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½ August 15, 2011
A not too bad direct to DVD sequel. You don't need to have seen the first as it doesn't carry on any of that story line, apart from the department store. As with most straight to DVD horror sequels you can expect more blood, gore, kills and nudity with a lesser known cast. The first half was ok, after that the story is way too simple and predictable. Slightly different feel to the atmospheric first. The gore effects are good though. Worth a rent if you liked the first.
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½ October 9, 2010
Ok sequel with some nice gorey moments but is let down by its STV treatment.Worth a look if you got nothing to watch.
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½ December 31, 2010
Oh!! I really liked the first one. Why, oh why, do they always have to mess around with a good thing? This was stupid, and nothing like the creepy first one. Shame on me for even watching this.
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October 5, 2010
I disrespect women who doesn't respect their privacy. Ah well, I almost forgot that money is honey.
This movie was scary. Only slightly lesser than the first one. And it was nothing similar to that. They didn't kept the sequel. It was completely different. I was expecting that it would be a bit similar with the first one as the ending of that meant like to-be-continued.....
One brow-raising scene was when Max saw his dad's reflection on the street. I mean it would have been more convincing if he saw that on a shop's glass or anything related to that. Street? Honestly. The story was okay. Acting was not bad (didn't like the first guard's acting). I was a bit disappointed with this (not to mention). It wasn't boring but wasn't something I would watch again.
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½ September 13, 2011
An awesome sequel. I don't see why alot of people think it's so bad. It was almost just as great as the first one, with more blood\gore, but definately not more scares. Still a good sequel, though.
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November 19, 2010
Nick Stahl plays Max Matheson, a young man traumatized after unintentionally caused the death of his fiancée. He accepts the job of a new night security guard at Mayflower Department Store (the same building from the first film). Soon after he starts working Max begins seeing images of Eleanor in the mirror, an employee that mysteriously disappeared as well as fellow co-workers causing themselves grotesque bodily harm. Not quite knowing what is going on, he seeks therapy, swallows pills, but nothing seems to rid him of the nightly visions. As these visions become reality Max contacts her sister Elizabeth (Emmanuelle Vaugiér) to know the details of her disappearance and soon realizes that the spirit of Eleanor is seeking revenge and it's now up to Max and Elizabeth to solve the mystery of the haunted girl before more victims pile up.

You've got beheadings, disembowelments, chewing of broken glass and lots of creative use of the mirrors to ramp up the tension as well as the long legged Christy Romano taking a shower for us early in the movie (for some this might be the cherry on the cake lol.)
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½ November 25, 2010
Not bad for a straight to video sequel (as many of them should be done this way) Good storyline that has star Nick Stahl after an horrifc car accident in which along with his new fiancee die, only he is brought back, has Max (Stahl) seeing visions in the mirrors of the place where he is a night security guard. Finding out he is actually forseeing events that are gonna or are taking place of various co-workers demises. He spends his time at night investigating as to why he is seeing these things only to find out a ghost with a tragic past is looking for answers as well. Loads more gore then its predecessor makes this a pretty watchabke sequel.
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October 4, 2010
"Mirrors 2" delivers good gore, gore aside, the movie delivers predictability, bad script, poor executing, boring moments and uninteresting running time.
Not a good Direct to DVD sequel.
March 22, 2013
Mirrors 2 was not as good as the original but sequels rarely are. For a sequel in a well known franchise this was a good movie. This movie was done as a true horror movie, whereas the first one was done as more of a psychological thriller. Max the security guard played by Nick Stahl is trying to get his life together & sees ghosts in mirrors in his Father's store. The Mayflower opens a store in the south & chaos breaks loose. What I liked here was that they do not try to out do the original, & most of the scenes are shot at night where Max is on duty engaging with the demons. The plot does have a subplot involving Max & the store which makes it more interesting than expected. Although I think the ending could have been better it is definitely left open for a sequel. Also, there are aspects of the plot that are a stretch. But for a horror sequel it is still a good movie with some plot twists & a lot of good drama. It's slow in some segments but still well acted for this genre. If sequels are half as good as the original they are considered to be a success. This one is about a third as good as the 1st one, so it is a good flic.
½ October 10, 2012
A direct-to-video sequel to a rather forgettable film, Mirrors 2 manages to be a better horror film than you would expect with decent death scenes and some decently creepy moments.
May 13, 2012
A not too bad direct to DVD sequel. You don't need to have seen the first as it doesn't carry on any of that story line, apart from the department store.
½ November 24, 2010
It was actually a pretty good movie. Even it was a second part and usually the next one is not good this one was actually good.
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November 17, 2010
I dont know if I liked part 2 or the original better.Mirrors 2 seemed exactly like the 1st 1 but with more gore
October 28, 2010
I honestly didn't expect much for this but I found it rather enjoyable.. The characters are more than one dimentional and the effects do assist in telling the story. But the goriest death goes to Christy Romano's character, She also gets the "GOOD GRAVY, PUT SOME MEAT ON YOUR BONES, GOD DAMN YOU LOOK 10 LBS UNDERWEIGHT!" award. But If I was good ol' Joe Bob Briggs doing a Drive In Total: It'd be 1 Glass Eater, 1 killed girl seeking vengeance, 1 Hot Shower Scene, 1 decapitation, 1 Butt shot of Christy Carlson Romano's Rail thin keister, 16 Boobs (All from Christy Romano's anorexic body),20 plus Creepy as hell Mirror scenes, 2 idiot cops, 1 understanding Psychiatrist, 1 gut slicer, 1 Near Pizza slicing, 1 prologue about said Killed girl seeking vengeance put in the end as exposition as meant to be a plot, 1 dream sequence looking like the male lead was gonna get killed, 1 vengance killing,1 Slipped Drink, 1 Rape, 1 guy grabbed into a mirror, 1 nutjob believing he did nothing wrong, Quickly assembled Romance Fu, Mystery Fu, Computer Fu, Blood Fu, Mystic Fu, Evil Fu. 4 Stars
October 22, 2010
First Mirrors was definitley better. They should have incorporated the ending of the first one into this one.
½ October 16, 2010
Ok.. The first one was bad, the second one, while it had some great makeup effect work, just well sucked...Nick stahl did a great job but still was not enough to save this crappy movie.. Don't waste your money on this.. Wait for it to be on pay tv and just be bored...
½ July 19, 2014
A horrifyingly stupid follow-up to the original.
June 24, 2014
Pretty OK! But need more supporting actors and I don't understand one part: Why is the main character's father nearly a victim as well? However, the ending is better than the original (Just my opinion).
February 10, 2014
it was a ok not good at all, but it still is worth watching if you liked number 1 I didn't like that much
½ July 31, 2013
Pure garbage, yes, with big ole left-hanging plot holes and, well, let's just say I gave it 1.5 stars instead of a half-star because I'm completely in love with Nick Stahl. That's it.
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