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March 5, 2012
Julia Roberts seems to be having a lot of fun in this amusing satire that plays with fairy tale clichés. Full of witty dialogue and with a solid script, this feminist take of the classic story is much more inspired than Snow White and the Huntsman, even if not remarkable.
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March 17, 2014
A charming, creative (and uneven) re-imagining of the Snow White tale. Entertaining performances by Armie Hammer and Nathan Lane. Julia Roberts was a disappointment, seeming to have dialed it in with the passion and skill of a high school drama teacher.
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January 21, 2013
Snow White's story gets a pseudo-feminist re-boot, but much of the story remains intact.
I was ready to give this film three stars, a stretch for me because films like this are not my cup of tea, but the closing credits were scored by an auto-tuned, dance-club number that is, in the words of Super Reviewer Alice Shen, "half-Bollywood." I didn't even watch the full number. It was revolting.
I watched the film for its costume design, the category for which it's nominated, and the costumes and production design are indeed nomination-worthy. Lush, colorful schemes abound, and the film is a visual delight.
We all know the story. I have always contended that Snow White is coded racism and sexism; after all, the "fairest of the land" can be a synonym for "whitest," and Snow White is confined to domestic duties when she joins the dwarves. But when Snow eschews the Prince's help, she essentially deploys a feminist message, saying that she doesn't need a man to rescue her. I wish they had stuck with this, but the plot eventually proves that she does need rescuing. The film was so close to something unique.
All the performances are fine. Nathan Lane is Nathan Lane, and Julia Roberts is charmingly caddy. Lily Collins was there too.
Overall, this film had promise once upon a time.
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½ March 16, 2011
"Oh my.. This movie was... stupid, silly, annyoing, and a little funny. I can't help myself, I enjoyed this a little bit.

I know this is going to sound awful, but I could not get pass how bushy Lily Collins eyebrows were. Then they colored them in and just made it so much worse. Eventually I quit noticing. But more then half the film eyebrows was all I saw.

I love Julia Roberts and I am a bit surprised she would do a film like this. I can only assume she wanted to do a kid friendly film for her children. I thought she was funny. The dwarfs were a lot of fun too. Most of the movie was a big film roll of crap.

Obviously a younger crowd will enjoy this much more than us older peeps.

Oh, and that ending...well.. I really don't have words for it. But if you have seen it, then I can't be the only one who almost rolled into the floor laughing at how insanely funny that was. It's was just so damn silly I couldn't take it.

It's definitely one of those movies you see once, regret, but also secretly enjoyed a little bit. Although I let the secret out that I did." =]
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½ September 4, 2012
the film is excellent on the visuals, and the first half feels like a light fare mel brooks comedy. it was witty and full of fantasy. the last half of the film descends a bit into standard fare for a fairy tale like this. it becomes dry, and overplayed, and loses its muster. overall a fun family movie.
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November 18, 2011
Funny, cute, entertaining. Definitely much more fun that I expected it to be..
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½ April 6, 2011
"And the queen realized if she wanted to remain the most beautiful in all the land, Snow would have to do what snow does best. Snow would have to fall."

I just didn't have very high expectations for Mirror Mirror. Lily Collins is a pretty little thing (and a good modern Snow White, it turns out) and Tarsem Singh's movies are always worth seeing for the visuals, if nothing else. However, early previews and trailers made this seem bland and not nearly as "guy-friendly" as the darker and impressively cast Snow White and the Huntsman. I'm pleased to say, though, that I enjoyed watching this whimsical comedy/fantasy.

It's fairly light-hearted, with frequent moments of humor and a story that's family-friendly. The basics of the Snow White fairy tale are present: there's a wicked (well, selfish, vain and mean might better words) queen/step-mother, a dashing prince (Arnie Hammer in a role that shows he has a flair for comedy), a poisoned apple, seven dwarves, a magic mirror, and the beautiful and innocent Snow herself. I thought the cast worked well together, and there's a surprise waiting for those who don't look too closely at the cast list before watching the movie

The sets and costumes are as interesting and eye-catching as you'd probably expect. Tarsem, along with Wes Anderson, are two of today's directors that absolutely know how to enhance a movie through distinctive eye candy.

