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½ March 27, 2007
I liked this movie. Was really fun and my daughter really enjoyed it as well. Decent voice acting, A nice story make this a good film for kids.
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½ January 24, 2016
Not an absolutely terrible addition to the kiddies animation canon, an orphan is transported to the future in hopes of finding the family he's never had. Only for the kiddies. The writing's flawed, the charaterization weak, the plot predictable. But it's not terrible.
Directors Cat
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½ December 1, 2011
Considering it's a Disney movie that always have their bar set high the second you realise the animation in Meet the Robinsons is amazing you are at the same time realising that the stroy is boring. You are absolutely correct. A fantastic example of how modern disney films are destryoing the once legendary empire. Apart from the animation and a considerable amount of animation it is weird, forgettable and just plain bad.
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½ January 22, 2011
I quite liked 'Meet the Robinsons'. It wasn't a classic, memorable, or perfect film, but it was indeed a very good children's film. I will admit, there are times where it is a little too cute for itself, but it is made up by fine animation, as well as a witty script which all make this an acceptable yet forgettable film.
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½ April 9, 2007
This animated Disney adventure for kids offers quite a complex story including time travels and the paradoxes they can create. Of course it's trying not to get too complicated but there are scenes where younger audiences should easily get lost a little. The problem is that the first half of the film and the very child-oriented humor has not as much to offer for the grown-up audience that usually enjoys a decent animated film. The fact that the film dares to juggle so many characters and offers quite a couple of twists toward the end makes up for that, though. The showdown is fast paced and the ending very sweet, leaving every viewer, no matter what age, happy after all.
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½ May 4, 2011
You might not get this from the trailers, but Meet The Robinsons is an awesome movie. It's the first kid's movie to successfully tackle time travel, parallel universes, paradoxes, etc. The core story is really well done ans the characters are extremely well developed. I love how in the beginning you see all the characters you meet later, except you don't know it's them and only realize it at certain points in the movie. It's really nowhere near as cheesy as I believe it was advertised; in the context of the movie it all makes sense and has plausibility behind it. The past and future work together in a really beautiful fashion and in many ways presents time travel in a very unique way. I loved the musical Frogs, the baby T-Rex and the overly diabolical Villain known as Goob (who is also a heartbreaking child) on top of the central roles. Lewis is a nerd, but in the most believable and cute way possible.
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April 4, 2011
A great plot, funny jokes, and awesome music. Disney never fails us, my only problem was the animation, it seemed a little low budget for an animated movie. Other than that it was a great movie.
michael e.
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½ November 28, 2010
such a entertaining animated film
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September 6, 2010
There is no doubt that Disney is magic. If you don't believe me, watch this movie. It's one of my all time favorites. The story is solid, funny, heartwarming and clever. There aren't any holes in the plot, everything is cleared up from in that special Disney way. It's amazing! And the Walt Disney quote at the end has me in tears every single time. I love this movie and can watch it over and over again.
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October 24, 2007
disney pulls off another really good movie. they pretty much never flop. my 2 year old son watched this twice the morning we got it and the entire time he watched it i kept realizing how inviting it was to kids like him while having a complex story line for adults like me. great storyline and cool plot twists at the end. i liked this movie alot.
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½ August 14, 2010
The first half of Meet The Robinsons feels really slow and dull, but is decent enough to hold your attention until the midpoint grabs you and tosses you into full throttle gear. The second half feels like a good Pixar film, while the first half is left in the dust, which is very upsetting. It was a very good film at heart, but it took a little too long to kick in!
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December 13, 2008
One of the most entertaining pixellated films I've seen. Very good.
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July 24, 2010
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May 19, 2010
This was nice. I'm still curious to see the mother....ah that will be a mystery forever.
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May 24, 2009
Pretty cute, some pretty good humor.
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February 18, 2007
Another Disney's movie that I like... The story was great, to turn back time but still have some lessons to be learn.. I haven't read the story of Walt Disney before, but if this movie is inspired by what that Walt Disney already achieved, then it's another plus for this movie... Even the story is predictable, but it's still a great movie to be watched, especially for the kids because they will have a lot of lessons to be learn after watching this movie... And glad to see that this movie is quite success in the Box Office run, because this movie really deserved it... Once again, another great movie from Disney, and another great movie recommendation that suitable for all ages..!!
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½ March 3, 2008
First of all, this was the first time that I've watched a movie where the main character had the same first name as me. It was definitely bemusing to hear the word Lewis over and over. Ok, now to the actual movie.

My first hour of watching Meet the Robinsons was an utter disaster. I hated the art style, it's more bland than the very earliest CGI family movies, and certainly not up to the level of what I would expect from Disney. Look at Toy Story; that movie is years old, yet a single one of those characters had more personality and charm than the entire cast of MtR. The storyline was just an endless stream of unconnected skit after skit, like a Carrot Top performance. It didn't help that for every one of those random situations that was funny, you'd have to suffer through three that were not humorous whatsoever. Most of the random jokes that were constantly being lobbed at the viewer were incredibly un-funny. The only word that I can think of to properly describe it is manic. Even a kid wouldn't be entertained by such a disjointed mess.

With that said. The movie finally settled down in its last third, and became somewhat involving. A storyline materialized, and though it was predictable, at least it kept the movie moving in one direction. There were even a few occasions to laugh, which I had almost been convinced that I wouldn't do. I probably would never buy Meet the Robinsons, but at least it didn't turn out to be the awful disaster that it seemed to be initially speediing towards becoming.
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August 1, 2009
just before you decide that you might like to watch this film, realise that it's aimed squarely at kids. there is literally no food for thought or bits of humour for the adults, so dont even hope that you'll like it if you're in that mindset. however, if you're in the mood to sit down, switch off and watch something visually stimulating and sort of funny, this is a great film. just don't be looking for anything groundbreaking here.

Defining Scene:
The T-Rex attack, absolutely inspired. everyone say it, althogether, "I have a big head, an little arms!" Gold.
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½ August 18, 2009
I was looking forward very much to seeing this while the previews were running, but when I finally did, I was really disappointed. Not one of the more entertaining films of its kind, with only a couple of funny parts ("I have a huge head, and tiny arms"), both of which were seen during the previews. Definitely one of the movies where you see all you'd want to in the previews but nothing more.
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½ February 20, 2007
One aspect of the CG animated Disney movie that works particularly well is the design. The buildings, machines and landscapes of the future really look totally cool and have a very own look that is inspired by William Joyce's illustrations and various visions of the future from the Fifties and Sixties. They're beautifully rendered, too. Furthermore, the animation is pretty awesome. The movements of the quirky characters are very fast but funny and cleverly stylized. The best example for this is the Bowler Hat Guy who moves in a unique style that makes him look like a giant Spider. The character design isn't so bad either. However, the humans don't look quite as good as the ones in The Incredibles, the stylization of some characters makes them look a little too artificial for my taste.
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