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Marvel Movie Madness! Part 27: Men in Black II

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Luke: Like "Who Let the Dogs Out?", the word "bangin'" and Lara Flynn Boyle -- apparent cultural touchstones of turn-of-the-century America -- I forgot this belated sequel even existed. Which is understandable, because Men in Black II is a pretty lazy follow-up to a reasonably funny hit; the kind of movie where everything that felt fresh about the first instalment is milked charmlessly -- and in which a talking pug gives a more enthusiastic performance than the paycheck-cashing leads. As is the way of many inferior sequels, MiBII is content to recycle the basic plot -- again, the agency must stop an intergalactic menace ("psycho hose beast" herself Lara Flynn Boyle as tentacled alien Surleena) while regurgitating gags and set pieces from the original.Back to Article