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September 21, 2013
The unlikely buddy cop team up of urban, hip, black guy with redneck, common sense, good ol' boy (does this conceit still carry currency? you betcha ... so much for the 21st century ushering in dynamic social change) returns to seduce you to pony over more popcorn money as the time travel card is laid out to spice up the old aliens among us formula. Luckily the stars bring the charm to keep sleep away while the hoary old chestnut is pranced about. And guess how it ends? They really like each other after all. More popcorn please.
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½ April 18, 2013
I have to admit that I was never much of a fan of this franchise, feeling that it relied too much on special effects and a one trick pony gimmick. However, this 3rd installment tickled my funny bone, and while not perfect (some rather awkward moments to be sure), this one delivered the goods in a sort of offbeat, Twin Peaks sorta way (homage to the pie).

I thought that the time travel aspect of the film was serviceable and capably handled, and the entire enterprise has a certain gleam in its eye, managing to straddle the fence between farce and realism. The two stars work well together and Josh Brolin is just fine as the younger Tommy Lee Jones.

I'm not going to reveal much of the plot, other than to say that an arch villain has escaped from maximum security (a very nice beginning sequence) and gets access to a time machine, where he intends to go back to 1969 and warn his younger self that Jones is after him. As the two MIB hunt down clues to the villain's whereabouts in both present and past, we are led into several set pieces that range from mildly funny to hilarious - like a confrontation and shootout in a Chinese Restaurant. There's also a funny touch when a femme fatale brings a cake to the prison - said cake is wobbling, while her abundant cleavage is not - gotta love it!

Back in time they meet up with Andy Warhol - a scene that could use some salt, but paves the way to a meeting with a creature who can see a myriad of alternate realities. This leads to some truly funny and yet heartfelt moments, as this character holds the soul of the film and allows Jones and Will Smith the opportunity to do some male bonding that otherwise wouldn't play true to the characters. At film's end when Jones states in his usual flat tone "it was an honor", the words carry so much more than a film of this type has a right to expect - and yet it rings true and poignant; to be followed by a bit of hip levity that you'd expect from the brand, and yet was so sorely lacking in the 2nd installment.
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½ March 31, 2013
While Men in Black 3 isn't as good as the original, it's a vast improvement over the immensely disappointing second installment. This is a sequel that is much better than you would expect it to be. Will Smith and Josh Brolin (playing a young K) have as much chemistry together as Smith and Jones. The special effects, particularly the time travel sequences are neat and never look cheesy or awkward. Even better is the story, that not only presents time travel in a way that hasn't quite been seen before, but it reveals aspects of K and J's past that is pleasantly unexpected. If you're not generally a fan of Men in Black, you probably won't like this film. It isn't a must-see blockbuster, but it is certainly a solid sequel, one of Hollywood's better attempts at reviving a classic franchise.
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October 20, 2010
A complete roller-coaster ride of incredible fun that does not stop until the very end, and even then you want more. A total non-stop good time at the movies and possibly the galaxy. A visually remarkable and eye-popping adventure filled with outrageous humor and mind-blowing action. An explosive and hilarious action-comedy. It`s the best Men In Black yet, it brings back the style, wit and sharp character driven moments that made the original work. An inventive, stylish and tremendous sequel that`s spirited and has heart. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back, and totally better than ever. Smith and Jones bring back all the charm, wit, freshness and charisma that made them the coolest and most entertaining buddy-cop team to hit the screen in light-years. Josh Brolin is absolutely brilliant playing the younger Agent. K and delivers big time. Brolin gives a hilarious and fantastic performance and works remarkably well with Smith. Jemaine Clement is an absolute surprise, he is the best villain the series has had yet. A tremendously entertaining and spectacular movie. Another instant classic in the series, i hope theirs another one.
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April 26, 2012
Josh Brolin knocks it out of the park. Will Smith playing the loveable wise-cracker that made him famous. Too much fun.
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May 28, 2011
I really liked the first two, and was looking forward to this one. What they did with James Brolin (made to look like a younger Tommy Lee Jones), was amazing. But, that to me was the best part about this movie. The rest just didn't seem up to par to the others. Not bad, just not great.
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January 18, 2013
The long-awaited third chapter blasts off with high-energy CGI and entertainment. Though the film isn't very convincing to win over all of its audience, it is no doubt an improvement from its predecessors, especially with the edition of Josh Brolin. Men in Black 3 is out of this world. 4/5
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April 6, 2011
I wasn't very optimistic about this when I first heard about it. I mean, part 2 was a bust, and this was coming out a full decade after that one. But, I tried to keep my hesitant feelings at bay, have an open mind, and give this a chance.

And, I'm glad I did. I was really surprised by this sequel, because it could have gone really wrong, and actually didn't.

