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The Avengers kicks ass.

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Sean Pak

My favorite critic loved it. Yes!

May 2 - 09:59 AM

Paul Wheeler

Paul Wheeler

I agree. What more can be said?

May 2 - 10:45 AM

Manuel G.

Manuel Granados

As someone who saw it this weekend, it's spot on. Kicks ass, a few minor flaws that I found, which I put in my review of it, don't ruin how awesome it is.

May 2 - 11:31 AM


Samuel C

Amen, brother.

May 2 - 12:45 PM

Tyler Kirk

Tyler Kirk

Best thing he has ever said.

May 2 - 01:10 PM

Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson

I like the level of detail in this review. Some of the naysayer reviewers should take note. Why is it so much easier for reviewers to express what they liked than what they didn't? The world may never know. ;)

I did like the comment regarding The Dark Knight Rises being on a "different playing field" and shouldn't be impacted. I've seen a lot of Marvel vrs Nolan fans battles over this stuff, and I think James captured the true story with that one little sentence. :)

May 2 - 01:11 PM

Alexander Rodway

Alexander Rodway

I agree with that, why does it have to be The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises? Can't we have both?

May 2 - 08:07 PM

New Scene

New Scene

The Avengers is Amazing. Looking forward to seeing it this weekend.

May 2 - 04:27 PM


Lacuna Matata

After I saw the movie five days ago, "The Avengers kicks ass" was exactly my sentiment.

May 3 - 06:49 AM

Ethan Sam

Ethan Sam

James are the man

May 3 - 10:13 AM

Mike Anderse

Mike Anderse

I like James as a critic because he is usually spot on..but I am sorry, he's wrong here...Normally he has a very non-biased outlook on films, however he has a soft spot , and often overrates superhero movies, simply because of his love for comic books...That big nerdy, cheezy side of him comes out - the little geek that he truly is - You are slipping are not 16 anymore...I hope you can regain your status as one of the top critics, but its not looking good so far , especially with reviews such as this...But I will be pulling for you Buddy !!

May 3 - 11:05 AM

Russell Rowley

Russell Rowley

You probably didn't even watch the movie...

May 4 - 06:46 PM

James DeBry

James DeBry

I tend to agree with mike, don't get me wrong loved the movie, as an action flick, tremendous, however 5-10 years from now avengers will not go down as a cinematic masterpiece it follows the same dull plot line as every other "smash up new york" thrill seeking movies.

James Berardinelli, is HIGHLY biased in his reviews and I find that he is not a well read source to go to looking for a good review. A better comment could be written up by a profane sugar high eighth grader.

May 25 - 11:26 AM

Clayton S.

Clayton Shank

As someone not steeped in Avengers lore, what's the scene a third of the way through James is referring to?

May 4 - 12:32 PM

Owen Manske

Owen Manske

He's referring to the first of the post-credits scenes. Comic book fans know who the villain is going to be in Avengers 2.

Jun 20 - 03:09 PM


Eric Palmer

The "royale with cheese" snippet really had me rolling. Very clever weaving that in as a Pulp Fiction reference. "I understood that reference!" Great review as always James.

May 4 - 11:10 PM

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