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Meet the Robinsons is surely one of the worst theatrically released animated features issued under the Disney label in quite some time.

March 30, 2007 | Comments (14)
New York Times
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Lawrence Walker

Mar 30 - 11:45 PM


Reuven Cohen

Any person who can call this movie "one of the worst" has no taste in movies.

Apr 5 - 04:00 PM

balding superhero

Sarah Friedmann

Apr 10 - 04:42 PM


James Brock

Apr 12 - 10:33 PM


Tom Elce

Astoundingly inaccurate. One of the wost Disney pictures of recent times? Dismissive for the sake of it.

Apr 14 - 06:49 AM

hal jam

Nathalie James

Stunningly moronic, hyperactive movie. Thanks for an accurate review.

Dec 11 - 10:25 PM



"One of the worst"? Are you retarded. You mean "one of the best."

Dec 25 - 03:33 AM


Kevin Zheng

"One of the worst" ?! You have no sense in movies what so ever.

Jan 5 - 12:28 AM

David H.

David Haugen

"worst...under the Disney label in some time?" How about all the direct-to-DVD sequels? Or have you tried to watch Mulan recently. This movie was fine. Entertaining, inoffensive. Fine.

Jan 24 - 08:59 AM


Brandon Williamson

Am I the only one who agrees with him? This one had no originality and was totally forgettable. One of Disney's worst without a doubt.

May 31 - 11:38 PM

dan t.

dan teasdale

omg people. OPINIONS

Jun 20 - 01:40 PM

Bram S.

Bram Sterling

He is correct

Aug 2 - 08:27 PM

Rhea Cece

Rhea Cece

Definitely can agree with this review. The movie was so incredibly ridiculous with random and painfully silly content I could not even finish it. Lazy storytelling and animation clearly designed soley for 3D effects. Compared to Disney's plethora of masterpieces, this one is good for the dumpster.

Jun 22 - 07:28 PM

Paul Minot

Paul Minot

Worst of Disney lately--really? Worse than "Brother Bear"? "Treasure Planet"? "Atlantis"? "Chicken Little"? Next to those films, this movie is "Citizen Kane".

Aug 12 - 08:10 AM

Kevin DeLoughry

Kevin DeLoughry

wow this movie is more polarized than the dark knight rises

Aug 28 - 05:49 PM

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