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My own minority report is that it stinks.

July 11, 2002 Full Review Source: New York Observer | Comments (17)
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Dylan Parlow

that stink is the smell of the **** you just took in your diaper

Oct 17 - 02:14 PM


Eliot Vitalie

hell of funny; nice

Oct 14 - 07:54 PM

joe m.

joe medow

hahaha that was priceless.. those mood swing have kicked in old man!!

Feb 19 - 03:46 PM

Kirk S.

Kirk Stock

You should be ashamed of yourself speaking so derogatively of a great critic like Mr. Sarris. He lived a long life, saw things we never will, and for that he should be MOCKED? Truly, the world is insane.

Jun 20 - 06:31 PM

Michael Hirakida

Michael Hirakida

you shut it. He needs it.

Jun 24 - 09:33 PM

Simon L.

Simon Lee

Kirk is MORON.

According to Kirk, we can't have an opinion about Andrew Sarris's opinion, yet Kirk can have an opinion about ours?

Go whine somewhere else.

Jul 1 - 09:18 PM


Unknown Unknown

**** you old sag

Aug 21 - 03:22 PM

Kirk S.

Kirk Stock

How mature.

May 1 - 05:00 PM


Ross Daniels

If you are going to make a blurb, it would be nice if I couldn't read it in such a stereotypical old man voice.

Mar 25 - 12:52 AM

David Steeves

David Steeves

It was a great movie.My minority report is that you and your review "Stink".

Apr 4 - 12:36 PM

Kirk S.

Kirk Stock

You are disgusting. Just because a critic didn't agree with you you mock and deride him, you arrogant jackass.

Andrew Sarris was a great critic who always spoke his mind. He is remembered. You will never be.

Jun 20 - 06:34 PM

Simon L.

Simon Lee

You will be remembered as a sensitive whiner with a giant horseshoe crammed up your ass

Jul 1 - 09:23 PM

Kirk S.

Kirk Stock

And you will be remembered as an idiotic asshole who thought that disagreeing with someone's opinion was the same thing as insulting a man for doing his job because he didn't like the same movie as you and mocking him for being old.

Jul 16 - 04:13 PM

Aaron N.

Aaron Nassar

WOW, lol a guy has an opinion and everyone starting ripping on him for being old?

I've heard this films good however, and I'll prob watch it soon.

May 10 - 11:07 AM

J S.

J Sullivan

Andrew Sarris has hated film since they added sound.

May 26 - 07:11 PM

Kirk S.

Kirk Stock

In an age of cowardly conformity among critics, you dared speak your mind.

You will be deeply missed.

Andrew Sarris
(1928-2012) One of the Best

Jun 20 - 06:28 PM

Chris P.

Chris Phoenix

You are definitely in the minority.

Sep 4 - 08:08 PM

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