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½ March 19, 2007
Well, I just reviewed the first one, so you had to know the second one was sure to follow. That is the draw of these films, every one likes them for different reasons, and as soon as you watch one, you want to see them all. Despite the old line about sequels, personally, I liked this one a lot better than the first. The story line was much closer to what I expected to see from this franchise, and this time, John Woo was Directing. I generally don't care for his writing, but when it comes to Directing action films, he's one of the best. In the second installment of Mission: Impossible, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is after a former agent, but not quite sure about what he's planning to do. As he follows the trail, Ethan learns the man has developed a deadly virus, and Ethan's mission, should he choose to accept it, is to save the day. Tom Cruise is his usual self and the action sequences are textbook John Woo, so why is this rated 3 1/2 stars you may ask? The answer is the storyline, because in a film like this, where it's all about special effects and hot bodies, the only thing that makes it different from a million other pictures is the story, and this one hits the nail on the head.
January 24, 2016
Not a bad movie if you are just looking for great action but mentally it's hard for me to accept this movie as a sequel to the original because it feels too atheistically and tonally different. Heck, it feels that way even compared to the movies that came afterwards. Where the original DePalma classic aimed for a classy Hitchockian presentation, MI 2 (Helmed this time around by action movie legend John Woo) is more in keeping with over-the-top James Bond films of the 90's...except more EXTREME!!! (Needless to say, this entry has not aged quite as well as it's predecessor) Okay, I won't mince words, the story is ultra-silly and over-the-top. That's to be expected from John Woo, who is the King of over-the-top, except here it goes too far at times, especially in the film's draggy third act complete with a drawn-out motorbike chase and Street Fighter-esque acrobatic fights. Decent viewing if you are just looking for great action, but otherwise this is arguably the most skippable entry in the MI franchise.
½ January 24, 2016
Mission: Impossible II is a bad movie. It has awful and uninspired action, forgettable characters and some awful choices, but it is most of all just so boring to watch. It is the worst entry in the franchise and it is much worse than the already pretty weak first film.
July 24, 2015
The sequel to the spy hit fails to keep the fizzling fun after it settles into its characters, relying on action to distract from its writing.

Full Review: Mission Impossible 2 is pretty much has the feel of its title - The same as the original, but with a 'been there done that' feel. It has great action from start to finish (albeit over the top sometimes), but has a simple, generic plot. The romance we expected is nothing more than a couple good looking people saying bad dialogue to each other. However, its grand action sequences undoubtedly give escapism from the mediocre script.
January 14, 2012
The first movie's plot was hard to follow, it was confusing at times...but it was a fun movie with plenty of good action scenes and memorable moments. This movie's plot is so damn simple and generic that it hurts. A mad man, a former IMF agent, has acquired a bio-weapon, and he will unleash it on the world for lots of money! It's up to Ethan Hunt to stop him! There's little here that you haven't seen in many other, much better, action films. Cruise isn't playing the same part either, he is playing Hunt as if he were Tom Cruise. And then all of the supporting characters (good guys or bad guys) are so underdeveloped that I could care less about them. Sure Luther wasn't all that developed in the first one, but all he does here is complain about his expensive clothes getting messed up. The girl could've been any really attractive actress, since her looks were all we focused on. The villain was just a maniacal mad man with no real purpose. Then Hunt has recruited some Australian guy that we don't ever get to know. Sure the action can be well executed, but it was also pointless since I didn't care about the plot, characters, or anything that was going on.
½ January 8, 2016
Now that James Bond has gone down a more serious dark road, Mission Impossible picks up the tonge in check gauntlet that left with Roger Moore's retirement. It does it very well in my opinion. I'm not sure why this particular episode doesn't seem to be rated highly. It is the best one of the first 4 I reckon. I'd like to know how some of the scenes were done, like the opening scenes of Cruiso free climing a very dangerous rock-face. I have just really got into these films and I have to say, I like em.
½ January 7, 2016
51/100 - As much as I like the M:I franchise and Tom Cruise's performance as Ethan Hunt, this second installment just feels off. It feels like a combination of Bond and The Matrix, a blend that suits John Woo's incredibly stylistic direction but not this franchise. There's plenty of moments of superb direction of well-choreographed action in the third act, but it takes so long to get there that I was left wanting much more. It's not evenly paced at all, and the story can't be taken seriously either.
½ December 23, 2015
This is a decent enough mindless action movie with a lot of over the top action but it is not really a Mission Impossible movie. The movie starts of reasonably well being somewhat intelligent with a bit of Mission Impossible feel to it. It is actually almost a bit slow at times. However, for the second half of the movie it really degrades into a classical John Woo, over the top, action feast with all pretense of intelligence and any true Mission Impossible feel gone. John Woo is not the right person to make a Mission Impossible movie.

