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The fashionably fussy, funky veneer may convince some that the film's serious, but it's finally another chase pic, murky in detail, muddled in ideology and strangely predictable in dramatic thrust.

June 24, 2006 Full Review Source: Time Out | Comments (12)
Time Out
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Roxy E.

Hey, I was just wondering if you're absolutely determined to rain on everyone else's parade and otherwise squash an exceptionally brilliant film? Really, I think you need to cool your jets and take some Advil. This was a good movie, get over it.

Apr 8 - 05:08 PM


Jeremy Renals

I have to agree. This is better from Spielberg, but I just come away from his movies feeling I've had my buttons pushed without being told a serious story. Glossy and imaginative, sure, even clever, but somehow not quite satisfying.

Jun 21 - 05:09 PM

Chris A.

Chris Akley

Whats wrong with "chase pics"? Do you only enjoy period pieces or something? This movie is far from that anyway but the aspects that were formula driven are that way because normal audiences enjoy the thrills. Its too bad you didnt give this a chance because at the end of the day, its the ride that matters and this one provided a great one.

Dec 6 - 04:16 PM

boris s.

boris shusterman

This was a great film. This was a very very poor review.

Jan 4 - 03:15 AM

J N.

J Naimepas

Agree with this reviewer 100%. This movie sucks. You can hate it for the fact that it places its corporate sponsorship glaringly in your face for its full length (Revo, Aquafina, Gap and other ads actual plot elements). You can hate it because the whole thing is predicated on precognition and the people who have that power, and asks us to question our treatment of these "precogs". Pretty hard to empathise with the poor precog when most people watching the film don't believe in precognition. The film skips this and drags us into an unrealistic world of implausibles and hypotheticals that don't add up to anything but a waste of 2 hours. It's a veneer of good visuals and effects over a particle-board story.

Jul 15 - 11:43 AM


Joshua Dinsmore


Mar 29 - 10:44 PM

Nicholas S.

Nicholas Stamatovich

Douchebag. One, why don't you take a second, much harder look at this movie? You apparently paid no attention to it at all, or just have the perceptive skills of a small child. Two, you also have not an iota of imagination.

Mar 31 - 08:49 AM


Yodaman Solo


Jan 13 - 06:48 AM

Timothy Ruark

Timothy Ruark

Nobody knows a synonym for veneer?

Aug 27 - 08:15 PM

wayne b.

wayne brookes

I love the way some people will use several big words they just google'd in some vain self obsessed mission to obtain a viewpoint that they themself's feel that they are entitled to and continue to look down on everthing.

Aug 22 - 02:09 PM

Brooks Emerick

Brooks Emerick


Mar 6 - 07:48 AM

Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson

... or you could just learn some "big words" and not worry about being confused

Jun 23 - 02:47 PM

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