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"Memento" is a crime-revenge story that relies on its one big gimmick.

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Josh Lewis

You are SO wrong.

May 20 - 10:22 AM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

bloody stupid comments.

Apr 21 - 02:23 PM

Bye bye

Steven Bailey

How often does this retard go out of his way to make fun of other peoples' comments?

Jul 10 - 11:51 PM


Seth Green


Jul 14 - 05:29 PM


Todd Garry

the stunner cries for attention.

Jul 17 - 12:23 AM


Kenneth W.

It's, like, his thing

Jul 25 - 04:59 PM


Andrew James Wilday

You are dumb...

May 30 - 02:59 PM

Jerel S.

Jerel Smith

Clever retorts, guys.

Jul 22 - 08:02 PM


Chad Lowe

Movie of the year, and this guy gets it wrong...

Jul 25 - 10:47 AM

David W.

John Warner

How you didn't become engaged in the film is beyond me.

Jul 28 - 03:48 AM


Nicky Marianna

Maybe it's you who has the memory of a flea. His wife was not killed. She actually survived the attack but found Leonard's plight insurmountable. This "gimmick" that your entire argument hinges on would be a gimmick if the movie failed. Over 93% of the nation's critics including the audience found Memento to be the an engrossing film. It's you who failed in reviewing this work. So congratulations, you're an idiot.

Sep 2 - 03:55 PM

Sam B.

Chris Elric

So...he's an idiot for having an opinion?

Feb 3 - 07:02 PM

KJ Cassidy

kurt cassidy

Talk about the "It's his oppinion. :p" Gimmick

May 23 - 05:55 PM

Dillon H.

Dillon Hanley

No, he's an idiot for having the wrong opinion.

Jul 9 - 01:49 PM

dan t.

dan teasdale

Opinions can't be wrong you moron. That's why they are OPINIONS, not facts

Aug 11 - 12:16 PM

Bob L.

Bob Lancashire

90% of movies out there rely on one gimmick. The problem is they all seem to share the same gimmicks. Memento is a completely original, uncompromising and truly engrosing movie that deserves every bit of the acclaim that this site offers it.

Sep 13 - 02:18 AM

Ryan R.

Ryan Rittenhouse

Finally, someone who sees through all the hype. This film wasn't terrible - it's fine, but people have overrated it enormously. Having a gimmick is alright, but the gimmick of Memento is pretty much all it has, and that's the problem. I love Nolan, I love all the actors here, but it's just not the movie everyone thinks it is.

Nov 1 - 12:30 PM

Mathew Sewell

Mathew Sewell

Congratulations on being a moron and having an irrelevant website named after you.

Aug 25 - 04:50 PM


Tanmaya Raul

The review sounds like someone just trying to be different- by searching for flaws in a very priginal and well-made movie. It's irritating when such untalented reviewers give meaningless ratings... when they couldn't make something half as good if they had to.

Nov 19 - 02:01 AM

Dan J.

Dan Johnson

Maybe you should get antoher job. Obviously you aren't good at this one.

Dec 5 - 02:45 AM

Iago O.

Iago Olsen

Your review gave a plot summary of the movie, thats about it. And the phone calls were not to an undisclosed cop you jackass, it was Teddy, if you were even half of an acceptable critic you would have paid more attention to the film and noticed that. Maybe even notice the style and themes the film put forth. Now I'm really getting pissed you ****ing prick. this is a pathetic review, especially for the "Smartest film critic in the world". God damn it go **** yourself, if you had some valid points i might not be so angry but you said you were "bored". thats all. The only flaw i can see with this movie is that it was too damn smart for idiots like you. you have to THINK about it. I guess thats to much for you. your review is a fail. Also you gave Ninja Assassin a better rating?!! You clearly suffer from severe ADD, Please stop reviewing movies you ****ing disgrace.

Dec 9 - 06:02 PM

boris s.

boris shusterman

i know man, i feel ya. This guy is just terrible. Some people should not critic movies, period. Get a job at Jack in the box or something. Can't you get fired from being a critic?? I sure hope so!!!

Dec 25 - 03:00 AM

Joseph Jr Y.

Joseph Jr Yuskaitis

"Memento" is a crime-revenge story that relies on its one big gimmick."

exactly; thus the basis of it's appeal..

Jan 11 - 03:58 PM


Vicente Torres

People,stop!He's not stupid.We can't all like the same movies.

I read the entire review,and you don't really explain anythin'.You just say that the movie's methods are wrong just because.

Apr 28 - 03:57 PM

Stephen P.

Stephen Pagnucco

And he calls himself the smartest critic in the world!

Jun 9 - 10:56 PM

Jimmy Princivalle P.

Jimmy Princivalle Philadelphia

screw you cole smithey who even are you?

Jul 10 - 06:55 PM


Matthew Charlebois

Cole Smithey

Dec 29 - 03:21 PM

Glade Hatch

Glade Hatch


Aug 4 - 09:51 AM

Jim G.

Jim Goff

It's like you didn't even watch the movie, or grasp what the "gimmick"'s purpose. The narrative is presented in the way it is so that you feel exactly what its like for Leonard everyday. You step into every scene out of context, not knowing where it started just like him. That's the point of the entire movie, other than it being a film noir with a narrator that's unreliable. And like somebody else pointed out, that "undisclosed cop" was Teddy. Seriously, did you even really watch it?

Jul 20 - 06:00 PM


Will Oliver

I usually don't leave negative comments on negative reviews of movies I like (and people who do are usually idiots, as seen by the other childish comments), but in this case I will make an exception. Not because he disagrees with me, but because his review hardly criticizes the movie at all. It's just a plot summary with a couple of snarky comments on how he didn't like it for reasons he doesn't articulate. There may be a case to make against Memento, but Cole Smithey hasn't made it.

Jul 27 - 06:20 PM


Kenneth W.

A gimmick is really only a gimmick if it serves no purpose but to just "be there".

The narrative in Memento serves a purpose, as it puts us in Leonard's shoes. We end up as confused as he is (even if we end up remembering more of it).

Aug 13 - 03:44 PM

Campbell T.

Campbell Taylor


Aug 30 - 08:09 PM

Hans S.

Georg Pauwen

I found this movie utterly nauseating and very much unbearable to watch. Like in all other of Nolan's movies, the characters look, act and speak like robots. How many people do you know who ever act or talk like that ? I see the intention, which is to create depths and meaningfulness, but if someone would talk to me like that, I would think he or she is either on drugs, or otherwise a mental case. The result of all is that you never really care about the characters, never identify with them, never sympathize. I see the 'gimmick', but it is all soooo sloooow and boooring that you will find it hard to stay awake.

Nov 29 - 07:47 AM

Mathew Sewell

Mathew Sewell

Don't blame the brilliant movie just because you're too much of a dipshit to understand it you fucking retard.

Aug 25 - 05:23 PM

Ryan McAvoy

Ryan McAvoy

Oh my God, Mathew, please just shut the fuck up. I enjoyed this movie, too, man, but don't be one of those people who just automatically assumes someone didn't understand the film JUST because they didn't like it. It makes you look like an ignorant, biased dick.

It's really not a difficult movie to follow, anyway. If you think it requires that much thinking to understand, you're a little slow. It's really nothing to give yourself a pat on the back about just because you get it. Jesus.

Aug 26 - 01:04 AM

Brian Burke

Brian Burke

This movie is so much more that a big twist.
Its masterfully executed, crafted beautifully, intriguing and down plain really original.

Aug 7 - 03:31 PM

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