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½ April 7, 2012
I liked this movie due to its video editing. A good effort but the story was mismatch
½ April 20, 2012
worst punjabi movie ever
½ April 15, 2012
boore movie ....gippy grewal was not faithful with the character mirza and the movie seems to be in parts which also make it more booring.....rahul dev acting was also very poor....the only thing in the movie which make it worth is honey sing's acting awesome acting and perfect comic timing.....and else movies was not faithful with its title ....nice try
April 14, 2012
Loved The Movie.....
½ April 12, 2012
Bad stuff, should be avoided. Its sad that, mainstream punjabi cinema is also heading in the wrong direction, just like punjabi music.
Things have started to fall apart from the beginning only, may God save our youth. This type of sad excuse for entertainment and cinema can cripple the young minds.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Cinematography is good, but that's all. Director tried to outdo his capability but failed miserably at his sad attempt. Acting was poor. Story was bland and the classic 'Sahiba-Mirza' folklore was reduced to some mediocre farce. Random action scenes, slow motions, a lot of mustang driving, plot-holes, just all the contents of a typical bad Hollywood movie, just got worse.
April 8, 2012
Phenomenal cinematography and direction. Poor Acting. One grace star for camera.
April 10, 2012
really awesome movie
½ April 10, 2012
watched it tonight. good movie. Fun to watch. Predictable ending but still good movie. Have some aesome graphic effects n sound edit. 7/10
April 9, 2012
Despite rave reviews from industryprofessionals based on trailer, a huge hype before film release, soldout booking of theatres in Punjab, the film failed to meet theexpectations and promises made in trailers. In result, film tookU-turn on very second day of release and turns out to be biggestdisappointment of Punjabi film industry with worse acting anddirection. The scenes didn't make much sense and seemed like copies of latest bollywood hit films. After the first show of the film,audience bombarded youtube and facebook with negative comments thathelped making decision for cine-goers.

Bahut saare paise de ke review likhaye gaye honge, trailer bahut vadhia cut ke dikhaya gia, raula bahut paaya gia, theatre vi book ho gaye, song vi release keete par fer vi film nahi challi. Direction te acting bahut kharab hai. Bahut saarian filmaan di copy hoyi hai...youtube check kar lao ....
April 8, 2012
Crap movie regular story and useless stunts.
April 7, 2012
ਲ (C)ਬ (C)? ਸ (R) (C)?? ਤ (C)?? ?ਡ (C)?? (C)? ? 3/4 ਰਹ (C)? (R)ਿਰ? 3/4 ਰਿਲ (C)?? ਹ (C)? ਹ (C)? ?? .? (C)ਨ (C)? ?? (C)?ਬ ,?ਨ (C)?? (C)? ਤ (C)? ?ਬਰਦਸਤ ?ਹ 3/4ਨ (C)? ਵ 3/4ਲ (C)? ਫਿਲ (R) ਸ 3/4?ਦ ਹ (C)? ਪਿਹਲ 3/4? ?ਿਸ (C)? ਨ (C)? ਦ (C)?? (C)? ਹ (C)?ਵ (C)?. BBC ਤ (C)? ? ਰਹ (C)??? ?ਬਰ 3/4? ?ਨ (C)?ਸ 3/4ਰ ਹ 3/4ਲ (C)?ਵ (C)?ਡ ਦ (C)? ?? ਫਿਲ (R)? 3/4ਰ 3/4? ਨ (C)? ?ਿ (C)ਪ (C)? ?ਰ (C)?ਵ 3/4ਲ ਨ (C)? (C) ?ਪਣ (C)??? ??ਣ ਵ 3/4ਲ (C)??? ਫਿਲ (R) 3/4? ? ਲ (C)?ਡ ਰ (C)?ਲ ਦ (C)?ਣ ਲ? ?ਸਦ (C)? ?ਰ ਦ (C)? ਬ 3/4ਹਰ ? (C)?ਰ ਲ? 3/4?ਣ (C)? ਸ (C)?ਰ (C)? ?ਰ ਦਿ (C)ਤ (C)? ਹਨ ?ਤ (C)? ਹ 3/4ਲ (C)?ਵ (C)?ਡ ਦ (C)??? ?? ਹ (C)?ਰ (C)??ਨ 3/4? ਵ (C)? ?ਿ (C)ਪ (C)? ਨ 3/4ਲ ? (C) (R) ?ਰਨ ਲ? ? 3/4ਹਲ (C)??? ਦ (C)ਸ (C)??? ? 3/4 ਰਹ (C)??? ਹਨ. ?ਤਿ ਭਰ (C)?ਸ (C)?ਯ (C)?? ਸ (C)?ਤਰ 3/4? ਤ (C)?? ?ਹ ਵ (C)? ਪਤ 3/4 ਲ (C)?ਿ? ? (C)? ਬ 3/4ਲ (C)?ਵ (C)?ਡ ਦ (C)? ?? ਵ (C)ਡ (C)? ਬ (C)?ਨਰ ?ਪਣ (C)??? ਫਿਲ (R) 3/4? ? (C)? ਸਲ (R) 3/4ਨ ? 3/4ਨ ਤ (C)? ਸ 1/4 3/4ਹਰ (C)?? ? 3/4ਨ ਨ (C)? (C) ?ਢ? (C)? ?ਿ (C)ਪ (C)? ?ਰ (C)?ਵ 3/4ਲ ਨ (C)? (C) ਲ (C)?ਣ ਲ? ਵਿ? 3/4ਰ 3/4? ?ਰ ਰਹ (C)? ਹਨ.
