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½ June 8, 2007
Updated review. This one is one of those typical Hollywood films where they had a hit with the first one so they threw money at it and just cared about the action. It was good action, but very childish. The whole being able to just wear masks of other peoples faces is just so overused and far fetched, especially if it was made as if it were just as simple as changing a pair of socks.

Also, Hunt was just completely thrown by the site of a beautiful woman and seemed to have lost 100% of his spy training. He literally couldnt go on if this total stranger was looked at the wrong way. James Bond would NEVER be that vulnerable.
August 1, 2015
What on earth is this? This movie is a 2 hour John-Woo-fest rather than a Mission Impossible movie. That's not entirely bad though. What works about this movie is that it is entertaining, well shot, and has a beautiful score. However, John Woo tries too hard to make this as stylized as possible, as it ends up looking like the most fake action movie ever. The acting is decent, but the writing is cheesy and the action is so over the top. Despite one scene that I loved, the only fun I got out of this movie was the fun of a guilty pleasure. I actually nodded off once. That's bad for an action movie. Overall, it's not terrible, just the low point of the M:I series, and not very memorable. 6/10
½ July 31, 2015
The opening is fun enough, and Tom Cruise tries his best, but ultimately the film is weighed down by artificial effects and a less than satisfying supporting cast.
½ February 17, 2013
Encapsulates everything wrong with the decades' action flicks. Excessive, ill used slow-motion and poor effects ruin the look of the movie, while the script reduces Hunt to a supporting role. Another betrayal story is introduced among underwhelming development, cheesy characters, and laughable dialogue. Stands far apart from the rest of the series... not in the good way.
½ July 20, 2012
Though not as extravagant as the original, Mission: Impossible 2 is an impressive sequel with awesome action sequences
½ July 30, 2015
One thing I couldn't stand about the first Mission: Impossible is how it was trying to seem really complex - especially with the motif of the bible verse and how Ethan Hunt inexplicably knew how to contact his enemy - when it was really just a simple action film. This film is simple and knows it, making it easier to just enjoy for the ride. Sometimes simplicity (at least in plot) is just more fitting, and I think it is the case for this franchise of movies.

The plot is literally just what the plot section on this movie's IMDb page says, so there you have it. Once you get past that you can enjoy the film.

As in the first film, I'm not sure how the filmmakers pull off the sequences involving the elaborate masks, but it is a pretty brilliant effect whether it is CGI (when they remove the mask) or if it is an actual mask - it is so hard to tell. One plot hole though for this movie: how do the enemies have the exact same elaborate-mask-making technology as the spy agency which Ethan Hunt works for?

I find this film a little more fun than the first, but it is also filled with more cliches in my opinion. We have a woman on Hunt's side acting as a double agent to gain the villain's trust, we have villains who want to create an epidemic for profit (granted I don't know when this story element originated) and there is almost too much slow motion used in this movie - and it's the type where they didn't even to bother trying to put it into 24fps as modern slow-motion works in film.

An okay action film just barely better than the first, which doesn't say much. I hope I'll enjoy 3 and 4 more when I rewatch them - I had never seen numbers 1 and 2 before, strange I know.
July 29, 2015
Though it is very dated, incredibly cheesy, has all the typical John Woo tropes, and it feels more like an american James Bond than anything else, it still provides enough good action to satisfy to an extent.
½ July 28, 2015
After the success of the first installment, Tom Cruise decided to make his first sequel with director John Woo at the helm of it. While the film took four years to come to realization -due to "Eyes Wide Shut"- it wasn't as well received as De Palma´s version and it is widely regarded as the lowest point of the franchise. Is this sequel as bad as some people claim it is?
Ethan Hunt has a new mission: Recover a stole virus before it falls to the wrong hands.
John Woo in the directing chair and the whole nu metal score (especially Limp Blizkit making the theme) are more than enough evidence that this film won't be as good as its predecessor, and not only it is an inferior film but is a drastic departure of that solid start. "Mission Impossible II" is a film filled with flaws and not a single trace of greatness. The story is this laughable mixture of the ridiculous and convoluted plot of its predecessor and plenty of James Bond trademark elements, especially the Bond girl trope but the execution is one of the most unbelievable and laughable romances I have ever seen in a blockbuster. The acting is laughable, the villain is forgettable and extremely hammy, the dialog is ridiculous, John Woo´s juvenile directing (slow motion, doves, sexual vibes and over the top action sequences that are stretched needlessly), the dated and eye rolling nu metal score and the hilarious attempts of a "Gladiator" epic score, the car chases are more unbelievable than the ones in the "Fast & Furious" franchise, Tom Cruise´s ego is fully unleashed to the point that makes his last performance as Ethan Hunt Oscar worthy, it recreates some visuals of De Palma´s film but they come out of nowhere, the story has very little things going on but they are stretched to the point of ridicule, the action sequences are so edited that at times is hard to see what's going or Woo overuses slow-motion to the point of becoming annoying, again the plot twists are predictable, it takes itself extremely seriously, and it is overall extremely forgettable (thankfully).
"Mission Impossible II" takes away all the greatness that its predecessor introduced. It is ridiculous, juvenile, cheesy, exaggerated and dumb. If you like things like "Fast & Furious", you may enjoy this film more than I did but it if you don't then avoid this at all cost. When this franchise tries to compete against 007, Ethan Hunt loses.
January 23, 2015
this movie had a lot of awesome and a lot of stupid. awesome acting, lots of really great action and well directed, creative scenes. amazing score by Hans Zimmer as usual. lots of intense moments and suspense. but there was also a lot to make fun of and question. overall a pretty enjoyable movie. but also a turn-off-your-brain type of popcorn flick


