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Más negro que la noche (Blacker Than the Night) (1975)

Más negro que la noche (Blacker Than the Night)





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Rating: Unrated
Genre: Horror, Art House & International, Mystery & Suspense
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Like many mexican horror films of the past, it hasn't aged well, still has some good moments, and certainly a lot of good atmosphere. Lucia Mendez and Susan Dosamantes were hot in those days, so that doesn't hurt either.

Tsubaki Sanjuro

Super Reviewer


The plot is very simple but very effective to provoke some chills; a young woman inherits a mansion from her deceased aunt with the condition that she has to take care of her black cat. The young woman is in the necessity of a home mainly because of financial situations so she accepts and invites her friends to live with her. When they arrive to the house they start to hear strange things and also feel like there's a negative vibe. Also, in the house lives the old maid who took care of the deceased aunt. She advertises the young women that the cat is the owner of the house and that they had to take special care on him. They ignore the warning and even remove him from his bedroom. The cat gets on the nerves of everyone and things start to get bad when they decide that the cat shouldn't have that many benefits.

One day, the cat is found dead for no apparent reason. He's found in the cellar. After that tragic event, hell breaks loose on the house. One by one these girls are getting murdered by an unseen figure and the negative vibe grows strongly on the house. Who could be behind the murders? Could it be that the aunt is back from the grave to avenge the death of her beloved cat?

Join these girls in a terrific tale of secrets, ghosts, and mysteries.

**SPOILERS** I love this movie because it goes directly to the point. It tells you the events in such a manner that truly grabs your attention and makes you wonder in fear what will happen next. The plot is simple but it gets more interesting when it's explained that the cat was actually "murdered" by three of the girls. When that is explained, you are in front of a ghost revenge flick that will send shivers up to your funny bone. It's a classical ghost story but it's managed in a way that it's interesting and scary. The direction is perfect. Taboada knows perfectly how to create a creepy atmosphere (indoors and outdoors the house) and how to create tension before something "strong" is about to happen. The cinematography is also excellent. The combination of dark and light is great! and works perfect for the big, old house. The score works and is genuinely chilling. The acting is also great! Islas delivers a solid performance. The same goes for the rest of the cast. The house keeper also delivers a creepy but solid performance. Excellent cast. The death scenes are great. There is tension among them and there is even gore! Violence is minimal but still good. The movie relies part of it's creepiness on some freeze frame scenes where something is discovered (like Dosamante's dead body hanging on the school's library). Also, Mendez death is something to remember.

My favorite moment is when the aunt makes presence. The scenes are genuinely scary and well done.

Please, watch this movie because it is surely scary and very well done. I strongly recommend you to watch it if you're in the mood to get scared. This is how Mexican Horrors movies should be made nowadays!

My respect for you, Mr. Toboada. You really know how to create a scary movie.

Something that has great importance for me is that the women in the movie are extremely hot! I'm sorry but I have to comment on it. Claudia Islas, Helena Rojo, Susana Dosamantes, and the super sexy Lucia Mendez are the hottest cast in ANY Mexican movie I've seen. Claudia is the mature, beautiful, but strong lead. Helena is the sensual but reserved women. Susana is the classy and hard to get woman. Her beauty is elegant, supreme. But Lucia Mendez steals the show. She was freakin' hot in the movie! She was very young and she knew that she had to show her delicious attributes. Thank you Lucia for wearing those steamy short skirts through all the movie. Also, your beautiful face shined through the movie. She's totally worth the watch.

Cassandra Maples

Super Reviewer


I don't mind slow-paced movies, but you have to give the audience something to care about while you're building all the tension and the problem here is that the movie tries to fill that time with the characters doing absolutely nothing. For a movie with mostly just four women on screen, it's surprising that none one of them is well developed or interesting, they all kind of speak the same. There are genuinely creepy moments, but not enough to compensate everything else.

Quinto Wallight

Super Reviewer

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