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McQ Reviews

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Super Reviewer

March 27, 2008
Not a great movie but a pretty good one. The Duke is too old for his part, he was much better served by the following years Brannigan, but he gruffs his way through. The story is standard and not too difficult to figure out but if you are a fan of crime movies this is an acceptable time filler. Where it fails is in the wasting of three talented actresses Diana Muldaur, underused, Colleen Dewhurst, although she comes across the most strongly it is more the power of her personality and presence than anything she's given to work with in a throwaway part, and Julie Adams, she and Wayne have a good rapport in their one scene and you have a feeling there is more to their story but then she is gone from the film.
Conner R

Super Reviewer

August 25, 2010
Even though it's the poor man's Magnum Force, there's something really fun and different about McQ. John Wayne is always so charismatic and cool that it doesn't really matter what he's in, it's gonna be worthwhile. I really like the overall tone of the movie, it's not overly violent or over the top. It's more of a traditional approach to the genre, which is nice. I like that there is a world where you can be a one man army and still succeed on top.

Super Reviewer

May 12, 2008
John Wayne was a cowboy, pure and simple. He was also a war veteran at times. But he most certainly was not a cop and this movie shows why. It's a guilty pleasure of mine and I enjoy it, but after seeing this film I'm glad he turned down Dirty Harry because that never would've worked with anyone excet for Clint. Not a bad movie, but certainly not a classic.

Super Reviewer

November 13, 2006
John Wayne thunderously enforces the law in this great high-velocity thriller.
Henrik S

Super Reviewer

February 20, 2014
Despite the allure of having the ole' Duke on top of the bill, I could not really get into this run-of-the-mill, formulaic 70s cop-thriller. I really like the genre but the film just lacks the talent and star power (besides Wayne) too be interesting and captivating. So, I could not finish it, despite some classic 70s merits such as a score by Bernhard Hermann and great costumes.

Super Reviewer

October 18, 2007
I loved this movie. Even with an ageing and ill Wayne he was still a superb actor.
October 7, 2008
The Duke tries to be Dirty Harry. Mixed results, but you can never bypass watching some of this train wreck when channel surfing.
September 28, 2006
One of the last non-western movies made by John Wayne that is quite similar to and older Dirty Harry character.
Dave J
September 16, 2014
Tuesday, September 16, 2014

(1974) McQ

After the financial success of "Dirty Harry" starring Clint Eastwood, John Wayne on record regretted not accepting the role when it was (along with Frank Sinatra, Robert Mitchum and Burt Lancaster) also offered to him, so when "McQ" was made, it was a response to the "Dirty Harry" and "Bullitt" movies. It opens with two officers shot sometime during the night, and by the time we see the person who was shooting at them, he turned out to be a cop too(a sergeant to be corrected) leaving the question of why. But as soon as this sergeant dropped something into this guys car, he gets shot in the back from a 12 gauge shotgun. It is daytime again, and we finally see our star, McQ played by John Wayne waking up to answer a call from his boat, struggling to find a socket to plug his phone. He's then told that a friend of his has been shot and is in critical condition. And it was during then that we learn more about who the sergeant really is, who happens to be one of McQ's best friends named Detective Sgt. Stan Boyle (William Bryant). And just when he's about to go and visit his friend at the hospital by heading straight to his car, he first catches someone attempting to break in. Then someone unknown person tries to take a shot at him before he manages to shoot him dead first.

You know for some reason, after watching this movie I'm quite glad John Wayne as well as other actors rejected the "Dirty Harry" role since in this film, Wayne not only "looked" old but also appear to look like one as well. He not only looked tired, but the story looked like that it had to be adapted to convenient Wayne, the actor since in McQ he's playing a retired sergeant, who hasn't like really quit because he felt he still had an obligation to find out what is really going on. And for some strange reason much of these older actors, particularly John Wayne looked much healthier on westerns than playing detectives or people who're still working in the police force- he even looked funny driving fast on his 1973 pontiac trans am like it was my grandfather that was doing all investigating. Besides Wayne, Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea, Brian Keith, William Holden, Glenn Ford, and Gary Cooper when age looked like that it was catching up to them all still looked good when they starred in Westerns. I mean, if you can still hear an actor, panting on a small chase scene, it means that perhaps it'd probably would've been better had he not be playing detective.

