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November 11, 2014

This movie is about a messenger named Muhammad that is getting words from god to give to the people from a cave in a mountain in 610 A.D. in mecca. The people are in a period of being lost because they are believers of idols. So Muhammad the messenger is trying to deliver the message thru a few people to spread throughout the community. They are not receptive to the word and some even sacrifice their life for the message just to show that it is only one God. Muhammad become the prophet of Islam.
World Religion
This movie relates to World religions because there is a messenger and there is a mass of people who is looking for signs of God from a prophet or leader. Like Christianity the messenger was Jesus and he lead the people to their religion and they followed because he became the messiah of the time. Muhammad became the prophet after Jesus to serve the same purpose to the lost tribe just the same as Jesus and the ones before him. It relates to Hinduism because of the caste systems. The darker the people was the more enslave that person was. It seems that the chosen ones in all religions was for the poor people or people of less fortune.
The issues that most religions have are converting or submission in the beginning. If you are not born into a religion then we assume that all of the others are wrong. From taking this lesson I don't feel that either religion is wrong. Neither religion such as indigenous, Buddhism, or Hinduism are not too far from separation. The people in the beginning believed in more than one God. If we call him Allah or Christ it is the same power that all people in every region respect and thru the chosen ones comes his deliverance of a guidance to walk in a certain way of life. All religions has a connection and a spirit among it. Certain Christians refer to it as the Holy Ghost. Indigenous people call it the Holy Spirit but, it's that energy that lies here and it may take deep meditation to conquer it like a monk or it may take a certain diet to connect or get closer to it. But whatever it is we all have different ways of getting there.
September 16, 2014
Arnela Isakovic
Movie Review: Mohammed, Messenger of God
The messenger is a great movie to symbolize the birth of Islam and how it came to be. It is narrated through Mohammed's Uncle. It starts off in Mecca, explaining how Muslims were not able to voice their beliefs because they would be persecuted. Angel Gabriel came to Mohammed, making him believe he should lead the people of Mecca. God asked him to spread the words and convert all the non- believers. During this time, two wars broke out because not everyone agreed that they should listen and follow Mohammed, and the Quraysh tribe was still in power in Mecca. Mohammed receives a message from God one day that tells him to just give up and return to Mecca.
I think this movie relates to world religion in many different ways. Many people may be visual learners, so watching this movie can really explain a lot more to people. Actually seeing how Islam came to be may be easier to grasp then just reading about it. Also, when reading in the textbook I realized that the movie explained a lot more history behind Islam than the textbook.
May 16, 2014
100% True story of islam.
March 23, 2014
Excelent and accurate movie. I've just been reading the IMDB top 250 list and I found that it isn't on there despite there being films with lower ratings. Interesting... I wonder why that is...
March 29, 2013
Critics in the 70's panned it for being "excessively reverential" toward's Islam's prophet, while films about Moses and Jesus from a Christian perspective earned rave reviews with exactly the same tone of breathless reverence bordering on campiness. No, this is actually a pretty good film, an old-timey religious Epic in the fashion of the Ten Commandments, and what's more- it tells a story most viewers don't already know.

The only obstacle in its telling is the attempt not to show Mohammed or any of his main companions directly. In fact, they are almost completely absent, leaving the entirety of Islam's founding up to Anthony Quinn's Hamza, who historically played a very small role. That is, all of the important events are represented, and in a moving way, but all the wrong people are doing them.

It's time for a remake of "The Message" with a more accurate telling, and actual portrayals of Mohammed's famous followers, but Mustapha Akkad's cautious first attempt is still a pretty good film in its own right.
March 1, 2013
#The Movie 00:54:38 -> she (woman) is different but equal | Quran2:228 but men have a degree over them.
#The Movie 02:39:14,386 -> There is no compulsion in religion | Bukhari (SB:9.84.57) "...Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him."
#The Movie 01:25:19 -> Jews and Christians have equal rights with Muslims | Quran5:51. O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as friends....
#The Movie 01:31:02 -> Fight, but fight in the way of god against those who fight against you | Quran 2:191 And slay them wherever ye find them <= is missing
#The Movie 00:24:31 -> Are these dangerous ideas? | Quran 9:5 ..... kill the polytheists | Stone adulterers (SB 8:81:791), Chop hands for stealing egg (SB:8:82:809), Holy war (jihad) (SB: 1:2:26). [Indeed these are dangerous ideas]

What's not shown in movie about Muhammad
* expeditions post acquisition of mecca (SB:6:1.321), (21.281),
(26.714), (29.87)
* eleven wives [SB1:5:268] and state of affairs in ayesha's marriage (SB 1:6:298, 7:62:60:88), Zainab (Qur'an 33:37), Captive Juwairiya (SB 3:46:13:717), Safiya (SB:2:14:5:68, 4:52:74:143)

# The Movie 00:51:11 -> Where are Muhammad's miracles....? | Quran 30:50. And they say: "...."The signs are only with Allah, and I am only a plain warner." | Quran 54:1 1. ........ to show them a miracle, .. he showed them the splitting of the moon)
# The Movie 00:20:07-> but people changed it, turned it, forgot it | 02:26:39 -> ......their testament must be respected ...for their books ..came from god

The Movie 00:26:08 -> But it is wrong..The Gods that let such things be are no Gods
December 7, 2012
After a countless films about Jesus Christ, the prophet in the christian faith, we have to ask ourselves, has there ever been a film about the prophet of the Islamic faith, Muhammad? Yes, there is, it's titled "The Message". But since Mohammad is such a holy figure, he was not to be shown on the screen. The story is told through his uncle, Hamza (Anthony Quinn) and his other followers. But there's some scenes where people speaks directly to the screen. We know that they are talking to Mohammad, and the camera is his point of view. The camera evens nods and moves around like a human being walking around.

