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November 22, 2014
It had all the ingredients of a good film. Except perhaps the story. And it seemed to plod along unconvincingly. Nice cars and boats, some good actors, but something missing.
November 21, 2014
Miami Vice is surprisingly great. I mean great. The performances and script, while not as good as Collateral, are still competent enough, and Michael Mann takes risks with the narrative to make sure it's not just another generic TV adaption. The camera work is absolutely stunning. The film gets slow but the atmosphere is top notch, making Miami Vice a wonderfully relaxing film at times, and despite the one dimensional villains and some other characters, the end still had me on the edge of my seat. Criminally underrated movie.
September 20, 2014
It's dead. Just doesn't work. The old TV series had some humour. Characters seemed almost cardboard for some reason.
½ September 5, 2014
Michael Mann's big screen adaptation of his classic '80s TV series is way to serious for its own good. The whole film, including its steely look, is grim and somber without any joy or energy. Colin Farrell is miscast as Sonny Crockett. He uses a low, raspy voice to hide his Irish brogue, which saps his character of any charisma. Neither lead character is developed at all. And poor Gong Li, a national treasure in China, really struggles with her English-language role. An adaptation of "Miami Vice" doesn't have to be cheesy, but it needs to be a little fun.
½ August 29, 2014
Michael Mann did do much better film than this.
May 30, 2007
The film feels like only half a movie, but it's a good half. Wish there were more of it. I blame you Jamie Foxx's paycheck and Colin Farrell's drug habbit! (3 stars)
Edit (8/30/08): After rewatching the director's cut, extra star. (4 stars)
August 17, 2014
A great action tandem by Ferrell and Foxx... With pretty and lovely parters by Gong and Harris... =)
August 6, 2014
This movie great if you can assume two things. 1) Your actually here to see Crockett and Tubbs (because you know the back-story, and you loved the series) and 2) It's audience appreciates the 80s series for what it was, an over-acted, over-stimulating, over-emotional, action packed, non-stop music video. If you come with those expectations, this movie is great. Great soundtrack, great plot, great cinematography, and interesting characters. The over-acting is wonderful, spot on with the original, only in a newer format. over-acting is kind of a lost art. The downside is that if you didn't watch the 80s series, this probably isn't the right movie for you. You'll get confused, and you won't appreciate the characters (especially the villains.) If you want to see this movie and enjoy it, first go watch Season 1 of the 80s series on Netflix, then come back to this movie. You will appreciate it more, and it might rank high on your movie list.
March 30, 2013
An amazingly shot film, with great dialogue and action, it does get wordy and drags a bit, but this is an awesome film. Mann's most underrated film
February 18, 2013
Michael Mann retains the crisp, digital cinematography as his last movie Collateral, but lacks the excitement, tight story telling and winning dynamic between the lead actors.
June 27, 2014
Ação adaptada da série de TV homônima exibida em 1980, produzido por Michael Mann e Pieter Jan Brugge com roteiro e direção do propio Mann que ridiculamente tenta inflar um episódio de seu programa de TV dos anos 80 em uma balada de longa-metragem de tédio disfarçado com luxúria e uma desastrosa intimidação ao trafico de drogas. O filme é estrelado Jamie Foxx como Tubbs e Colin Farrell como Crockett, bem como atriz chinesa Gong Li como Isabella, os atores ficam perdidos em meio a uma narração tumultuada pelo excesso de nada.
½ June 22, 2014
Glup, spor i dosadan !
½ May 23, 2014
Like a piano with one key, or a guitar with one string, this is a movie with only one note. Everything about it is somewhere between bad and okay as the lead cast are given an even harder task than their characters with a script void of personality, wit, ideas, and intrigue. Fans of this movie harp on about it looking great, but I don't think so, it's too inconsistent as parts do look quite good, but then certain parts look do like a $10.000 budgeted amatuer piece with some distracting, and all-too clear looking grainy digital crap shots. The biggest issue of all though is the sheer dullness of it all, it really is like watching a super serious "Bad boys" rip-off, and when the plot can be explained in a short sentence, then is it really necessary for it to be over 2 hour long? It is safe to say I'll never, ever watch this again because what's the point? Stick with the TV series as this, along with the very disappointing "Public enemies", is a product of a director running low on steam. Fingers crossed he finds form again pretty soon as this is total dross.
½ July 14, 2010
This is a pretty good cop action film based off of a popular tv show. Jamie Foxx is Ricardo Tubbs and Colin Farrell is Sonny Crockett and they are undercover cops transporting narcotics to a supplier in South Florida to try and catch the man responsible for 3 murders. At times the film feels slow but then the pacing picks up and leads to some riveting viewing. I enjoyed it and as per for a Michael Mann film it delivers what it needs to
½ April 25, 2014
Okay... What happened here? You have the property of 'Miami Vice' with the director who started it all, who also made 'The Insider' and 'Heat' and two amazing leads and this, THIS, is what we're given? This is film is absolutely rubbish. It's not very often I'll just go out on a limb and say something's rubbish because I can't imagine spending x amount of time making a movie for everyone to just hate on it but the film is very, very bad and I cannot lie about it. I haven't done this before but I need to use a quote "The Foxx-Farrell pairing can best be summed up by the first real Crockett-Tubbs scene in the film: on the rooftop of a club, on the phone... having separate conversations. The two share the frame and the on-set air but nothing else.- Michael Dequina" because honestly... That's the whole movie! Now I can understand wanting to rid the shackles of buddy cop movies because they're in abundance as one thing but to make them the most boring, flat and honestly unlikable leads is another thing, Foxx and Farrell have 0 chemistry in this movie and that's not to say it's because of their acting because I'm sure they could work together quite nicely actually it's just that the script gives them no life and nothing to make us care, they only share a few conversations in the whole thing and all of it is business, there's no back and forth with how they're feeling about the case or even asking if one of them is alright. I couldn't tell you a single thing they said in the entire thing but I remember one joke Foxx made and that was in a sex scene and I'll get back to that in a minute but the reason why I remembered that one specific thing is because he actually acted like a person, he wasn't just a machine on autopilot. It could be anyone in the lead roles and you would care just the same; they could be window cleaners and it would have the same effect.

