Frank Darabont and Stephen King Reteam for Long Walk


Directing three Stephen King movies (four, if you count an early short film) wasn't enough for Frank Darabont. Perhaps cinema's biggest fan of the horror author, the Mist writer/director has plans for another Stephen King movie. This one, written under King's pseudonym Richard Bachman, is the sci-fi tale The Long Walk. Back to Article



Justin Montello

The Long Walk was definetly up there in the Bachamn books my personal favorite WAS Running Man and seeing as how everyone and their grandma is remaking movies why not get Michael Fincher (Fight Club, Seven) to remake it keep that dark and violent theme going but yeah it's going to be hard to make a movie out of The Long Walk but definetly possible maybe make it a little more violent or like someone said flashbacks or even just give a whole backstory of how all the kids decided they wanted to do the race and how the process they had to go through to get picked was like I can't wait.

Dec 1 - 09:59 AM


Brian Gaul

FYI: That's David Fincher, not Michael Fincher.

Dec 1 - 10:42 AM


Paul Barrett

Walkingdead, one of them is already out. It's called Night Feeders and it's available on Netflix and at many Blockbusters. If you decide to watch it, don't be too harsh on us. Our budget was less than the cost of a nice SUV. The other one is making the rounds to distributors now, so we have no time frame for it.

And I agree with you Aqueryan, if anyone can do Long Walk justice, it will be Darabont, but you have to admit that it's a tough one to adapt.

And just a fun little note for those of you who saw The Mist, the grocery store manager in the movie is a friend of mine and has been in several industrial videos I've produced. He's a really nice guy.

Dec 1 - 10:26 AM


Brian Gaul

FYI: That's David Fincher, not Michael Fincher.

Dec 1 - 10:42 AM

Scott Weinberg

Scott Weinberg

Ooh, he's been talking about Long Walk for a Long Time. It's an AMAZING story, and I really hope Frank makes this his next project.

Dec 1 - 07:51 PM


Chris Clark

I agree no one has any right to doubt Darabont adapting King at this point. The Mist was incredible, and very faithful. The ending deviates and is very jarring (and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, it definitely left an impact though) but it does at least give it a solid ending(the book was more open ended with the finale.)

I heard that King will sell his book rights to film students for a dollar, which Darabont was at the time he bought those rights.

I am supremely excited about The Long Walk as it is a very interesting, unique and DARK story, and Darabont just proved to me that he can do dark better then most with the mist. And as I stated already, he can do King better than anyone.

Dec 3 - 01:42 PM


Ian W

punktuate that is david fincher, and he could do the running man justice, but that movie won't get remade because it will be so hard to separate from the 80's flick.

The Long Walk should be a good movie. The Mist was not excellent, but it worked as a movie adaptation of a book, and for those who think there is not enough action in the Long Walk, Shawshank did not have a ton o action and it was a great movie. If Darabont can get Tarantino to write teh dialogue (or at least some of it) this movie would totally rock balls.

Dec 4 - 03:43 AM


albert sy

the running man was also in the bachman books, so was the long walk. the movie the running man wasn't very good and i personally think the book was far better. this is one story begging to be re-filmed.

* * *

both the running man and the long walk are contests. the running man was built around the idea of bounty hunters trying to hunt down a running man. the long walk was about a bunch of contestants who have to walk as long as necessary until only one remains -- literally. winner gets whatever he wished for, according to the story, IIRC.

in the book it was horrifying to read about the public spectators and how blood-thirsty they were.

Jan 27 - 06:44 AM


Clint Lightfoot

If any director can make this awesome story into a great movie, its Frank Darabont. I couldn't be psyched any more for Darabont to direct this... Only sleep and work got in the way of me finishing this book in one day. Darabont was born to direct Stephen King/Richard Bachman.

On another subject, as for Eli Roth Directing "Cell", not so excited about. He can definatley make it gory, no doubt about that, but he wants to show the effects of the "pulse" all over, not just from Mass to Maine... which takes a big element out of the story to begin with. You never know if it's happening any where else, because almost all communication has been cut off. Plus, one of the great parts about "Cell" is the character developement... Sure as hell not going to get that either... Anyway, another topic for a whole other movie.

May 12 - 10:04 AM


Sophia Smith

JJ Abrams does action well, but I'm cringing to imagine the treatment that my beloved Dark Tower series will get. I am glad, however that it has been optioned, and hope they find a way to work The Little Sisters of Eluria into the series somehow.

Jun 1 - 07:01 AM


Norman Dostal

Yes, Volid, you are the only one-it's a great piece

Just finished rereading it again. I thought the ending was pretty clear-he saw death and raced after it...

Aug 12 - 04:37 PM

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