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It's astonishing that so much money, talent, technical expertise and visual imagination can be put in the service of something so stupid.

January 1, 2000 Full Review Source: San Francisco Chronicle | Comments (26)
San Francisco Chronicle
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m z

It's astonishing that no money, talent, expertise, or imagination was put into something so stupid as this review.

May 16 - 01:38 AM


Ramses Alvarez

Lets hope for your sake Bob that you're a genius. For the only reasons you could've found it stupid is either you're very smart, or a complete moron.

May 28 - 09:24 AM


Writin Man

You have no clue what you're talking about.

Jun 22 - 07:57 PM


steve murphy

bite me bob

Jul 5 - 11:38 AM


tcc pp

you were too stupid to understand this movie. if you make money being ought to be fired.

Jul 14 - 04:03 AM

I am evil homer

mike kowzun

don't worry. he probably didn't even see it.

Oct 25 - 08:32 AM


Ryan Mease

Oct 26 - 08:13 AM


Ilias Karim

Nov 16 - 08:44 AM


Parker James

You Sir, are stupid! Try sitting down and actually watching this movie.

Dec 6 - 05:06 PM


Sebastian Kouri

jesus christ, i have expected someone to be this stupid, you call yourself a critic...omg. retard

Jun 5 - 06:59 PM


Unknown Unknown


Check the facts, this is a witty, beatiful movie, and YOU are stupid.

Jul 5 - 05:34 AM


Mike Uhr

lol people, it's called AN OPINION.

Jul 30 - 09:32 PM


Jay Saenz

Matrix stupid!!! WTF do you have in your head?

Nov 15 - 08:55 PM

- Z Bunny -.

- Z Bunny -

This critic had no imagination whatsoever.

Feb 13 - 02:00 AM

John Arthur Beaman

john b

A critic, perhpas. Overly critical, absolutely. But after looking at ol' Bob's profile, it looks like he's out of the business. Maybe he's working on the Great American Novel. Let's look for how much technical expertise he puts into it.

Dec 4 - 11:39 PM


Dig Bick

did you even watch this film?

Jan 7 - 08:55 AM


Kenneth W.

Well, if you're going to call the concept stupid, you may as well call Plato stupid, because Plato's allegory of the Cave is essentially what the plot is based on (but in a technological setting).

Sep 16 - 04:08 PM

Mr. Dr.

Mr. Dr.

Blob i hope you choke- for real- you are so dumb- really? what are you looking for- thats the problem really, your looking, your thinking to much- the movie was ground breaking for its time- all the elements were working- but no, Mr. Blob wants more- he want wants someone to throw water in his face every once in awhile and to shake his seat when something rumbles- well yes you deserves to die and i hope you burn in hell-thank you Mr. Jackson- I hate Blob Graham

Jul 20 - 09:07 PM

David Gaillardetz

David Gaillardetz

Woh, calm down now Mr. Dr. You are getting a little crazy. I agree that his review is ridiculous but you are going a little overboard.

Sep 3 - 02:03 PM

Raymond Murphy

Raymond Murphy

this guy is obviously the most boring, dull person in the world. this movie has everything...great story line...imagination...special effects...actors. when this movie came out it was like watching star wars for the first time.

Nov 4 - 12:35 AM

Mister Meddle

John Meddle

Stupid review. Oh the irony. Yeah, see what I did there, buddy?

Nov 4 - 01:27 AM

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