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Another slice of overlong, high concept hokum.

February 9, 2006 Full Review Source: Time Out | Comments (19)
Time Out
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Andy Y

Aug 3 - 12:50 PM


Unknown Unknown

A hokum?

Let's look at your career, now that's a hokum.

Jul 5 - 05:28 AM


Brandon ***


Dec 2 - 08:21 PM


Nick Sullivan

You sir are a ****.

This is a prime example of critisizing for the absolute sake of it. You give no real reasons as to why you think it's a bad film, your review has about as much substance as a Britney Spears album and makes about as much sense as Mike Tyson.

The Matrix is pure brilliance. The concept of it all is holey original and innovative, the direction and stylistics are fantastic, the characters are definitive and stay with you... What's bad about it?

Your complaints are actually the films plus sides and it's not too long, it's paced just right.

It's just a popular film and you think you're being some sort of intellectually superior rebel by 'not liking' it as if not jumping on the bandwagon.


Jan 7 - 06:01 AM

Bahareh K.

Bahareh Khosravi


Dec 17 - 05:02 AM

James L.

James Langford

Couldn't agree more with you. It's sad that people will not go to a movie due to what other idiots, such as these jaded critics, thought of it. Geoff Andrew clearly can't see brilliance when it's right under his nose and I hope that his career as a critic has Timed Out.

Aug 6 - 01:33 PM



it is 2009 now and the matrix is 10 years old. The movie is considered as one of the best sci-fi action movies ever made. there are still tons of movies trying to imitate its subject, effects...etc

The posters of the movie are hanging in the dorm rooms in any given college.

Now, you, as a critic, look back and think where i did wrong. After 10 years, i think it is safe to say that your review sucked ***. u failed at your job as a critic. I am not judging your taste in movies, you have all the right to say "i did not like this movie".

but you did not say it is a good movie but i did not like it. you said it is a bad stupid movie. how do you feel now?

logically, i suggest you to quit making reviews because apparently you are bad at it.

if you cannot even identify a masterpiece, what are you good for as movie critic?

Aug 14 - 08:01 PM

Eliud R.

Eliud Rodriguez

Why must you ruin something so good?

Nov 5 - 07:08 AM


Tanmaya Raul

Hokum..that term is more appropriate for your pathetic review- not for this movie.

Nov 20 - 06:00 AM

Brian J.

Brian Johnson

your an idiot

Nov 26 - 07:51 PM

Dan K.

Dan Kenny

Time Out Tool

Mar 3 - 12:20 PM

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May 13 - 10:21 AM


Slpknt92 Johnson

opinions are like assholes and sir you are an asshole

Aug 22 - 01:45 PM

Mike J.

Mike J Mendoza

Now show some balls and give an adequate reason you cock faced little arse licker?

Do you have a fucking brain? or did somebody rip your head off and shit down your throat? because there is no clear thinking behind what you have written - go and resign now you stupid fuckwit.

Jan 14 - 02:21 PM

Kool Kat

Mike West

This movie is, without a doubt, the most smartly written, mind-blowing, action, sci-fi movie ever to be created. A true masterpiece that is worth watching over and over for an entire lifetime. A perfect film in every way!!!

May 17 - 01:33 PM

Mister Meddle

John Meddle

It's okay, you don't know what you're talking about.

Nov 4 - 01:29 AM

Harry Ravenwood

Zuhairi Harry Ravenwood

say what?

Feb 24 - 08:51 PM

Fly RY

Fly RY

damn you got a new asshole torn from all these critiques ahahahah

May 10 - 01:15 PM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber


Jul 12 - 09:28 AM

Aaron Kilbon

Aaron Kilbon

Awwww, bless your little pretentious brain. Xx

Aug 4 - 05:48 PM

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