ਸ (C)?ਰ (C)??ਤ ਤ (C)?? ਸ (C)?ਰ (C)? ?ਰ 3/4? ਤ 3/4, (R)ਿਰ? 3/4 ਯ 3/4ਨ (C)? ? (C)? ?ਿ (C)ਪ (C)? ?ਰ (C)?ਵ 3/4ਲ ?ਪਣ (C)? ਭਰ 3/4 ਦ (C)? ? 3/4ਤਲ 3/4? ਦ 3/4 ਪਤ 3/4 ਲ? 3/4?ਣ ਲ? ? (C)? (C)?ਸ?ਰ? ਦ (C)? ? (C)? ? (C)?ਲ (C)? ਵਿ? ਸ 3/4 (R)ਿਲ ਹ (C)? ? 3/4?ਦ 3/4 ਹ (C)?. ?ਿਸਦ 3/4 (R) (C)?? (C)?? ਰ 3/4ਹ (C)?ਲ ਦ (C)?ਵ ਹ (C)?, ?ਹਨ 3/4? ? (C)? (C)?ਸ?ਰ? ਦ (C)? ? (C)? ਸ (C)?ਹਣ (C)? ?ਿਹ (C)? ਭ (C)?ਣ ਹ (C)? ਸ 3/4ਹਿਬ 3/4? ( (R) (C)??ਡ (C)? ਤ?ਰ) ਸ (C)?, (R)ਿਰ? 3/4 ਤ (C)? ਸ 3/4ਹਿਬ 3/4? ?ਪਸ ਵਿ? ਪਿ?ਰ ?ਰਨ ਦ (C)? ਭ (C)? (C)ਲ ?ਰ ਲ (C)??ਦ (C)? ਨ (C)? ? (C)? ?ਿ ਸ 3/4ਹਿਬ 3/4? ਦ (C)? ਭ 3/4??? ਨ (C)? (C) (R)ਨ? (C)?ਰ ਨਹ (C)? ਤ (C)? ?ਸ ਪਿ?ਰ ਦ (C)? ? (C)? (R)ਤ (R)ਿਰ? (C)? ਨ (C)? (C) ?ਪਣ (C)? ? 3/4ਨ ਦ (C)?? (C)? ? (C)?? 3/4?ਣ (C)? ਪ (C)??ਦ (C)? ਹ (C)?.
