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...less a narrative than an advertisement for a cultural wave. It's all about discount Zen and black clothes, the commodification of sterile violence as Kabuki.

October 29, 2007 Full Review | Comments (2)
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Robert P.

Robert Page

I totally agree with Philip Martin's assessment of The Matrix Reloaded:
" an empty shell of entertainment".

The vision of humanity holed up in an underground lair as it struggles against the machines for survival is disturbing, but what is more troubling is the depiction of what human society has devolved into. That depiction is a societal structure where the totality of human culture is reduced to a militarized hierarchy - in itself mechanistic. Rather than duplicating a natural environment in its bunker, humanity has chosen to surround itself with what resembles an abandoned nineteenth century steel mill, complete with girders, rivets, pulleys, and crankshafts.

What I really dislike about this movie is the truncated range of human interaction. There isn't a single smile or expression of genuing warmth among the humans. While there is rampant orgiastic sexual expression, there is no effort to display simple affection, caring, and love. There aren't any depictions of childhood innocence, or dreamlike aspirations. There is no depiction of spirituality, or a quest for higher conciousness. As viewers, we are simply conveyed from a society whose dialog is as structured and emotionally stifled as group of recruits at the FBI academy, to the surface conflicts involving slick martial arts combat and slick CGI effects.

This is a soulless story which substitutes its technical proficiency for plot and character development. It is very dark in its tone, and in no way inspiring or uplifting. It is utterly lacking in humor, nuance, and sensitivity. Despite its mantle of unperterable coolness, it is really utterly geeky and repressed in its characterizations. Its portrayal of humanity under such a hypothetical existential threat is gloomier than the most plodding Dickensian depiction of the Victorians during the Industrial Revolution.

Jul 25 - 09:22 PM

Paul B.

Paul Bradford

Your review is bullshit. lol

Nov 30 - 01:52 AM

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