The Message is a very good epic, which gives us the essential story of how the illiterate merchant son, Mohammad, received his first revelation in a Cave of Mount Hira. Where god gave him the words of the Quran, and asked him to spread the words and covert all the non-believers. But in Mecca the Quraysh tribe is still in power, and sees Muhammad as a threat, and he flies Mecca and goes to Medina, where he increases his followers. But the Qurayshs is willing to do everything to stop Muhammad's new religious movement, and starts to attack him regularly, while Muhammad does as good as he can, not to spill any more blood than necessary.

The director, Moustapha Akkad does a brilliant job of introducing us to a relligion that most of us doesn't actually know very much about. Except for all the negative aspects that has been made up by the western media, involving terrorism and sharia. Instead The Message gives us the basics of Islam. like, what's the reason people turned to Islam? How did the Paganist ruled Mecca? I think Akkad made the right decision to make this film. I don't mind that we don't see Mohammad on screen. It's only makes the divine present of Mohammad even stronger. But I still love Jesus after seeing him portrayed as an ordinary vulnerable man in "The Last Temptation of Christ" and "The Passion of Christ". The fact that he was an ordinary man with doubts, makes him even more impressive. The facts that he actually was so brave that he actually conducted his father's wishes.

I'm not saying that Jesus Christ is better than Mohammad, all I'm saying is that if you add more depth to your character, the more you empathize with him, the more you grow found of him. I know I'm on dangerous ground here. Other things besides this is that this is in fact a historical epic, with the right tone, the right actors, but after my opinion it's an average looking epic. It doesn't over come Lawrence of Arabia, for instance. But overall it's a good film that shows us how Islam was founded, and why it become so popular. And watching this movie convinced me that Islam in basic is in fact a peaceful religion, that encouraging non-violence and dialogue, and there is some pretty good dialogue in this film. I also loved the ending, showing clips of all the Mosque players all over the world, showing the spread of Islam. I think I stop here by saying "We are all Abraham's children". Thumbs up.
December 7, 2012
Would like to get round to watching.
½ November 19, 2012
The only thing worth watching it for is the historical background
September 12, 2012
This is the only legitimate bio pic of the prophet , which for its conscientiousness to the religion is a good film to watch, because the director's heart was on his sleeve when making this film, you can tell for better and for worse as the editing is a bit on long side. is it a good film, its OK but what makes it good again is the amount of heart towards the subject matter and the depiction of Muhammad.
August 21, 2012
All this time I missed the chance to watch this ... Excellent. Allahuakbar. :-)
August 4, 2012
A good movie which tells the history of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him) well but could have benefited from a bigger budget.
½ July 24, 2012
An epic 76' film 'bout battle of uhud....
½ March 28, 2012
First of all, this movie was done at a time where there was no phobia against Islam, so credibility is good for it.

I am Armenian but Lived in a country were the majority were Muslims, then I grow up in a country like Denmark where the majority were Athesits, so I had the chance few had of living with different cultures and beliefs, this story about Islam is a mirror of how the real muslims are, they aren't bad people, they are naturally kind and mostly victims, if a few of them like 5% of them (50 or 60 Mil) from the 1.5 Bil Muslim in the world have some radical ideas we can't judge them all. This movie is true to the history and beginings of Islam that I grow up hearing from my friends when I was a child.

Very good movie. I will let me 2 daughters see it in a few years.
Arabic version is even better

Tara Hamdi
January 11, 2012
Watched it for Islam in Film and Museum class. One of the best classic movies ever. Enjoyed every minute of it. Truly showed how the birth of Islam came to be.
November 27, 2011
Masterpiece! Brings tears of joy to my eyes.
½ October 18, 2011
Excellent movie chronicling the beginnings of Islam from the time when the prophet Mohamed first receives the message.

Arabic version is more accurate but the English version was made to be more accessible to a Western audience.

Well a worth a look for anyone interested in learning more about the history of one of the world's great religions.
September 11, 2011
Just showed this movie to my classes ... I've watched The Message countless times ... it never gets old, never gets boring. It also most brilliantly condenses 23 years of the life of the Messenger into just under 3 hours. The historical inaccuracies engendered by this condensing are far, far outweighed by the holistic reflection of the origins of Islam that it achieves.

It's amazing that filmographies of the great actor Anthony Quinn often ignore this, arguably his masterpiece. Among great movies and Hollywood productions this is perhaps the most ignored gem of all.

Buy it, watch it, show it to your friends; The Message is without doubt one of the best movies of the 20th century.
March 26, 2011
This is a crafty work on a religious film, wonderfully directed by Moustapha Akkad, and praise-worthy performance from entire cast, especially Anthony Quinn. I truly respect Anthony Quinn for portraying role of Uncle of Holy Prophet PBUH.

A Must watch film for non-Muslims, to understand Islam's real message, especially in todays era, when the portrayal of Islam, is so negatively depicted in the West. Islam is, what is purely depicted in shape of this film.

This film shows perfect art-direction, and the music score of the film by Maurice Jarre, is pure piece of meditation, which was nominated for Academy Award for Best Original-Music-Score.
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