As with the first movie if it would not have been labelled Mission Impossible I would probably have given it a higher rating since it is a decent enough, mostly braindead though, Hollywood action movie. However, I have higher expectations from a movie labelled Mission Impossible.

Tom Cruise is quite okay as Ethan Hunt. Dougray Scott is okayish as the bad guy. Sometimes he projects the right big bad and mad bad-guy attitude but sometimes he is just silly and just as over the top as the action scenes. He is supposed to be a mastermind but he comes out as a thug a' la a not so intelligent drug baron in many scenes.

The action scenes? Well, they are classical John Woo material. Fast paced with a lot of stunts and things that go boom. They are also, as expected, hugely over the top and unbelievable. They provide a enjoyable visual experience but, as I wrote above, they are not really what I would expect from a Mission Impossible movie.

The romance between Hunt and Nyah is the typical Hollywood, let's throw in a sexy girl and some superficial attraction, which develops from get lost to I love you in the matter of a few hours of contact, between the lead character and the girl. Meh!

I get the impression that the people that have created these movies so far have not really watched a single full season of Mission Impossible.
½ December 9, 2015
This movie is really stupid and is a huge letdown to the franchise.
December 1, 2015
M:I II is a film that must be viewed in the proper context. Because of the radical departure of styles, fans of the first film may find this one too dramatic a change to accept, while those turned off by the first film's complexities may find the easier-to-digest plot and more relentless action more palatable. Either way, there is no denying that Mission: Impossible and Mission: Impossible II barely connect with one another; aside from the title, the familiar refrain, and the presence of Cruise and Rhames, these may as well have been completely unrelated films. If nothing else, they make for a rather intriguing study in cinematic juxtaposition.
June 10, 2012
Though the first film in the series was very lacklustre, with Mission: Impossible II boasting John Woo as the director there was a lot more promise this time.

