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The least humane, least responsible, least pardonable movie I have ever seen.

January 10, 2003 Full Review Source: Nick's Flick Picks | Comments (14)
Nick's Flick Picks



Writin Man

How did someone let you become a "critic?"

Jun 22 - 07:58 PM


f f


Jun 25 - 07:56 PM


tcc pp

nick davis, you don't have a taste for movies. change ur job.

Jul 14 - 04:04 AM


Stan W


Sep 9 - 12:03 PM


Parker James

Dude, get your head out of your ***.

Dec 6 - 05:10 PM


Marco Alatorre

Retarded. How stupid are you? This guy thinks Dawn of the Dead is more humane.

Dec 16 - 06:52 PM


Unknown Unknown

This movie is supposed to have that sense of inhumanity throughout the movie, so that the moments that it is personal it comes out the best.

Jul 5 - 05:30 AM

Brian K.

Brian Kush

That is the worst review i have ever read. Enough with all the big words already.

May 20 - 08:06 PM

Timothy R.

Timothy Richmond the Third

You people are horrible. You complain that some reviews are too short and don't explain why they give the movie a negative rating. Then you complain that this review is too long, and has too many long words. This is Nick's opinion, I don't completely agree with it but it's his opinion, and a well-written review. His reason is completely and thoroughly explained, but you idiots choose to ignore all that and bash him simply for not liking the movie. Who's the retard here? Who let you guys be the review gestapos?

(By the way, I enjoyed the movie as well.)

Jun 26 - 09:55 AM

Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance

Wow Nick. Your rambling is truly obnoxious. I am amazed that you managed to bring RACE into your incoherent review. What are you talking about?! When I saw that one of your favorite movies is "When Harry Met Sally", It all made sense.

Nov 13 - 09:33 PM

Robert H.

Robert Hamer

Amazing. The slobbering, raging idiocy of you guys speaks more eloquently about Matrix fans than Nick ever could.

Nov 30 - 12:52 AM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber


Jul 12 - 09:29 AM

Thomas W.

Thomas Waterhouse

You people are absolutely ridiculous. Sure, you might not agree with what Nick had to say about The Matrix, but you fanboys coming on his review and blasting it makes all of the fans look like immature idiots. He's entitled to his own opinion, whether or not you agree with it.

Apr 19 - 03:35 PM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber


Jul 12 - 09:29 AM

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