ਲ? ? (C)? ?ਹ ਸ? (C)?ਰ (C)? ਹ (C)? ਫਿਲ (R) ਦ (C)? ? (C)? ?ਿ ਪਤ 3/4 ਨਹ (C)? ਤ (C)?ਸ (C)?? ਪਿਹਲ 3/4? ਵ (C)? ?ਿ (C)ਨ (C)? ? (C)? ਵ 3/4ਰ (C)? ਦ (C)?? (C)?/ਸ (C)?ਣ (C)? ਹ (C)?ਵ (C)?? (C)?. ਪਰ ਫਿਲ (R) ਦ (C)? ਪ (C)?ਰ (C)? ? (C)? (R) ਨ (C)? ਪਿ?ਲ (C)? ? (C)? ਸ 3/4ਲ ਤ (C)?? ਰ (C)?ਲ 3/4 ਪ 3/4 ਰ?ਿ? ਸ (C)? ?ਿ ਸ 3/4ਡ 3/4 (R)ਿਰ? 3/4 ਸਭ ਤ (C)?? ਵ?ਰ 3/4 ਹ (C)? ,ਸ 3/4ਡ 3/4 (R)ਿਰ? 3/4 ?ਹ ਤ (C)? ਸ 3/4ਡ 3/4 (R)ਿਰ? 3/4 ?ਹ ?!ਬ (C)ਸ ? (C)ਨ 3/4 ਹ (C)? ਫਰ? ਸ (C)? ਪਿਹਲ 3/4? (R)ਿਰ? 3/4 ਤ (C)?ਰ 3/4? ਨ 3/4ਲ (R)ਰਿ? ਸ (C)? ?ਹ (R)ਿਰ? 3/4 ? (C)?ਲ (C)? ਨ 3/4ਲ (R)ਰਦ 3/4:)) ?? ਲ (C)?? 3/4? ਨ (C)? (C) ਤ 3/4? ਫਿਲ (R) ਦ (C)??? (C)? ? (C)? (R) (C)?ਰ 3/4? ??ਣ ਲ (C)? ਪ???, ? (C)?? ਨ (C)? (C) ਦ (C)ਦਲ 3/4? ਵ (C)? ਪ (C)? ???? ਤ (C)? ਸ 3/4ਡ 3/4 ? (C)? (R)ਿ (C)ਤਰ ਡਿਪ (C)?ਰ (C)?ਸ 1/4ਨ ਦ 3/4 ਸ 1/4ਿ? 3/4ਰ ਹ (C)? ?ਿ? :))
"? (C)? ?ਿ? (C)ਦਿ?? ਦ (C)? (R) (C)?ਲ (C)?" ਵਰ? (C)? ਫਲ 3/4ਪ ਫਿਲ (R) ਬਣ 3/4 ? (C)? (C)? (C)? ਬਲ? (C)?ਤ ਸਿ (C)? ਦ (C)?? ?ਸ ਫਿਲ (R) ? ਵ (C)? ਨਿਰ 3/4ਸ ਹ (C)? ?ਰਦ (C)? ਨ (C)?. (R) (C)?ਨ (C)? (C) ਲ?ਦ (C)? ?ਹ ? (C)ਨ (C)? ?ਿ?ਦ 3/4 "ਡਬਲ- (R) 3/4??ਡਡ" ਹ (C)? ?? ?ਿ ਨ 3/4 ਤ 3/4 ਫਿਲ (R) ? ? (C)? (C)?ਸ?ਰ? ਦ (C)? ?ਹ 3/4ਨ (C)? ? (C)? (C)? ਤਰ 3/4? ਪ (C)?ਸ 1/4 ?ਰ ਸ? (C)? ਤ (C)? ਨ 3/4 ਹ (C)? (R)ਿਰ? 3/4 ਸ 3/4ਹਿਬ 3/4? ਦ (C)? ਪ (C)?ਰ (C)? (R) ?ਹ 3/4ਣ (C)?.....?ਰਦ (C)?-?ਰ 3/4??ਦਿ?? ਨ (C)? ਫਿਲ (R) ਨ (C)? (C) ? (C)ਨ 3/4 ?ਿ?ਦ 3/4 ?ਿ (C)ਡ 3/4 ਲਿ? ?ਿ ਫਿਲ (R) 2 ? (C)? (C)? 47 (R)ਿ (C)? ਲ (C)ਬ (C)? ਹ (C)? ??(ਬ (C)?ਹ (C)ਦ ?? 3/4? ਤ (C)? ?ਬ 3/4?) .ਪਹਿਲ (C)? ਹ 3/4ਫ 1/4 ਵਿ? ਤ 3/4? ਫਿਲ (R) ਦ (C)? ?ਹ 3/4ਣ (C)? ? (C)? (C)? ਤ (C)?ਰਨ ਦ 3/4 ਨ 3/4? ਹ (C)? ਨਹ (C)? ਲ (C)??ਦ (C)?,ਬ (C)ਦ 3/4 ਭ 3/4ਵ (C)?? ? (C)ਧ 3/4 ? (C)? 3/4 ਬ 3/4ਹਰ ? (C)? (C) (R)-ਫਿਰ ?ਵ (C)? ?ਹ 3/4ਣ (C)? ਤ (C)?ਹ 3/4ਨ (C)? (C) ?ਥ (C)? ਦ (C)? ?ਥ (C)? ? (C)? (C)? ਹ (C)? (R)ਿਲ (C)?.
