The Matrix is better than Inception.

I loved Inception, but it's source material, Matrix, was far better:

1. better world and backstory (a virtual world with sentient programs. oblivious humans plugged in for energy. insect-like machines city in post apocalyptic world with giant power plants and artificial egg sacs)
2. more diverse and complex characters (morpheus, agent smith, tank, the oracle, trinity)
3. better action (do i have to explain?)
4. better dialogue (more philosophical and insightful on various things)
5. better storyline (inception was simply about planting an idea a rich guy's head, the Matrix was about the One fulfilling his quest to his superpowers in order to free the humanity from the oppressive machines)
6. much cooler costumes
7. a jolting mid-point twist

It's a shame the Matrix sequels did not capitalize on the "Matrix within a Matrix" like Inception did with dream with a dream. I believe the Wachowski brothers had that idea in mind, but they chose not to use it, because they wouldn't be able to conclude it as a trilogy, and it would warp the entire storyline they had structured out.
Tom S.
01-4-2013 05:19 AM

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You You See

You You See

they where BOTH great...end of discussion

Oct 3 - 11:40 PM

Luke Dobson

Luke Dobson

I prefer this but I don't see why everybody compares them there not even like each other.

Sep 12 - 11:43 AM

Brendan Sullivan

Brendan Sullivan

where's the like button

Oct 23 - 08:22 AM


Robbie Moore

Why compare two different stories? The only thing they have in common is that both have you thinking in complicated dialogue and plot

Aug 11 - 09:22 AM

Branden M.

Branden Mata

There different films first of all,sure there sci-fy but still different. With that being said, Matrix is better. Matrix was a groundbreaking film the day of its release and still is today. Inception is just a great film. Thats just my opinion. Then again Matrix is in my Top 10 so yea.

Jun 17 - 12:01 AM

Hunter Primm

Hunter Primm

I haven't seen Inception yet so I can't say anything, but The Matrix is one of my favorite movies, so I guess I'll see if it get's lowered.

Apr 7 - 05:55 PM

Hunter Primm

Hunter Primm

I'm watching Inception right now and it's fantastic. I can't say it's better than The Matrix but just might get a tie.

Apr 14 - 02:09 PM

David Kraus

David Kraus

No. Just, no...

Mar 30 - 01:11 PM

Diego Tutweiller

The Artist Formerly Known as Tutweiller

At least Inception had the benefit of having good acting...

Mar 12 - 08:29 PM

Jon Martin

Jon Martin

The sequels were did not compare to the original, but still, they were very fulfilling to the story arc. With Neo and his buddies f*cking up in the Matrix, the Machines had to find a way to intervene straight to the source. So again, the story is coherent and comprehensible.

Feb 7 - 09:56 AM

Alex Maverick

Hipster Elitist Maverick

They are completely different stories! French fries and chocolate both taste good, but it makes no sense to compare one to the other because they are so different.

Jan 19 - 08:22 PM

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