Mirror Mirror isn't a movie that takes itself too seriously. This isn't an epic, dark retelling of the classic tale, but it is a pretty and moderately fun flick to sit down and watch with the family. I wouldn't be surprised if the cast and crew had a good time making it, and there's a good chance you may feel the same way after watching it.
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August 6, 2012
Former music video director Tarsem Singh has steadily built a reputation for himself in creating feature films with high visual flair. For anyone that's seen "The Cell" or "The Fall" then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. This film follows a similar visual path but is so ponderous in the script department that it's sleep inducing.
In a stolen kingdom, Snow White (Lily Collins) lives with her wicked stepmother (Julia Roberts) but when she attracts the attention of a handsome young prince (Armie Hammer), her stepmother banishes her. In the forest, she finds the company of seven dwarves who rally together to help Snow White reclaim the throne.
Tarsem approaches the old fairy-tale of "Snow White" in an impressive and innovative way by adding a bit of feminism into the mix. It's a welcome female spin on the fairy-tale structure by having no heroic prince and making Snow White less of a damsel in distress and focusing more on her strengths. It's a good idea but sadly, that is where the new and improved story ends. The delivery is so painstakingly slow and dull that any positives are soon forgotten about and there's absolutely nothing else in the script that's noteworthy. This is a real shame as on the surface of it all, Tarsem has put the work in and his creative visual approach is as apparent as ever. However, with a story lacking in any form of excitement or wonder the superb visuals get bogged in a very tedious affair. It also doesn't help that the main focus is not on Snow White but on the evil Queen. Now this might have sounded good on paper but to deliver the goods on-screen, you need an actress that has gravitas and one with unquestionable ability. That actress is most certainly not Julia Roberts. She is given a juicy dual role and one that she could really have shown her range but, quite frankly, she blows it. Admittedly, I've never been a fan of her. I did like her in her Oscar winning role in "Erin Brockovich" but I struggle to think of any other memorable performance. This is proof again, that Roberts is highly overrated. Armie Hammer, on the other hand, adds a good bit of comic relief as the bumbling prince and Lily Collins makes an admirable Snow White; the least said about the dormant caterpillars that rest on her brow, the better though. Two words spring to mind - tweezers and pluck.
Overall, a very disappointing modern take on an old classic and no matter how good it's dressed up, it's ultimately hollow underneath it's elaborate accoutrements.
Rich in detail but poor in delivery. In this version, Snow White might not eat the poisoned apple and slip into a coma but the audience certainly do.
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½ May 19, 2011
I liked the part where the prince keeps coming to the Queen half naked :P
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June 16, 2012
One Bad Apple

Good but not a great movie! Clearly it isn't as good as Snow white and the Huntsman that was brought around the same year because obviously goes on a comedic fairytale way unlike the other one that is more serious. While this film seems to be perfectly tailored for some audiences, most discerning viewers will find Mirror Mirror to be lacking depth. Several plot fixtures are left unexplained, and in general this movie feels like the writers are trying to shove as many fantasy cliches into one movie as they can. The movie would undoubtedly have been better had the writers simply stuck to the original story, but they did not. The deviation from the classic story was not well done, and in many ways, it did not make much sense. On a positive note, the acting was refreshingly good, particularly on the part of Julia Roberts. Roberts played the sinister queen quite excellently, adding a seething sarcasm to each line. Along with the acting, the aesthetics were good. Makeup could have been better, but costuming was very well done, and it played a large part in making the movie coherent. Watch it if there's nothing better else to do but I wouldn't recommended.

After a beloved King vanishes, his ruthless wife seizes control of the kingdom and keeps her beautiful 18-year-old stepdaughter, Snow White, hidden away in the palace. But when the princess attracts the attention of a charming and wealthy visiting prince, the jealous Queen banishes the girl to a nearby forest. Taken in by a band of rebellious but kindhearted dwarfs, Snow White blossoms into a brave young woman determined to save her country from the Queen. With the support of her new friends, she roars into action to reclaim her birthright and win back her Prince in this magical adventure comedy that will capture the hearts and imaginations of audiences the world over.
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½ May 28, 2012
I gotta admit, I've always liked the "Disney Snow White" cartoon. The story, the dwarves, I enjoyed everything about it. "Mirror Mirror" is a live action take on the Snow White fairy tale, and has zero in common with the cartoon. Actually, this movie has zero in common with any good movie period. It's the classic Snow White story, with a different take, a not so evil-evil queen, and a different ending. Julia Roberts stars as the Queen, and I actually think they made this movie just for her. She can't decide if she is good or, serious or funny. It's pretty much a jumbled mess when it comes to her. Shouldn't Snow White be the focus of the movie? I guess I'm just in the wrong on this. The effects are cheesy, the action is campy, and the acting is just ok. Lily Collins(Snow White) and Armie Hammer(the Prince) both do an ok job, and are much more enjoyable than Roberts. The dwarves are fun, but not nearly as fun and entertaining as their animated counterparts. Kids should dig this(especially the girls), but adults will roll their eyes. 2012 ushered in two live action "Snow White" movies, "Mirror Mirror" and "Snow White and The Huntsman". I'm willing to bet in 50 years, the animated version is the one still remembered, but "Mirror Mirror" will be the one completely forgotten.
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½ March 25, 2012
Interesting twist on snow white. She becomes the hero. Julia Roberts is the evil queen. Some funny lines.
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November 20, 2011
Mirror Mirror ends up being a mixed bag. Director Tarsem Singh doesn't disappoint visually. One scene after another is a sensation of color and costumes. Impressive achievement subtly recalls Tim Burton via Alice in Wonderland. Like that adaptation, this screws with the original in a way that's detrimental. The narrative fails to enchant with its political correctness. Nevertheless, if vivid production design and some genuine laughs are what you desire, you'll find that here. This isn't an entirely slick revisionist take. The script still has heart and means to entertain children with its creativity. For the most part, it wants to present the legend with sincerity for that audience. Amidst the modern touches remains the earnest tale of a girl who falls in love with her prince.
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April 29, 2012
While this is a refreshing update to the fairy tale, you leave with a sense that this could have been so much better when you had such high-caliber actors such as Roberts and Lane.
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½ April 25, 2012
Kinda funny and cute but ultimately insubstantial. Lily Collins is a lily-white lovely girl, and she has a genuine sweetness that is quite apt for this Disney-esque incarnation. She also has a moral conscience and moments of kickassitude. Julia Roberts is more catty than evil, but the funhouse mirror spectre is a clever take on the queen's curse of aging. The dwarves seem typical at first, but their distinct personalities eventually come through.

