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May 5, 2010
A spiritual high-octane adrenaline fueled jump up and cheer classic sports film that (in my opinion) is a modern classic. Maurice is an astonishing hockey player in canadian history, and to have a movie made this well on a gifted player is an honour for our country. For an independant film, it sure the delivers and never disapoints throughout!
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½ July 24, 2008
[font=Century Gothic]"The Rocket" is thankfully not a biopic about Roger Clemens.(Sorry, Mets fan.) Rather, it is about Maurice "The Rocket" Richard(Roy Dupuis), a legendary hockey player who skated for the Montreal Canadiens during the 40's and 50's when they won numerous Stanley Cups. Coming from humble origins, he had to work as a machinist to support his family while in his teens when he was also playing for a junior league team. At his first training camp, it was doubtful that he could skate much less play at a professional level due to a broken ankle and wrist that kept him out of the armed forces during World War II. But head coach Dick Irvin(Stephen McHattie) saw a toughness in the young player and knew he would succeed...[/font]
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[font=Century Gothic]"The Rocket" is a compelling biopic that perfectly captures a bygone era when players had to be tougher to compete in the NHL.(This goes beyond the obvious lack of helmets.) According to the movie, Richard was particularly singled out because of his Frenchness but would start to attack this later in his career, becoming a focus for French Canadian nationalism. While I know we are meant to root for Richard in his struggles, it is also very hard to cheer against my beloved New York Rangers(yeah, yeah. I know. It is only a movie.), especially with ex-Ranger Sean Avery typecast as a bruiser. Maybe one day, he'll get a chance to play a romantic lead...[/font]
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½ August 18, 2007
still trying to watch this one in its entirety ( thanx for thats kids) but what i have seen is a brilliant portrayal of what was an amazing hockey player in a time where hockey players playerd at night and had a day job during the day just to make all ends meet. I think all the present nhl players should watch this and see how it is to play for the game and not for a million dollar paycheck.
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½ May 7, 2007
Dupuis is my favourite Montreal-based actor. Best delivery, in both French & English. Maurice Richard is someone all Canadian hear of, although most people are unaware of his contributions to the game.
½ June 14, 2013
A relatively boring and dry film. As someone who doesn't care about hockey, the story and the acting left a lot to be desired. The story was hard to follow and boring and uninteresting. It was just a mediocre film in the end. Unless you are a huge Canadians fan or a big hockey fan I can't reccommend this.
½ June 27, 2011
I don't know much about Hockey, but like any good sports movie The Rocket doesn't really require me too other than a basic knowledge of how it works. I do know however that any player who's name is an award given to most goals scored in said sport is probably a legend, and if you're a sports legend especially an obscure one that the average man probably hasn't heard of than there's money to be made in an Oscar Bait biopic and thus are born movies like these. Because no matter how uninteresting the subject, the fact is they are a legend and so at the very least the accomplishments should make things exciting. Furthermore people are unfamiliar with the facts if its an obscure sport so they're more likely too see such a movie not knowing the full story anyways and you can if necessary take more liberties with it. But nonetheless cynicism must be dispelled when it comes to Canadians and Hockey and it's probably not irrational to assume that things are truly being done for the love of the sport and not money. Canadians have destroyed entire cities over the outcomes of Hockey Games and this French-English biopic is authentically Canadian and at least claimed to set out to tell the whole true story. But from a film making standpoint did this prove worthwhile? Or is it just a sick indulgence from a nation with an unhealthy love of an icy blood sport? Let's take a mother puckin' look.

The film is about French speaking, Montreal, NHL player Maurice Richard (Roy Dupuis who is so damned stone faced I can't tell if he's a great or just god awful actor) who is widely regarded as the greatest player the league has ever seen due to the sheer amount of goals he scored and tremendous physical obstacles he over came through skilled skating. Richard was significantly smaller than the average hockey player and had a weak bone structure as well but he overcame all this as well as a prejudice the league had towards French speaking Canadian players to become one of the greats and blah, blah, blah. I'm sorry, it's great he overcame all this but this is about all of interest this story has to say and we've heard it all a million times before. The man has no troubles at home and indeed has an exceptionally loving and devoted wife Lucille (Julie Le Breton who goes through the motion of silent suffering athlete wife). He has minor disagreements with his hard ass coach the American Mr. Norchet (Michel Barrette who is equally uninspired) but nothing out of the ordinary in fact the coach seems stern but very supportive. Here the movie falls short as it shows the fact that Richard is really good at hockey is about the bulk of what it has to actually say.