Agents J and K have been working together for 15 years, and their partnership is still as frosty and detached as it was since the beginning. Matters get more fractured when K gets more aloof upon hearing that an interstellar criminal he put away over 40 years ago named Boris has escaped prison and is out for revenge. For the sake of simplicity, I'll just say that the plot involves Agent J having to go back in time to July 16th, 1969 (a really inspired date) to prevent
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May 30, 2012
Better than it had any right to be, Men in Black III will defy expectations for anyone still stung by Men in Black 2. Its an old-fashioned action/comedy like they just don't make anymore. It doesn't lean on raunch or gore but rather on charm and spectacle to win over audiences. And while it isn't as witty or original as the first entry, it is Will Smith's best work in years, and deserves to be seen.
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January 12, 2011
"Enjoyable, but not as good as the ones before it. I really think Brolin nailed the impression of Tommy Lee in this movie. It was uncanny how much he looked and talked like him.
I did like the story and the touching scene near the end. There is plenty of humor and all the performances are great. I like Griffin. I thought he was a addition to the film.
The action was missed in this film. I wanted more. The opening scene between the Animal and his girlfriend was quite disgusting. Animal... yeah. I think, like so many ohters, there could have been a better villian. I think overall there was lack of imagination when it came to creating this character. I really enjoy the Men in Black films. I would be lying if I said i didn't want a fourth film. But only if they can make it amazing. This can't be how they end it. It wasn't good enough."
Samuel Riley
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November 26, 2012
Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith return as the 'Men In Black'. This time, J has to travel back in time to understand the sudden disappearance of K. Giant bugs return as the main villain is an old foe of K, for which his background will get explained. Even though, again this doesn't top the originality of the first 'Men In Black', this latest chapter is far more enjoyable than the previous installment of the franchise.
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½ November 12, 2012
Third Men in Black film is actually the best one of the series, but it's not without its flaws. The film like every other Men in Black film is big in special effects, but lacks that little something to really make it memorable. The first film in the series was fun, entertaining and had great special effects, the second was horrible with a poor plot and the actors were wasted. With this film, there's a great cast at hand, terrific special effects and a good enough story to keep you involved from start to finish. This third film is the best film in the series, and it is flawed, but there's plenty here to enjoy and it manages to overcome its imperfections. Josh Brolin delivers here as a younger Agent K, and he is the best aspect of the film. He is wonderful in his part, and he has Tommy Lee Jones' mannerisms perfectly. I never really loved the Men in Black films, I found them to be mindless and fun, but they don't stand out as a whole as a Sci Fi action comedy. This third entry is the best Men in Black film in the series and its strength lies in Brolin's performance, its perfect script and good directing from director Barry Sonnenfeld. Although it still shows imperfections that has plagued the series, this is the best film, and it's a fun, entertaining ride from start to finish. There's plenty to enjoy here, and I very much enjoyed the change of tone of this film. I liked the fact that the story is set in the 1960's and that the film had a different direction than previous films in the series.
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September 13, 2012
After the awful MIB II undid the powerful end of the first film, I wasn't hoping for too much where this third film was concerned. I was pleasantly surprised. The film follows J and K after the escape of a villain known as Boris The Animal escapes a high security prison on the moon. Boris goes back in time to kill K, so J must go further back to stop him. There he meets a young agent K, played by Josh Brolin. The time travel plot could be hokey and annoying, as they often are, but Men In Black III tries really hard to ignore the science, but make it a valuable part of the plot. Brolin is magnificent at his Jones impersonation, which is essential as it immediately creates the same chemistry Smith has with Jones. I never once saw Brolin in this film, just a younger Jones. There are a number of fun sequences and interesting ideas, including a chracter that can experience all time and all possible realities at once. Jemaine Clement is a bit confusing as the villain, as you can't tell if he is trying to be scary or funny. When it seems like he is trying to be scary he is actually funny and vice versa. The effects were very creative at times, but it tried playing up to the 3D a bit too often. Hopefully this will be the last as the ending did tie it together nicely. A good, fun sequel, that avoids just rehashing the exploits of the first or second films.
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½ May 26, 2012
The first 20 minutes are lame, but when Josh Brolin arrives on screen, he gives this film the injection is desperately needed. Nice visuals and a strong final 5 minutes make ''Men in Black III' is mildly decent summer film.
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½ June 24, 2012
It's better than the second movie but lacks the charm of the first. The forced sentimentality is annoying and only proves to show that no one was demanding another entry into the series. I hope this is the last one.
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½ May 28, 2012
A tad better than the second one but that is not saying much. The basic plot is the same as the second one, except with the addition of two gimmicks. The first gimmick is the time-travel element. This is used to change the film's scenery to the "Mad Men"-like setting of 60's New York. Most of the humor is J trying to fit in, which tends to be hit-or-miss. The second gimmick is Josh Brolin's dead-on impression of Tommy Lee Jones. Brolin does steal the show, it is just a shame their wasn't much of a character to go along with his almost unsettling exact impression. Take away the gimmicks, this is just another bland rehash of the first one with a script filled with half-baked ideas and missed opportunities. Rick Baker's alien make-up job still steals the show, and provides some distraction from the underwhelming time-travel plot. Plus the visuals are almost pathetically underwhelming considering the films 200 million dollar budget. Just like the second entry, this installment offers little in the way of meaningful continuation of the first film's story, which makes it disposable. Their are a few worthwhile laughs but it does little to elevate this forgettable and ultimately pointless sequel.
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June 17, 2012
I liked the original MIB film for its pure originality, imagination, quirky effects and the fact Sonnenfeld directed. This gave the film a nice kooky fun feeling just like he achieved with 'The Addams Family'. The second film didn't really seem up to much, more of a rehash of the first, bit of a sell out.

