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December 22, 2013
Read all the books cant wait till the movie finally comes out
November 2, 2012
The books were really good! Catherine Harkwicke dropped out, and Don Payne did too (just in a different way . . . ) so I expect a delay. I am just hoping the movies are good!
March 24, 2013
Books are amazing. :) Let's hope that the movies are not screwed. -.-
November 13, 2012
i like the story..but i hate the director
September 28, 2012
I loved the books! The movie should be reelly good!!
September 9, 2012
the books are awesome! i love them and i know a movie (especially with Patterson directing/producing) will be perfect!!!
September 23, 2011
Great books... Has to be a good movie.
July 1, 2012
God I hope this movie is as good as the book- i have read the book to meny times to count and am compleatly obsessed with it. THE MOVIE BETTER BE AS GOOD AS THE BOOK OR MY TWO YEARS OF SPAZZING OVER IT WILL FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!
June 23, 2012
Fucking awesome book, can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!
March 24, 2012
Well, Don Payne really isn't a good screenwriter, and Catherine Hardwicke CAN be great director (Thirteen), but the script is being rewritten and Catherine dropped out, so I can stop worrying :D I love the book series and hopefully the film will deliver. If not, I'll cry. :|
½ May 25, 2012
Great series up until you reach the book "Final Warning" then the whole series just goes downhill from there
May 20, 2012
this is one of my favorite books but i feel we need to make as close to the book as possible MAKE A GOOD CAST!!!!!!!!!!! DONT BE RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 7, 2012
Sister read book now i wanna see the movie
April 1, 2012
If Max isn't blonde... ill cry. We need a Blonde kick ass heroine!!
February 28, 2012
The books are awesome! I've read all of them, and they are my favorite series ever!!! Cannot wait until the movie comes out!! They better pick good Actors/Actresses!
January 15, 2012
i read all the books and i can nott waittt until the movie comes outt!!!!!! <3
October 15, 2011
hopefully catherine hardwicke doesn't mess it up.
September 19, 2011
i definitely want to see this movie... nevermind i definitely NEED to see this movie.
the books were amazing. i expect nothing less than flawless for this movie. if the directors ruin something that has the potential to be flawless or at least amazing i think that im gonna have to beat up the people who directed it.
July 17, 2011
If i loved the book. im sure ill love this
July 17, 2011
Eh the books were great but the movie will ruin it like it did Twilight
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