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½ May 6, 2011
Another good film, that could be much better.
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February 18, 2015
One of the early Hanks comedies that cemented his position as one of the hottest upcoming comedy stars in Hollywood (after 'Splash'). Even though this movie has been overlooked for me its easily one of his better early movies. Although most of Hanks films have an abundance of heart this one also has a relatable subject in house renovation.

Tom Hanks (Walter) and Shelley Long (Anna) buy a huge country mansion that would normally go for around one million, but because the place is falling apart (unbeknownst to them) its going for $200,000. The initial joke being in this day and age this ginormous property would be selling for a lot more than one measly million, but that's to be expected. The laughs come thick and fast as they realise the mansion is a lemon and is literately coming apart bit by bit. They have been well and truly had by the previous owner.

Now far be it for me to nitpick at a light-hearted piece of comedy gold from the classic Tom Hanks 80's era but...lets go. The couple say they have no money whatsoever, indeed they have to borrow a shit-tonne just to buy the place, yet when they move in they are faced with massive repairs. The question that springs to mind is how on earth they afford to pay for all this. Sure both of them work so that will help but my God this mansion clearly requires some hefty workmanship that ain't gonna come cheap. Some of the things that go wrong are definitely laugh out loud worthy but Jesus the cost!!

Huge holes in the floor, a new bath tub, new electrics, new TV, new front door and surrounding wooden frame, broken windows, an entire new chimney both interior and exterior plus new fireplace, complete new plumbing, huge new wooden staircase, holes in the roof etc...Take into account that this is a property bordering on a stately home and most fittings will need specialist attention and most probably with handmade craftsmanship to boot! The staircase alone would of cost an absolute fortune, and then the entire chimney stack!! So I am left wondering how they could even begin to pay for all this on top of the fact they have borrowed money to buy the house. Hanks character does put down an initial down payment of $5,000 but I doubt that would even begin to cover much.

What is so sickly about the whole thing (so cutesy) is the fact that whilst all this is going on, in between all the horror that unfolds around them...both try and remain calm, expressing their love for each other and with Anna constantly reminding Walter everything will be OK. In reality I'm sure most people would have a break down. The weird aspect in the movie is that the building contractors appear to be this clan of fetish circus freaks. Big muscle men in bondage gear, little people and various types of punks all driving the type of vehicles you'd expect to find in the Mad Max franchise. Not really sure why they went down that route because it isn't particularly funny...just odd. I guess its suppose to freak you out because it looks like they're gonna ruin the place or squat there and the love birds will have more trouble on their hands.

I think people can relate to this movie simply because many will have experience of buying a place and having problems occur, be it down the line or straight away. I'm sure some will have experience that will have been just as horrific as in this movie, so watching this will certainly hit home for some. Indeed it does make you wince whilst watching, seeing this amazing mansion slowly crumble bit by bit, it does make your palms sweat at the thought of the spiralling costs whilst at the same time make you glad its not real...or its not you. Its all harmless fun with some good stunts, a bit of slapstick, a lovely real time house presumably combined with sets and an overly energetic Hanks. Oh and what's this...Anna's ex-husband is the main psychotic German henchman terrorist from 'Die Hard', how bout that.
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½ June 14, 2006
In one of Tom Hanks' earliest comedies he is buying a house together with girl friend Shelley Long just to find out it is decrepit behind the pretty facade. What follows are an hour of "what can go wrong, will go wrong", chain reactions and catastrophes. That is so cheeky in its predictability that you can't help but smile, or even laugh out loud a couple of times. The movie loses some of its anarcho humor in the last part when the loving couple has to fight for their relationship between the ruins. Still, overall a fun film even if clearly dated. There are two or three scenes that are so outrageously funny, you could watch them over and over again.
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½ April 7, 2009
This was fun....made me smile. Looks a lot like the swedish movie "Drömkåken" (the dreamhouse). Tom Hanks and Shelley Long is a great duo
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February 5, 2010
For everyone who's ever been deeply in Love or deeply in debt.

Good movie. The story was quite simple, it was a romantic comedy with more comedy than romance. Tom Hanks did his usual very good portrayal comedy act which carried this film extensively throughout. Nice ending which was typical but still very good.

Walter Fielding and Anna Crowley have to start looking for a new house- but there's not much they can afford! This soon changes when they meet a lonely old con artist who sells them a beautiful mansion at a ridiculously low price. Only there's a catch. The second they move into the house it falls apart, starting with the stairway collapsing to the bathtub falling through the floor to eventually the chimney falling into the house! Finally, they have to renovate the house before the frame collapses but the renovations also prove to be a disaster.
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April 23, 2008
Great movie, another great performance by Tom Hanks!!! Just a hilarious & adorable movie :)
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September 6, 2010
I saw this one a long time ago, but I remember it being very funny. Of course now I've realized that it's exactly the same as Mr. Blanding's Dream House, which is an even better movie, but this one is still good anyway.
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½ August 5, 2007
An early Tom Hanks comic disaster romp that feels less funny today than it did then.
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December 8, 2009
I like the great old classic Tom Hanks Movies
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½ November 19, 2009
Neither a particularly memorable romantic comedy. The story is weak and over exaggerated. Perhaps the only thing that makes this movie worthwhile is Tom Hanks, who manages to give a decent performance. It is not horrible, but it fails to be anything but average.
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½ July 14, 2007
Hilarious comedy about a couple who buy a house that keeps falling apart. Great cast.
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½ June 8, 2008
Memorably hilarious, with ace work by the two leads.
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½ October 4, 2007
Har har har.
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½ July 15, 2007
okay, but mr. blandings is far superior.
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½ July 12, 2007
the screwball comedy gets an update, why not...
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June 19, 2007
A pretty good Tom Hanks comedy helped by the chemistry between him and Shelley Long. Building their dream house together is costing an arm and a leg!
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May 13, 2007
Boring half-hearted slapstick attempt to remake Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House without any of the wit. And Hanks is no Cary Grant.
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½ December 31, 2006
Ahhh the good old times when Tom Hanks was funny
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½ November 20, 2006
Funny as hell. I wish Tom Hanks would do another movie like this.
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½ November 13, 2006
Fine comedy with a dream house falling apart.
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