ਬਿਨ (C)?ਨ (C)? (C) ਢਿ (C)ਲ (C)?? ਤ (C)? B N ਸ 1/4ਰ (R) (C)? ਦ (C)? ? 3/4 (R) (C)?ਡ (C)? ?ਰ (C)?ਰ (R)ਨ ਨ (C)? (C) ? (C)? (C)? ਲ?ਦ (C)? ਦ (C)?, ਦ (C)?ਵ 3/4? ਦ (C)? ? 3/4 (R) (C)?ਡ (C)? ਦ 3/4 ਭ 3/4ਵ (C)?? ਫਿਲ (R) ਦ (C)? ?ਹ 3/4ਣ (C)? ਨ 3/4ਲ ? (C)?? ਸ (C)ਬਧ ਨਹ (C)? ਹ (C)? ਤ (C)? ?ਹ ਧ (C)? (C)? ਨ 3/4ਲ ਹ (C)? ਫਿਲ (R) ? ਫਿ (C)? ? (C)?ਤ (C)? ਹ (C)?, ਪਰ ?ਦ (C)?? ?ਹ 3/4ਣ (C)? ਤ (C)? ਸ? (C)?ਰ (C)?ਨਪਲ (C)? ? (C)ਨ 3/4 ਬ (C)?ਰਿ (C)? ਹ (C)?ਵ (C)? ਤ 3/4? ?ਹ (C)? ਦ (C)?ਵ (C)?? ਫਿਲ (R) ਨ (C)? (C) ਸਹ 3/4ਰ 3/4 ਦ (C)?? (C)? ? (C)? (C)? ਵਧ 3/4??ਦ (C)? ਹਨ . ਭਲ 3/4 ? (C)? ਸਿ (C)?ਰ ???ਰ 3/4? ਦ 3/4 ? (C) (R) ?ਰਨ ਲ (C)?ਣ? (C)? ਤ 3/4? ???ਰ 3/4? ਨ (C)? (C) ? (C)?ਣ ਪ (C)?? (C)??? ਪਤ 3/4 ਨਹ (C)? ?ਦ (C)?? ਸ 3/4ਡ (C)? ਫਿਲ (R) ਨਿਰ (R) 3/4ਤ 3/4 ?ਸਲ (C)? ???ਰ 3/4? ਨ (C)? (C) ਫਿਲ (R) 3/4? ? ? (C) (R) ਦ (C)?ਣ 3/4 ਸ (C)?ਰ (C)? ?ਰਨ? (C)?. ਫਿਲ (R) ਵਿ? ਸਿਫ 3/4ਰਸ (C)? ?ਲ 3/4? 3/4ਰ 3/4? ਦ (C)? ਭਰ (R) 3/4ਰ ਹ (C)? ?ਿ (C)ਨ 3/4? ਦ 3/4 ?ਲ 3/4 ? 3/4? ਫਿਲ (R) 3/4? ਨ 3/4ਲ ਦ (C)?ਰ ਦ 3/4 ਵ (C)? ਵ 3/4ਸਤ 3/4 ਨਹ (C)? ਹ (C)?, ਫਿਲ (R) ਨਿਰ (R) 3/4ਤ 3/4ਵ 3/4? ਨ (C)? ?ਪਣ (C)? ? 3/4ਣ-ਪਿਹ? 3/4ਣ ਵ 3/4ਲ (C)? ?? (R)ਿ (C)ਤਰ 3/4? ਨ (C)? (C) "???ਿ (C)? ਦ 3/4 ? (C)? (C)? 3/4" ? (C)ਢਣ ਦ 3/4 ਪ (C)?ਰ 3/4-ਪ (C)?ਰ 3/4 (R) (C)?? 3/4 ਦਿ (C)ਤ 3/4 ਹ (C)?.?ਥ (C)?? ਤ (C)? ?ਿ ਫਿਲ (R) ਦ (C)? ਨਿਰ (R) 3/4ਤ 3/4 ਨ (C)? ? (C)?ਦ ਵ (C)? ਫਿਲ (R) ? ਰ (C)?ਲ ? (C)?ਤ 3/4 ਹ (C)?,? 3/4ਰ? (C)?ਨ ਵ 3/4?? (C)? (C) ਦਿਸਦ (C)? ਹਨ (C)? ਸਿ (C)? ਦ (C)? ? (C)ਧ (C)? ਡ 3/4?ਲ (C)?? ਸ (R)? ਹ (C)? ਨਹ (C)? ਲ?ਦ (C)?,?ਹਦ (C)? ਨ 3/4ਲ (C)?? ਤ 3/4? ਸਰ?ਸ ਦ (C)? ? (C)??ਰ ਵਧ (C)?? ???ਿ (C)? ?ਰ ਲ (C)??ਦ (C)? ਹਨ. ਤ (C)?ਰ-? (R) 3/4ਨ ਵ 3/4ਲ (C)? ਸ (C)?ਨ ? ?ਸ ਤਰ 3/4? ਲ?ਦ 3/4 ?ਿਵ (C)?? ਰ 3/4 (R)ਲ (C)?ਲ 3/4 ? (C)ਲ ਰਹ (C)? ਹ (C)?ਵ (C)?.