I was worried this third film would just be another rehash but in a nice huge surprise its pretty neat. The plot revolves around time travel which can be problematic for a film but its handled well and at no time did I feel confused.

The real meat of the film is of course the effects and alien imagination on hand, think of the whole film as a 'Mos Eisley space cantina' sequence. This has always been the best parts in the MIB franchise, seeing who is an alien or what seemingly dull average setup could be an alien ship/base/weapon/creature etc...As with the previous films effects range from being really good wet n slimy concepts with the aliens, some great mask/makeup work mixed with cgi. But then the action sequences tend to look rather fake and hokey, its pretty obvious and never seems to look any good really, way obvious bluescreen work.

Of course the film is pretty much a live action cartoon so one can't quibble but it does still look really fake throughout. That aside I do love the in-jokes and little touches such as revealing famous figures to be either aliens or working for the MIB, its been done but it still works and gives that nice undercover secretive atmosphere that surrounds the whole (real) Men in Black mystery.
A nice bonus of course with this new film is all the little jokes about the vast differences in technology between 69 and the present day. Some fun pokes at obvious changes in tech sizes and battery usage, I also liked how the aliens in the MIB HQ seemed to be dressed circa 1969 (60's in general). In other words they all look like aliens from cheesy B-movies of the time, well I presume that was the idea hehe.

To be fair its only down to Brolin as a young 'Agent K' that makes it work so well. I think its safe to say without him it would have been business as usual from Hollywood and another factory line sequel. Although I must also give credit to the design and creation of 'Boris' who is certainly a pleasing baddie and quite formidable for once.
Played really well by Jemaine Clement I must give kudos to the whole idea, the character is actually quite eerie with his gnashing jaws, 'Tusken Raider' like eye sockets and creepy crawly servants, its a shame we don't see more of his real features. I loved how he was well spoken also, sounded like Tim Curry...he could of played the part also methinks.

Must also say, I hated the casting of Emma Thompson, she totally did not fit in this role one bit. The younger actress used to be her younger self was a complete balls up, no way she looked anything like a younger Thompson...but I nitpick.

The film isn't gonna blow you away by any means. Its solid fun and has done well to breathe new life into the franchise but its still somewhat of a cookie cutter blockbuster. I think this third bookmarks the franchise nicely and there is no need to milk it further. Unfortunately there are talks of a fourth which you know will spoil everything, Hollywood just doesn't know when to quit and end on a high, gotta bleed every last dime until its derided and dry.

On a final thought for you...Nicole Scherzinger, oh my god is she hot!! damn hot!! scorching!!! why couldn't she have been more involved in her black latex/pvc outfit!?. Oh the disappointment of that, talk about teasing you geez.
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½ June 12, 2012
MIIIB is a fun and throughly entertaining film. It is pretty funny, though with some corny jokes mixed in, but also has a very interesting story. Will Smith still has his comedic timing and Josh Brolin plays a young Tommy Lee perfectly. A really fun and interesting movie altogether.
Bathsheba Monk
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June 11, 2012
I loved the premise--rare for action/adventure stories--that the protagonists have a history of events that have shaped their lives and personalities AND that if you can go back in time, you just might try to alter an event or two to give your personality a better outcome. I loved the fact that the antagonist--Boris the Animal!--felt the same way. It made for an exciting conflict. I thought the weaving in of J's forgotten past was explained as an integral part of the story. Nicely done. Fun movie. Please, suh, more.
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June 30, 2010
Outside of Jemaine Clement's comic genius and Josh Brolin's lip syncing, there just isn't a lot here that we haven't already seen.
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