2 out of 4 stars
Billy T
January 27, 2013
A shitty and nonsensical copy of Dirty Harry. The Q stands for Queer, it's Mac Queer. If you like sucking dick in the toilets of McDonalds restaurant's, then go ahead, watch'll probably enjoy the shitty piece of trash that is.. McQ.
November 30, 2012
It's about the car chases and PreMicrosoft Seattle. .
December 14, 2011
wow. what a diverse actor. too bad there hasn't been one of those since he died.
K. C.
June 17, 2011
John Wayne plays 'Dirty Harry'...

Originally turning down the role of 'Dirty Harry Callahan', Wayne was given another shot by Warner Bros. to play his first 'policeman' role in the legendary career.

Not out of his league by any means, the Duke definately fills the bitter seen it all lost my partners kill some drug dealers genre cop of the early 1970's. Not so much a rip-off of 'Dirty Harry' as a different take on the idea. Just as Eastwood's character was another take on 'Bullit'.

The story moves along and doesn't skimp on much, definately bring the popcorn and maybe one quick bathroom break.
Robert D.
March 7, 2010
As was the case with many if not most of his films, John Wayne MAKES this movie. But, beyond the Duke, striking location scenery of a pre-Kingdome downtown Seattle add a gritty realism. Not to be over looked is the FANTASTIC musical score by Elmer Bernstein that lends so much atmosphere. (I have added the soudtrack CD to my library)
December 27, 2009
(***): Thumbs Up

Agent Orange
November 16, 2009
MCQ is John Wayne's god awful, conservative response to Don Siegel's DIRTY HARRY. Even Wayne fans will probably admit that here he looks old, tired, and not in the least bit formidable. Luckily, Wayne didn't go out on this sour note, because this is one helluva forgettable effort.

My personal highlight/lowlight of the film was McQ's niece (?), who literally screeches in a gee-whiz, 50's pre-pubescent girl kind of way. It was both hilarious and off-putting, and I'm going to go ahead and call her the worst child actor I've ever seen. Hall of Shame material, for sure.

And that was the point I turned off the TV, I'm guessing about an hour in. A real clunker of a film, and my advice is to give MCQ a wide berth.
jennifer's picks & pa
July 26, 2009
John Wayne as "McQ" is no Dirty Harry

McQ (1974) - 3.2/10
Director - John Sturges
Starring - John Wayne, Eddie Albert, Diana Muldaur, Colleen Dewhurst, David Huddleston.

A few years earlier John Wayne was offered the role of Dirty Harry and turned it down. He probably had second thoughts because he made this film. And Dirty Harry fans should rejoice because John Wayne showed he was totally out of his element in a similarly themed film.

Wayne stars as "McQ" a maverick cop caught up in a seedy underbelly full of corruption, drug trade and typical 70's low-lifes. Think Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry or Gene Hackman in French Connection. However unlike Eastwood (who was only 12 years younger than Wayne), John Wayne seems like a relic to bygone times, totally incapable of adapting to an ever-changing world. This film makes him look awkward and totally out-of-place. That's probably why almost all of his 70's films were Westerns, about the only genre where Wayne could remain in his comfort zone during the later stages of his career.
January 30, 2007
[i]McQ[/i], once you suspend disbelief, is entertaining and fun to watch. John Wayne, in his 60 when he made the film, is tough cop in search of his partner's murder. Wayne was little slower and the lines were little corny, but he was still fun to watch.
Mark Gardner
April 17, 2005
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]John Wayne turned down the role of, "Dirty Harry" because he didn't think it would be a hit. When it did they scambled to come out with this "Dirty Harry" clone. It's not that bad just not as good as "Dirty Harry."[/size][/font]
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