One of the dumbest worst overdone cheesy parts that just annoyed me was the car chase in the beginning and the ridiculously long spinning before reaching the cliff. (2 viewings)
½ July 28, 2015
While occasionally clever, MI2 is consistently brought down by consistently and pathetically trying to prove itself as the American equivalent of the 007 franchise, a title which has neither the substance nor finesse to assume. It's a shame to watch a movie which is nearly enjoyable and even sometimes engaging be brought down by a bloated, generic, and horribly edited action sequence of a climax such as this one's.
July 27, 2015
Kinetic but superficial sequel about Hunt sent to find and destroy a genetically modified disease called "Chimera" in Sydney. John Woo's non-stop dazzling staging of action becomes boring as there's nothing appealing about these characters.
May 29, 2007
The least satisfying out of the three that has been released. Pretty much everything about this film is lackadaisical: the plot, the actors, the action sequences, and most importantly, its tone. For a spy film, this picture is too simplistic, too light, and too unfocused. Not to mention it didn't have the swagger nor the edginess of the first one. This time around, the villain is too one-dimensional to the point where I almost didn't believe he was evil, but in fact, just trying to be evil. And I think that factor encapsulated this film: instead of being enjoyable, it only ended up trying to be one without being fully realized. It's a shame because instead of taking the simple route, they could've used the sequel to establish the intricacies of the spy world.
May 31, 2012
Just a fun and entertaining action movie with a messy plot.
June 22, 2014
What the hell? What is this? Is this supposed to be an improvement? This is so boring, but I will admit it's got better action than the first movie and Tom Cruise is awesome in it, but this is such a stupid & cliché written sequel. I don't care for any of these characters, there's so many slow-mo shots, the chemistry between Cruise and Newton is terribly forced, and it's SOOOO BORING. God damn it. That's 2 hours of my life I'm never getting back...
Super Reviewer
July 10, 2011
Not a bad movie if you are just looking for great action but mentally it's hard for me to accept this movie as a sequel to the original because it feels too atheistically and tonally different. Heck, it feels that way even compared to the movies that came afterwards.

Where the original DePalma classic aimed for a classy Hitchockian presentation, MI 2 (Helmed this time around by action movie legend John Woo) is more in keeping with over-the-top James Bond films of the 90's...except more EXTREME!!! (Needless to say, this entry has not aged quite as well as it's predecessor)

Okay, I won't mince words, the story is ultra-silly and over-the-top. That's to be expected from John Woo, who is the King of over-the-top, except here it goes too far at times, especially in the film's draggy third act complete with a drawn-out motorbike chase and Street Fighter-esque acrobatic fights.

Decent viewing if you are just looking for great action, but otherwise this is arguably the most skippable entry in the MI franchise.
July 24, 2015
While it definitely has a solid plot and decent action, MI2 lacks the intelligence and lovable spy action that made the first a hit.
½ January 13, 2010
Mission: Impossible 2 definitely aims for a slicker, more energetic and action-oriented experience then its predecessor. At that expense, we get a plot that works enough, but thinks its much clever than it really is, with a hokey love interest type (Thandie Newton... cause she's good looking?) So while the first film IS more competent and wiser, M:I-2 is more exciting, which yes, its true a spy-thriller movie need not be bloated with action to be good, but it certainly does make for a much better paced film than the first. But hell, I like to think each M:I movie shows a different side of Ethan Hunt, here it's more of his kick-ass side. Shall you choose to enjoy this movie and its absurdity, you'll be in for a ride. The film, especially in its finale, does get excessive in showing off a bunch of over-the-top action stunts, but if there's anyone, and I mean ANYONE that can get away with it and make the experience cool and exciting, its John Woo. There's something admirable about the way he stages action, no matter how laughably absurd it can get. It's justified well here if we want to see Ethan Hunt at this most bad-ass, and you get just that. Then again, the film does succumb to nonsense in doing this. Overall, M:I-2 sacrifices a lot of smarts for excitement, but its a trade off that works well to gives us a different take on Ethan Hunt.
May 29, 2011
It'd done more than its predecessor with a little more into the same style, especially the action sequences being one of the best of the action genre, despite on the other hand that there were actually some presence within the substance that are sort-of fillers. (A-)

(Full review coming soon)
½ July 14, 2015
Though breathtakingly thrilling but narratively uneven, the second installment of Mission Impossible is just as semi-thrilling as its predecessor.
½ April 19, 2012
We just rolled up a snowball and tossed it into hell. Now lets see what chance it has.
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