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August 23, 2014
One of the worst film and especially the actors.
½ August 10, 2014
Bad acting, bad plot line and even worse special effects eg, How can you fire a thousand bullets at a car and not leave a hole in it, and when holding a knife to some ones throat the blade should not bend like rubber.....
April 16, 2012
Just ok, this is one of those movies that you watch when you have nothing better to do. The dvd cover looks more interesting that what the movie really was. I didnt see no helicopters, nor soldiers like on the cover. Funny to see these so-call Mercenaries go behind ememy lines with full backpacks and bedrolls. Thru out the whole movie they just would not let go of those bedrolls and even died with them on. Plus Billy Zane wasnt a major player in this movie. The CG effects when someone got shot and the "red" puff of smoke was kind of cheesy.
½ March 22, 2012
Don't waste your time watching this movie. Use those two hours of your life for something better.
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