The story was... What story? It's the most bland and generic thing you've ever seen in your life, undercover drug bust and it's goes bad, wow, leave some innovation for the rest of us! It didn't feel like anything you couldn't have seen if the TV show was still going, an undercover drug bust I mean come on that's the most generic thing ever. You could argue, well the TV show isn't going anymore and yes of course you're right about that but it's pretty abysmal when the film just feels like an extra long episode, it should feel like something that could only be done in the freedom of a film, not the constraints of a syndicated TV show. Oh but of course there's the gratuitous sex scenes! That's something you couldn't do in a TV show and if I'm honest I felt slightly offended by them, they came out of no where, felt entirely pointless and two of them are shower scenes! How many shower sex scenes do we need in a movie? The relationship between Foxx and his wife was fine, it was pre-existing before the film began so we don't need an introduction to that but the romance that Farrell has? Oh please, that was forced, they go from hating each other to suddenly being madly in love but there's not chemistry there either, it was in there because it's what every other generic thriller does, boring forced romance, because there's always got to be a romantic storyline hasn't there! Everything dragged in the movie, scenes would go on forever and the movie was awfully edited, there's atleast 4 scenes where nothing happens and it's just a piece of music playing. Do we really need to see a boat or a plane fly over the sea for 5 minutes? Yes, it looks nice but it's just filler! Hurry up! There was zero effort out into the editing of this and therefore everything felt like there was no life to it, it was dull drab, boring and the pace was agonizingly slow. The film just felt like a self indulgent ego booster, like they're making you see how cool they are by having casual shower sex and driving cool cars, and walking in the sunset with their hair blowing in the wind. The only way this was greenlit is because of the name, no way would something this drab, derivative and just plain boring would be made otherwise, but who knows? It's Hollywood and they seem to green light anything that isn't an original idea these days. There has to be something positive to comment on, right? And yes there is, the soundtrack was good and the cinematography was absolutely beautiful and really makes you feel like you're there with the characters, everything is smooth and all flows naturally, funny though that the cinematography felt like you were there and this was the most boring and univnolving movie I think I've ever seen.

The filmmakers tried too hard to make this movie the most darkest and grittiest thing they could, probably to distance themselves from the original show. So why then is it called MIAMI VICE? You don't think people would love to see a cheesy over the top 80s comeback movie? People would love that and would eat it up so fast and atleast it'd be fun as opposed to this overly serious project, the only thing this shares with the original series is the characters names and the title. It just felt like they were trying to modernise it so hard to make it more hip and appealing to a younger generation and it failed miserably. It's like when they take old video games and make them more dark and gritty because 'oh that's what the kids are into' it feels like they went down a checklist of what should be in the movie, well we need a sex scene, no scratch that we need three of them, be super serious with no life or humor to show that we mean business. Just do yourself a favor, get the series on Netflix, buy some popcorn, dim the lights and just enjoy, all that time spent on that TV show would have been better spent that the two hours I wasted with this. The review was long but it was worth it, maybe it could have been better even with the standard plot if it seemed like someone gave a damn and was executed better, who knows? Everything was there for a good film and they blew it.
½ April 12, 2014
Eye candy, musical splendor....and not much more.
April 11, 2014
Starts out very promising then quickly devolves into garbage.
Super Reviewer
July 24, 2006
What this film seriously lacks in a coherent and discernable plot and character development, it more than makes up for it with tons of style, great cinematography, and well-placed tension. The gunplay (what little there is), is done well, and even though the film is more style than substance, and could stand to be trimmed up greatly, it's a thinking man's drama/thriller, and not a blockbuster action film.

Unfortunately, it's called Miami Vice, and features characters taken from the classic 80s show. I have no problem with a film adaptation of Miami Vice, but Mann, who was a major creative force behind the show, should have known better, as well as done better.

Unable to get the music, and some other elements from the show due to legal issues, he had to update things and come up with new stuff. My feeling though, is that if you aren't able to truly make the film you want to make, then why bother?

They should have called it something other than Miami Vice, and changed the character names. That would have made this a better film. Also, the story here is really incoherent, muddled, and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It's also really long (especially the director's cut), and filled with a lot of filler subplots that just don't work for me, even with the decent use of mood, tone, and atmosphere.

Some of the music is okay, but don't get me started on the Phil Collins cover, and especially how it's used.

As far as casting, Farrell and Foxx are fine, but Barry Shabaka Henley sucks as Castillo, and, though she is pretty, Li Gong can't act or even speak English for crap.

I love Michael Mann, but I really wanna know what went wrong. It's hard to defend this one and feel good about it, and, even when it does get something right, it gets overshadowed by everything that's wrong.

At least some of the cinematography (daytime exteriors especially) is great.

Overall though, this is a tedious, boring, and poor adaptation that really could have worked, but only if major changes took place.
December 25, 2012
OK, might have been a good film if I had any idea what was going on and didn't have to spend the entire movie straining to hear what they were saying!
½ February 22, 2014
Why did they have to make this film? The series had all kinds of things entertaining or cool ,this did not much. Dull. Just dull.
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