The plot in Mission: Impossible II is its most major fault. Instead of adhering to the spy thriller nature of the source material, Mission: Impossible II instead focuses on being a more commercially viable conventional action film. This is what John Woo is good at so it has its moments, but the narrative is certainly poor. If the film were a spy thriller then there would be more interesting things to occur during the scenes bereft of action thrills, but as Mission: Impossible II instead attempts to play it safe with uninspired dialogue which focuses on context building and generic subplots, there is nothing innovative that comes from the characters. This basically means that any time the film is not full of action, it is rather boring. And as it turns out, very little of the film is full of it. Despite Mission: Impossible II being critically acclaimed for its action, it's composition in the narrative is insufficient. For a two hour John Woo film, Mission: Impossible II has a distinct shortage of action scenes. The first major action scene in the film is a small-scaled car chase beaten the film's protagonist which occurs mainly for comic relief and as part of playing with the romantic themes of the film. The additional element of a romantic subplot is a distracting convention which reinforces the generic nature of the plot while adding nothing of story appeal, merely boring the experience even more. This means that the film only has the potential to be half-decent at best.
The soundtrack is one of the few action movie conventions which deviates from the spy thriller mood of the film yet remains actively positive. Using the iconic theme song of the series with a more metal spin on it, the theme to Mission: Impossible II is a pretty awesome touch. It's one of many awesome pieces used in the film, and a sign of the production values which later redeem much of the experience.
Mission: Impossible II features John Woo as director. Replacing Brian De Palma who has proven a better visual stylist working in crime based films, John Woo is an internationally critically acclaimed creator of action films. And as he proved with Hard Target, and the anymore progressively expensive American productions he's worked on in the following years, he's up to catering to an American market with a large budget. The central problem I found with Mission: Impossible was that the action was both short in quality and quantity, eliminating any sense of practical value that the film could offer. Quantity remains an issue in Mission: Impossible II, though not nearly as much as its predecessor. But there is still a fair improvement, and the quality of it all is a lot better despite the lack of high-tech gadgets. John Woo fills Mission: Impossible II with shootouts, martial arts-inspired fights and motorbike chases during the second half of the film while using his iconic blend of quick cuts and slow motion to capture enhanced chorography. The sped-up pace of the second half make it an action-fuelled thrill ride, and though there is still not precisely enough to compensate for the lacklustre first act or to even completely fill the second, there remains some quality choreography captured to fuel fans of John Woo's distinctive style of action.
The cast also make an improvement over Mission: Impossible, partially because the script is less convoluted this time around even if it is still rather thin.
Ethan Hunt was a very generic character in Mission: Impossible, but it's interesting what happens to him in Mission: Impossible II. As the mood of the films change, Ethan Hunt becomes reduced to a very conventional action movie archetype. He is a confident and athletic agent with a flair for charming romance. And despite the generic nature of the writing that characterizes him, this archetype is significantly more suited to Tom Cruise's abilities. Tom Cruise works the stereotypical nature of the character into his performance and lets his instincts take over, allowing him to make the character his own. This means that he captures the sophisticated charm of the character in understanding everything about the story and being a romantic, but more importantly he puts a strongly determined edge into the role. His energy is excellent because he is clearly very passionate about the action in the film, grasping his weapons with intense confidence and using impressive fight skills to power through the scenes. John Woo proves to bring out the best in him so Tom Cruise's natural energy proves to be a viable asset to Mission: Impossible II, and during the intensely dramatic scenes where he has to be very emotionally involved, Tom Cruise remains remarkably intense. Tom Cruise really steps up his game for Mission Impossible II and works the material to form a strong star vehicle for himself.
Thandie Newton exists primarily to adhere to multiple archetypes of female characters in action films as Nyah Nordoff-Hall is a character who is capable of her own achievements yet still needs Ethan Hunt to rescue her and be her lover. In that sense there is not much strength for the character, but I will admit that Thandie Newton has her own charms. The mood of the film occasionally has a sense of humour to it which seems to conflict with the melodramatic nature of her performance at times so she is not always on par, but in spots she is able to stir up a sympathetic character so she has her moments. There just isn't any sense of consistency.
The return of Ving Rhames is welcome, particularly considering that this time around he is given more screen time and stronger dramatic material, proving that he can make something out of it. And I'm yet to see any film where I would consider the presence of Anthony Hopkins useless. Although his role in Mission: Impossible II is extremely brief and uncredited, his distinctive tone of charming voice cannot be disregarded. Brendan Gleeson is also a likable presence.

So Mission Impossible: II has some impressive action scenes in the second half and a powerful leading effort from Tom Cruise, but its improvement over its predecessor only goes so far when the story still comes up short on fidelity to the source material and enough action to sustain everything.
October 24, 2015
Seriously, this is not a good movie. Yes the action is good and it is entertaining. But this is the only MI movie who's plot and villain I don't remember, and it is the only one I would not watch if it was on TV right now.
½ October 17, 2015
This film is worth it for some action sequences, but other than that MI:2 feels empty in story-line and creativity and it doesn't relive the gripping entertainment that the first one had.
½ September 30, 2015
100% crap like all of John Woo movies.
September 22, 2015
Mission Impossible fails to satisfy, not only because of its foolish supernatural action scenes, but also because of the cliched and unoriginal narrative, that will fascinate some people but will disappoint others.
September 22, 2015
Mission Impossible fails to satisfy, not only because of its foolish supernatural action scenes, but also because of the cliched and unoriginal narrative, that will fascinate some people but will disappoint others.
½ September 21, 2015
Love this film - great action - beautifully shot - "Ratty nail"
½ September 19, 2015
This was dumb. He sent his spanish babe undercover to the villain's house, but he somehow forgot to mention "oh, by the way, this guy has a collection of Tom Cruise masks and is trained to perfectly impersonate me."
½ September 17, 2015
This time the film direction was in charge of John Woo a specialist in action films, and he gave what we expected, full adrenalin. Special mention for the exotic beauty of Thandie Newton, perfect as the thieve recruited by Ethan Hunt for this mission. Special but uncredited appearance of Anthony Hopkins, too.
September 16, 2015
4 years after the original, this sequel is a big improvement in terms of visual appeal with enough macho action to justify being a secret agent blockbuster. But even with the updated effects, it wasn't enough to stop me getting bored off my nut half way through. This movie sort of had a forced clichéd 'Bond' vibe which was annoying.
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