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April 23, 2015
I think this movie was okay, but I'm not sure because I have no idea what it is about. Also, I fell asleep. Yeah -- moneyballs.
½ March 25, 2015
It's one of those movies where you don't really care about what's going on, you just like watching the characters do their thing. It's well acted, and unfamiliar territory because most people don't watch baseball movies that doesn't show a lot of baseball. It's fun to pretend that you care and just relax with the movie.

Everyone does a convincing job. Brad Pitt never breaks character in a role that seems to never receive his full enthusiasm. Johan Hill stands out the most because it's an unexpected good performance. It's an important movie to establish him as a committed actor. There's a new vibe in Hollywood where it seems the powers at the top are getting sick of seeing cinema turn into just something to do for a stupid good time. The trend of romantic comedies about awkward, unattractive hipsters is dying out. All those actors had better abandon ship and commit to some serious roles before it's too late. I hope to see more from Jonah in the future.
½ March 27, 2015
The acting is fantastic, but otherwise I was bored. Maybe because the movie is a bit long and I don't like baseball.
April 17, 2015
Watching sports is one thing; watching sports films is another.
Never been really into sports-related films.
This, however, is more interesting than it looked like.
½ September 20, 2011
An excellent baseball flick with great performances by Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.
January 8, 2012
It proudly exposes the cruel secrets of baseball managers in a way that makes you boo the opposition, as well as explores its own ways for remedy that will make you encourage and be proud of the heroes.
½ March 22, 2015
The rating is more like a 4.75. Makes my list of the 10 best films I have ever seen, and others on that list include Remember the Titans, the first Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, and the original Star Wars trilogy.
½ March 6, 2015
A refreshingly different subject matter. Was particularly interested to watch this as I am a fan of Liverpool Football Club who adopt the policies of moneyball. Very American film, but it translates well to a UK audience. Not cinematic brilliance by any stretch, but a good film if for nothing else that it is different and real.
November 24, 2014
Quite an achievement. It could be called one of the best Sports movies ever made, although that would be something of a misnomer, as it is barely about sports. Its not anywhere as funny as the book (Michael Lewis is a fantastic writer), and it does not get in deep into the statistical stuff, but that is largely to its credit. Lewis fawned over Beane's now antiquated stats and a 2002 draft which looked revolutionary but turned out badly. The movie also compressed multiple real people into one fictional amalgamation, form what I've read this was because some didn't want to be depicted on screen. That this movie works at all is impressive, but that it works even better because of all these things is remarkable. The element from the book that is focused on most is the psychological history of Billy Beane, and how that history prompts his new approach to building a team on the cheap. The emphasis on the human drama, the need to fix trajectories in life which have veered off course is explored with real warmth and heft, made more so by the sad fact that Beane cannot control this either, no matter how much he wants to. Baseball is just as prone to frustrating, seemingly absurd sudden turns as anything else in life. This is especially true of the playoffs, a capricious, tiny slice of baseball which is too small a sample for any math to predict, and which is believed absolutely to define the legacy of any player, manager and GM. To this day, The A's under Billy Beane haven't found any success in the post-season.

I'm not a fan of the kind of movies Brad Pitt normally makes, so I'd seen little of him, but he has matured into a hell of an actor. The true surprise is Jonah Hill. I didn't think I would ever like him in a movie after his unpleasant, even loathsome, turns in Superbad and Knocked Up. All is forgiven, all is forgotten. But this is Pitt's movie. I'm guessing the reason this one resonated as much as it did is because of what it says about being a father. Billy Beane's decision to stay in Oakland proved that none of his psychological baggage mattered to him as much as the well-being of his daughter. The decision to remain surrounded by an ongoing legacy of near-misses, was something that he could control, but it is more than that. In the scenes with his daughter, one can see a depth of pride and love untouched by his competitive drive and history of failure. The personal validation is there already in the mixtape his daughter made: "You're a loser Dad, just enjoy the show"
February 8, 2015
A poignant and smart baseball movie that's less about the flashy game-winning hits and more about the characters that drive it, Moneyball is a terriffic achievement by director Bennett Miller who sees star Brad Pitt at the top of his game and gets the best out of co-star Jonah Hill. The film is also bolstered by a sharply clever, funny, and touching script by Aaron Sorkin.
½ January 10, 2012
Easily the best baseball movie ever. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill make this a complete joy to watch. Definitely a film for true baseball fans to enjoy wholeheartedly.
January 25, 2014
A beautiful ode to the power of scientific methods. Ironically a romantic narrative about the pitfalls of romance and narratives :D A very ideologically satisfying film for people like me (scientists, we're called, mostly by our enemies?). Baseball is a really interesting case study for the proliferation of scientism in American culture, and I almost wish the film had explored a bit more of that (instead of, for instance, including Billy's daughter, an arc that felt too tangential to merit inclusion).

It's also a very nicely written/performed film, for the most part. Brad Pitt's emotional palette stood out especially to me. Many scenes were laden with emotional processing but without revealing a really clear, simplistic idea of what Billy was actually feeling. It leaves room for a whole unique and complex spate of projected emotions. I guess this is one of those matters of ymmv ambiguity; as usual, I lean towards thinking it's mature and artful if I can't pin it down exactly.
½ July 5, 2012
Ugh so good. Never gets old, just gets better. <3 science
February 19, 2015
This is an interesting office drama. Jonah Hill is also a plus.
November 2, 2011
Statistically significant movie. I'm not sure of the praise for Jonah for this film. He didn't do much. But Brad pulled the movie, and the emotional strings pulled were also very well done. A+
½ February 8, 2015
Despite knowing absolutely nothing about baseball and having a general lack of interest in sport as a whole, I loved this film for it's intelligent underdog tale of two men trying to fight the system and shake things up with numbers. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill were great, the dialogue was superb and I actually found myself really interested in what had happened and how it continued to pan out in the future.
January 30, 2015
Brad Pitt has rarely been better and Aaron Sorkin's script is quietly restrained in its dramatic precision. Full review later.
January 25, 2015
I have no interest in baseball, but Bennett Miller has made a film which appeals to those outside of the sport. Jonah Hill is tremendous, but Brad Pitt gives a superb lead performance, which for me, is the best of his career. Thoroughly enjoyed this film, and was perhaps somewhat surprised.
½ January 20, 2015
Sobrevalorada película, no es más que un ejercicio eficiente de entretenimiento muy bien contado.
January 20, 2015
It gets no better. A true story of success and failure, a story that the little guy doesn't always have to come last, an incredibly likeable cast, Jonah Hill not annoying me, Brad Pitt being all Bradley Pitt-ish and most of all it shows just how brilliant Sport is. As a lifestyle, as a culture and as something for all the family to enjoy.
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