone who doesn't really understand complicated movies, you could, you know, read the wikipedia page. It literally takes three minutes.

"After two movies with Black Widow and Hawkeye, I know less about them then I do the fighting Panda in Tekken."

Hawkeye had a cameo in Thor, not a role. And the Black Widow had an extremely small role in IM2. You can't expect to know as much about a characters who didn't have their own movies as you do about characters who did. Also, the blaring grammar mistake makes me wonder if this person passed high school. It's than, not then.

"They clash, they mock, they test, and finally they fight alongside each other in a build-up that's so teasingly delayed, the audience bursts into applause for a shot already seen in the trailer."

. . . I'm sorry, I don't quite understand here. It's bad that the audience burst into applause? Just because the scene was in the trailer? I've got news for you; the money shot is ALWAYS in the trailer. People were probably clapping because they recognized the shot, not because the build-up was delayed.

Also, as many other people have pointed out, it's Nick Fury.

Many of her other statements are completely valid points. The incorrect facts, however, make me seriously doubt the credibility of this reviewer.

Apr 20 - 10:48 PM


Sean Pak

I appreciate this comment. It's one of the very few intelligent, non-flaming ones under this review. Unfortunately it's already lost in a sea of hate that's lower than her review.

Apr 23 - 04:57 PM

Dorian Emanuel

Dorian Emanuel

I think to compare the movie to TF3 makes no sense. Transformers was just the 3rd movie in a trilogy, Avengers brought together 4 characters from 5 movies. I agree the finale was eerily similar to the third act in TF3, but that should not take away from the amazing job of making even a serviceable movie from all the converging story lines. This movie is far above serviceable, its just great great fun.

The other thing that irks me is the Bi-frost comment, she said this completely ignored the Thor movie because Thor was easily able to get to earth. The movie did not ignore that fact, its pretty much the first thing Loki says to Thor. Without spoiling the movie acknowledges the Bi frost and it acknowledges Natalie Portman's character, but when exactly would Thor have time to go see her? The movie made it clear he was there for his brother, period.

Long story short I believe the reviewer held it to a high standard, one that would have ruined the movie. To explain the stories, every detail and each character AGAIN, the movie would have been 10 hours.

Apr 20 - 11:13 PM

Brandon Groves

Brandon Groves

So Amy gives Burlesque a B and The Avengers is rotten? Lol your judgment skills...suspect.

Apr 21 - 12:55 AM

Matt Ziegler

Matt Ziegler

They let the mentally challenged review movies now? How cute. :)

Really though,
Run up freak.

Apr 21 - 01:13 AM

Matt Ziegler

Matt Ziegler

RT really needs to delete inept reviews. This is not the only case of someone basically Trolling to kill a perfect 100%
There are tons of horrid reviews with almost no insight or intelligence involved affecting films across the site. There are also films people are in love with, with glaring flaws that are getting near perfect reviews. (the dark knight ahem)
Almost makes me lose faith in this site some days.

Apr 21 - 01:17 AM

Rob G.

Rob Gonzales


Apr 21 - 03:46 AM


sugreev ahuja

You are a moron to even compare Joss Whedon to Michael Bay.

Apr 21 - 04:50 AM


Michael P.K

When the reviewer doesn't even seem to know that 3/5 is a positive review, I refuse to take anything they say into account.

Apr 21 - 05:09 AM


Galen Mountfort

As others have said 3/5 can be rotten or fresh, it's up to the reviewer. No one attacks Ebert for making 2.5/4 rotten, although a handful of his 2.5 scores are fresh.

Apr 22 - 03:25 PM

Peter Heaney

Peter Heaney

I find it most telling that *someone* is flagging any comment that points out the glaring grammar and factual errors about the content of the movie is being flagged as spam...

Apr 21 - 06:04 AM

Peter Heaney

Peter Heaney

I find it most telling that *someone* is flagging any comment that points out the reviews terrible grammar and factual errors about the movies content as spam.

Acritic that can't handle criticism? Ironic.

Apr 21 - 06:06 AM

Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain

its not what critics think.......its how much money the movie makes.....IMO this one is going to make a LOTTA MONEY!!

Apr 21 - 06:36 AM

James Tracey

James Tracey

Nope, that's actually not how it works. Box-office means nothing, and neither do critics. Your tastes are your own and it only matters what you think of the film.

Apr 25 - 02:12 PM

Am G.

Am Ganesan

I am pretty sure you are wrong. Watch the Avengers, everyone! All non-killjoys love it!

Apr 21 - 07:47 AM

John Coward

John Coward

Okay people are entitled to their "opinions" but this is a dreadful review and smacks of attention seeking.

I wont bust on the grammar as thats cheap..

I can almost forgive getting characters names wrong and I can almost forgive not understanding that Marvel has spent the last 5 years and four major films establishing character back stories

Or even snide and moronic comments like "Apparently, bootleg copies of Transformers 3 made it to Asgard." which makes no sense but I assume you think was clever

But comparing Joss Whedon to Michael Bay is a complete failure and totally destroys your credibility.

You gave "I Don't Know How She Does It" 3/5 but still certified it fresh and it was just awful

This so called "review" stinks of bias and gimmick and earns Boxoffice Magazine a black eye

Apr 21 - 08:49 AM

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