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June 3, 2013
Another good addition to the Dogme cannon. This tale of rediscovered family members and people who aren't what they appear to be is very entertaining.
½ January 4, 2010
A strange, banal and refreshing Danish Movie that goes to the Heart i love such Kind of Movies with crazy Characters from the Backland and the City who come together and learn to love each other and many funny and tragiccomic Situations
½ May 7, 2008
One of the much talked about danish dogme movies. Worth checking out.
½ May 22, 2005
Mifune: Mifune is my second favorite Dogme film, and pretty close to the greatness of Festen, and yet another Dogme film involving a retard. More than half of the Dogme films I've seen have had something to do with a retard of incest, or both! It's very interesting. Anyway, Mifune is about a guy from the city who has to take care of his retarded brother in the country when his father dies, and hires a housekeeper to help him do it. It's really funny, and just a great film overall, with really great acting.

The King is Alive: I'm not sure what the worst Dogme films I've seen is, but it's either The King is Alive of Italian for Beginners. I haven't seen Italian for Beginners since it was in theatres, and before I really knew much about Dogme, so I'm going to have to see it again, and get back to you on which is worse, because I'm thinking I'll like Italian for Beginners much more now, since I didn't really like it back then. The King is Alive is about a bunch of people who get stranded out in the middle of the desert, and to pass the time they start doing a production of King Lear. It's a fairly interesting premise, but not so much of an interesting film. It's a Danish Dogme film, but it's in English, which I didn't know, and has Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Janet McTeer. It wasn't a bad film, just not anything great.

The Great White of Lambarene: A film from Camaroon The Great White of Lambarene about a man who lives in, you guessed it, Lambarene, and gives medicine and treat the people of the poor African town with their medical problems. It was pretty good, but the acting was laughably bad at times.

Street of Shame: Street of Shame was my first Kenju Mizoguchi films, and I can say that I'd really like to see more of his work. Kurosawa has said Mizoguchi is the greatest Japanese filmmaker, and his biggest influence, and Street of Shame was list last film before he died, about prostitutes in the red light district of Tokyo, and the film gets into why they're all prostituting themselves, and how it's pretty much the only way to survive. It was great drama, and I watched it on VHS with the shittiest of quality, so I was a little surprised I was able to enjoy it so much.

Earth: Earth is seriously one of the worst movies ever. It's a Ukrainian silent film about a town that gets a tractor or some shit like that, I already forgot, but it was so fucking boring. I really wanted to shoot myself while I was watching it. Luckily, it was only like an hour and ten minutes. I was seriously starting to get really crazy.

Bad Taste: Bad Taste was fucking awesome! It's Peter Jackson's directorial debut, and great film if you're into cheesy gore films. It's about a group of like british FBI-ish agents who go to a town to looking into some supposed aliens that crashed, and they find them, and stuff. And there is killing, and gore, and it's a great time!
February 24, 2005
-And a french film called Nord. Not in the RT. Give it an eight.

-And a french film called Comme Elle Respire. Not in RT. Give it an eight.

-And a french film that i already forgot the name of. Bunch of schoolkids go on a skiing trip. One of them is a bed-wetter who sees nightmares and stuff. Very psychological. Anyone know this one? I give it a nine.

Damn I should've kept a list of the films I've seen lately. So many I'm forgetting.
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