Don't get me wrong there's plenty of subtext here and buried under all the hockey is a story of a minority over coming some deep rooted racism inherent in the NHL at the time but the lack of passion due to the movie's deep desire to get the facts straight makes it feel like nothing but Hockey. Now don't get me wrong the film captures in Charles Biname is capable hands the feeling of hockey exceptionally well and the stunts are so beautifully choreographed that while I know nothing of hockey or skating techniques I could appreciate that at least the Richard the film portrays here had some serious moves. Not only that but there are two moments of typical hockey gone bad violence that I really enjoyed and got a laugh out of the viewing audience I saw this with but I believe it's because it was a break from all the skating and talking. But still as a period piece the film is beautifully handled and makes me want to see more by the Director which saddens me this is his only widely released film and even this wasn't that widely released. There are a lot of brilliantly composed shots in here and the sets seem authentic enough which more than makes up for the lack of much to say and the lackluster ordinary performances.

I won't say this is a bad movie but it has some serious glaring flaws, such as its over zealous desire to be factually accurate making it at times incredibly uninteresting. I found the life of Maurice Richard to be ultimately fascinating but here a little too in depth which made the cheesy moments of triumph and the pretentious shout outs seem all the more glaring and annoying. At the end of the day a sports movie doesn't have to be about the best of the best to be an amazing genre defining film and this movie proves the inverse is also true. The movie will keep your interest all the way through and many times even entertain you but when you ultimately realize how little it has to say it will go as quickly as it came out of your memory. Still I imagine for hockey fans this is a must see particularly fans of Richard and for everyone else there are worse ways to spend your time.
November 1, 2007
Every bit as single-minded as its French-Canadian protagonist, pic overwhelms a potentially interesting story in careful literalism and elaborate period detail.
March 14, 2009
I'm not a hockey fan by any means but thanks to my French 1 class I've become much more knowledgeable on "The Rocket" and I really enjoyed doing so.
April 20, 2008
Wonderful biographical drama of Montreal Canadiens legend Maurice Richard chronicling his rise in the NHL from humble working class machinist in the 1930's to Montreal icon in the 1950's. The film features great old school hockey action and the struggle between not only class but culture. I'm not a hockey or sports fan but I do like sports films like this. This is definitely the "Raging Bull" of hockey movies.
January 4, 2008
This is a biopic of Maurice "The Rocket" Richard and I really enjoyed it. The story was not too cheesy as sports movies tend to be. It covered Richards struggle to get out of the working class and into the NHL and also discussed the discrimination that French Canadians players struggle with. My only con is that I wished that Roy Dupuis, who played Richard, could have showed a little more emotion. Seeing Lecavalier, Avery, Lappy and Ricci skate in those old skates and pads was pretty amusing.
December 26, 2007
A great hockey movie, of course. Beyond that, a lovely biography of a great man and insight into historical events and social issues not often discussed (here in the States).
December 25, 2007
A must see for hockey fans not familiar with the full history of the sport, otherwise some of the particulars may be lost on you. I went into this looking for a hockey story on a hockey legend instead I was treated to a biography on person who was much more than a hockey legend. My only question was how accurate the portrayal of the NHL was at the time. Having been made by the CBC it can at times seem like a tirade against past injustices rather than a biopic. That said it was a well protrayed film of a man who gave what he could and more to not only a great sport but to his people as well. I was thouroughly pleased with the performances as well as the cameos of various NHL stars. The story did drag at times but overalll did a well above average job at telling a story that is obviously important to the french canadians but import to the history of hockey. The only shame is that this wont get as much circulation as a film like "Miracle" would.
December 15, 2007
The only thing I didn't like about this movie is that the English version is dubbed, otherwise one of the best hockey movies I have seen, up with the ranks of yougblood.
January 6, 2015
I am NOT a hockey fan but I do know of Maurice Rashard. This was a well put together movie that offered some good insight into such a great player.
April 27, 2009
Pascal Dupuis is in this!!! Gotta see it!!! LOL
½ June 14, 2013
A relatively boring and dry film. As someone who doesn't care about hockey, the story and the acting left a lot to be desired. The story was hard to follow and boring and uninteresting. It was just a mediocre film in the end. Unless you are a huge Canadians fan or a big hockey fan I can't reccommend this.
½ May 26, 2013
4/5 This was a pretty good movie, added it to my favs. It got a bit choppy and starts to jump around in the timeline, but it's still pretty good. One of the better hockey movies I've seen, definitely in my top 5 of hockey movies
March 19, 2013
Possibly the best biography movie of anybody!! Well acted and visually engaging, The Rocket proves that great movies doesn't need a Hollywood superstar!
September 15, 2006
Such an excellent movie! I think it might the single best Hockey movie that I've ever seen!
September 8, 2012
An amazing hockey film, chronicling the rise of a hockey legend that gave hope to French-Canadians in the mid 20th Century. With actual French-Canadian NHL players on-screen, it is very authentic. The story is an inspiring, emotional epic. As far as hockey films go, this The Rocket always has a place among the top of the list.
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