ਫਿਲ (R) ਦ 3/4 ਸਭ ਤ (C)?? ? (C)? 3/4 ਪ (C)? ?ਸਦ 3/4 ਸ (C)? (C)?ਤ ਹ (C)? ਪਰ ? (C)? ? (C)?ਤ ਨ (C)? (C) ? (C)ਡ? (C)? ਬ 3/4? (C)? ਸ 3/4ਰ (C)? ? (C)?ਤ ਬ (C)??ਰ 3/4??ਡ ਵਿ? ਹ (C)? ?ਲਦ (C)? ਹਨ.ਰ 3/4ਹ (C)?ਲ ਦ (C)?ਵ ਨ (C)? ?ਪਣ (C)? ਰ (C)?ਲ ਨ 3/4ਲ ?ਨਸ 3/4ਫ 1/4 ? (C)?ਤ 3/4 ਹ (C)?, (R) (C)??ਡ (C)? ਤ?ਰ ਠ (C)??-ਠ 3/4? ਹ (C)?. ਬ (C)?ਰਿ?ਿਸ 1/4 ? (C)?ਲ (C)ਬਿ? ਦ (C)??? ਦਿਲ?ਸ 1/4 ਲ (C)?? (C)?ਸਨ? ਨ (C)? (C) ਬਹ (C)?ਤ ਹ (C)? ? (C)?ਬਸ (C)?ਰਤ (C)? ਨ 3/4ਲ ਪ (C)?ਸ 1/4 ? (C)?ਤ 3/4 ?ਿ? ਹ (C)? . ?ਿ (C)ਪ (C)? ?ਰ (C)?ਵ 3/4ਲ ਦ (C)? ਸਿ (C)?ਿ (C)? ? (R) (C)?? 1/4 ਲ (C)?? 3/4? ਨ (C)? (C) ਸਿਨ (C)? (R) 3/4? ?ਰ 3/4? ਤ (C)? ?ਿ?ਣ ਵਿ? ?ਰ (C)?ਰ ? 3/4 (R)ਯ 3/4ਬ ਰਹ (C)? ਹ (C)?, ਭ 3/4ਵ (C)?? ਫਿਲ (R) ਦ (C)??ਣ ਤ (C)?? ਬ 3/4?ਦ ਹਰ ? (C)?? ?ਸਨ (C)? (C) "ਬ?ਵ 3/4ਸ ਫਿਲ (R)" ਹ (C)? ?ਹਿ ਰਿਹ 3/4 ਸ (C)? ਪਰ ਫਿਲ (R) ਬਿ?ਨਸ ?ਰਨ ? ? 1/4ਰ (C)?ਰ ? 3/4 (R)ਯ 3/4ਬ ਰਹ (C)?? (C)? ਤ (C)? ?ਸ?ਰ ਪ (C)?ਰਸ? 3/4ਰ 3/4? ? ਵ (C)? ਫਿਲ (R) ਹ (C)?? 3/4?-ਫ (C)?ਰ ?ਿ (C)ਤ ਪ (C)?ਰ 3/4ਪਤ ?ਰ (C)?? (C)?.
? (C)??ਰ ਤ (C)?ਹ 3/4ਡ (C)? ? (C)?ਲ ਬਰਬ 3/4ਦ ?ਰਨ ਲ? ਤਿ (C)ਨ ? (C)? (C)? ਹਨ ਤ 3/4? ਤ (C)?ਹ 3/4ਨ (C)? (C) ?ਹ ਫਿਲ (R) ?ਰ (C)?ਰ ਦ (C)??ਣ (C)? ? 3/4ਹ (C)?ਦ (C)? ਹ (C)?.
April 6, 2012
wastage of money.... worst acting
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