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September 16, 2007
Does a marriage of convenience work? A marriage with no sex? I preferred Jeff Bridges' acting over Barbra Streisand's.
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May 28, 2012
I don't think a single moment of this movie made any sense. Its also poorly edited and just about everyone (including even Jeff Bridges) is unconvincing in their perspective roles.
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½ April 25, 2008
A solid romantic comedy that gets a lttle eh in the middle but is pretty charming and actually has a really strong cast as well as a clever script.
December 4, 2011
Five star film definitely. A movie about people loving others for who that person is and not on appearance. Streisand and Bridges shined in this classic tale of true love.
½ December 9, 2009
The only Streisand movie worth watching. Pairing her with Jeff Bridges made for some great movie - nothing like a little action for the stuffy college professors.
August 31, 2009
Barbra Streisand, Luaren Bacall are two of my favorite actress and then Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond so I knew I would love this movie before I watched it and I did....
April 23, 2009
I Love this movie! I thought Barbara Streisand & Jeff Bridges were a good match. I also thought Jeff Bridges plays a convincing nerdy professor. He's hot. Anyways, good cast, good story, good movie.
July 13, 2008
I liked it. I actually thought their idea had a weird kind of sanity to it, but that anomaly called CHANGE crept in and it was all over. Love isn't as bad as people make it out to be.
July 10, 2008
An all star cast follows Barbabara Streisand as she directs a dramatic remake of an old French movie about growing older.
½ July 6, 2008
I really don't know what to make of this film.

On one hand, I really like it, as it is kind of cute. I find myself smiling through parts of it. But at the same time, I really do not like the message it sends, that women who aren't beautiful are worthless. Here Barbara's character is dolling herself all up just to get a guy. She isn't worth having if she isn't pretty? Even the ending doesn't make it much better. Too little, too late, methinks.

And boy does Jeff Daniels look different in this than in "Iron Man"!
October 12, 2007
A fantastically done feel good movie...barbra and jeff at their sexiest...great watched it two times in a row..sad huh?
January 27, 2008
This is a good film about figuring out who you are and what you want. I thought Jeff Bridges was a little over the top at times with all of the prime numbers and feeling dizzy. I'm not a huge Barbra Streisand fan, but thought she did a great job. I really liked this movie and would watch it again.
April 14, 2007
The ugly duckling makes good. This is for all us ugly ducklings out there with our good minds and good hearts who are beautiful enough on the inside that know that who we are is more important than what we look like. This movie will make anyone feel good about themselves... love is above looks... it's about heart.
July 25, 2007
I love this movie because even though the woman thinks she is fat and ugly she gets the guy and transforms herself through hard work only to realize that she was loved all along!
April 2, 2007
I really like this movie because there was a long period in time where i didn't and others didn't see me as being pretty! This movie in away is a confidence booster!
March 18, 2007
Fantastic LOVE story about loving someone for who they are and not how they look. On "My 5 Star Chick Flicks" list.
½ March 17, 2007
I like this movie because many women can relate to the story. At times I felt like slapping both of the characters because they both made a dumb deal. It may be cheesy, but makes you think.
October 9, 2006
I totally love this show. Barbra Streisand is the greatest ever, plus this has the best supporting cast ever.
½ August 4, 2006
If you can get past an obnoxious Streisand and see Jeff Bridges being a comic genius, then you won't be disappointed. Very funny. Kudos to Lauren Bacall for being awesome.
½ May 25, 2015
Streisand's The Mirror Has Two Faces feels like one is watching a movie star in the midst of a mid-life crisis who instead of sensibly opting for a fling or a facelift decided to make a movie. Whether of not a person will be entertained all depends on if that person adores Streisand. ...I do. So, yes, I enjoy it. However, I am not so lost in adoration to not grasp the painful moment when this misguided movie turns into pure unintended camp. It is a shame because there was potential here. The first half hour is rather charming. Lauren Bacall received an Oscar nomination for her work here. Which in retrospect seems more like an insult than an honor. A great cast is wasted and Streisand must have temporarily lost her sense of humor. ...or her sense.
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