I wish they had gone Full Bollywood for the song and dance finale though. There wasn't nearly enough turning of the light bulb. As college-film-studies-friend, Jim Eustice, declared, "You never go Full Retard, and you never go Half Bollywood."
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½ April 24, 2012
Question: Do you wonder why Hollywood seems to come out with different versions of the same story and around the same time? First, we have Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts as the evil Queen. Soon Snow White and the Huntsman will be released. That stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. And I just read, not too long ago, that another film about Snow White will be released next year. I was pretty content with the 1937 Disney version but Hollywood will be Hollywood.

Recently, I witnessed one of the newer versions: Mirror Mirror. And except for some fantastical costumes and set design I was rather bored with the film. In fact, I couldn't wait for it to end but my children were enjoying it and that made me happy.

Both my kids gave the movie "a thumbs up" but I can't say the I enjoyed the film. Julia Roberts did play a wonderfully crazy evil Queen. Her performance was tolerable but everyone else's seemed to fall flat. The actress, who played Snow White, Lily Collins, might have been my least favorite portrayal. I can't quite put my finger on as to why but she was just bland. Not something I am accustom to when thinking of Snow White - pure, beautiful, charismatic all usually come to mind. But Tarsem Singh's version of Snow White just left me numb.

Also, there were a lot of changes, ones I won't say, just in case you are still going to see the film. However, for me, when something is a classic I just prefer the details to remain the same. There is nothing wrong with attempting to update or show a tale from a different perspective; but, for me, Mirror Mirror just missed the mark.

I really don't like to bash films so this review will remain short because I just didn't care for this movie. On the flip-side, it appeared a lot of people in the theatre enjoyed the film, but I just didn't get it. Maybe I missed something but it did make me look forward to seeing Snow White and the Huntsman. I am curious to see that version and what those filmmakers did with the tale.

My favorite thing: I will admit the costumes were wonderful, especially the Queen's outfits. The designer must have had so much fun with this project.

My least favorite thing: Ummm, which part to choose from? Perhaps the song and dance.

Directed by Tarsem Singh, Citizen Snow Film Productions, 2012.

Starring: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane and Mare Winningham.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama.

Rating: PG
Length: 106 minutes

Review: 3 out of 10
Bathsheba Monk
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April 17, 2012
Julia Roberts has certainly found her niche as the evil queen. The seven dwarves were surprising and cool...their accordion stilts and the choreography of them was genius...the costumes are award-winning caliber and not just the fabulous gowns but the linen pants on the prince, wow, the costumes at the wedding ("My fifth! And I still get giddy" sez Ms. Roberts winningly) party--the sets were sheer fairy tale: when the queen goes into the mirror, it's such an incredibly realized other dimension, I swooned! What I love about fairy tales is that they really do reflect truths about ordinary life and I think Mirror Mirror succeeded wonderfully in using the medium of film to bring out the different levels of life that are happening all at the same time.
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½ March 31, 2012
Just when I thought Julia was onto a winner for the books, she wasn't, and Tarsem did nothing to help that, with some nice effects, it's clear as day that it needs major improvement, but that's too late, the comedy is weak and spoiled by the performances.
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March 30, 2012
Walking into this film, I was ready to bash every second of it, but I can honestly say that I did not role my eyes much during the duration of the film. It plays it safe by paying a tribute to the classic tale of Snow White, while still creating a new-age version for this generation to see. They do change one major portion of the story which I was very unsatisfied with, but since the movie was self aware, I let it be. As the Queen is wanting to be the fairest in the land, she orders Snow White to be killed. Her murder is not possible, due to the guilt that the Queen's demand would bestow upon her servant. She then meets seven dwarfs who all have new names from the names you have come to love, which I was a bit rattled by, and the conclusion will really have you scratching your head, while still thinking in the back of your head that it is more suitable for children. This film is not as dark as the original tale is, but when some of the awful jokes are cracked, you will be shamed. I slightly enjoyed this film but I will not recommend it, because I know it will not be for everyone. If you can wait to rent it, it will be a harmless watch. The scenery is beautiful, the visual effects deserve compliment, and the directing it very stylish. Overall I had fun, but there is so much lost potential!
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½ March 30, 2012
54% is way, way, way too high for this, well, butchering of the Snow White story.
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