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Moskva slezam ne Verit (Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears) Reviews

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Super Reviewer

April 24, 2013
This is a captivating love story.. It starts with a young woman (Katya, played by Vera Alentova) reporting to her Worker's Dormitory friends that she has flunked by two points the exam to get into university. It ends with the most incredible sweetness of life.

It is like a French film done by a Russian company (which is what it is). The Moscow we see that does not believe in tears does believe in love, and it is not a Moscow of politics, although some people do call one another "comrade." This is a woman's point of view film (a "chick flick") that transcends any genre cage. It begins slowly, almost painfully dull in a way that will remind the viewer of all the clich閟 about Russia, the unstylish dress, the worker's paradise that isn't, the sharp contrast between Moscow and the peasants who live outside the city. Katya works in a factory. She works at a drill press. She is obviously underemployed. Lyudmila (Irina Muravyova) works in a bakery. She is probably gainfully employed for the time and place. They are friends, twentysomethings who are on the make for a man, but not a man from the sticks. They pretend to be university post docs or something close to that and they impress some people as they house-sit a beautiful Moscow apartment.

This is how their adult life begins in a sense. Lyudmila falls in love with an athlete; Katya becomes infatuated with a television cameraman. One thing leads to another and before we know it they are forty. Neither relationship worked out. The athlete becomes an alcoholic, the cameraman, in the sway of his mother, believes that Katya is beneath him (once he finds out that she works in a factory). How wrong he is, of course.

But no more of the plot. I won't spoil it. The plot is important. The characterizations are important. The story is like a Russian novel in that it spans lots of time, but once you are engaged you will find that the two and a half hours fly by and you will, perhaps like me, say at the end "What a great movie!" My hat is off to director Vladimir Menshov and to Valentin Chernykh who wrote the script and to the cast. I've mentioned Vera Alentova and Irina Muravyova, but Aleksey Batlov who played Gosha was also excellent. I don't want to say anymore.. 2 stars 4-15-13
Apeneck F

Super Reviewer

January 12, 2013
Three friends from the sticks try their hand at life in the big city, in this case Moscow at the end of the 1950's, and the film pretty well follows their ups and downs (mainly to do with their love matches). In the process one gleans a different perspective of life over there, a warmer one, than perhaps you imagined you had previously. A chick flick, sure, but not bad.
Stefanie C

Super Reviewer

September 15, 2009
1980's chick flic, russian style.
Byron B

Super Reviewer

February 19, 2007
The English subtitled translation of the film's title is Moscow Distrusts Tears, which has a bit of a different meaning than the world-wide English title used in the marketing materials and by the Academy when awarding this Best Foreign Language Film of 1981. It is a nice and melancholy melodrama with female protagonists. Specifically, the film follows Katerina or "Katia," played by Vera Alentova. In the late 50s, she rooms with Lyudmila (Irina Muravyeva) and Antonina (Raisa Ryazanova). These life-long friends are concerned with men and how to be successful in the modern world. Antonina already has a steady boyfriend and finds it easiest to settle down into domesticity. Lyudmila is the most boy crazy, wanting to live an exciting, glamorous life. Katia focuses on her studies and being self-sufficient through developing a career. Yet, Katia still faces hardship. She gets pregnant and the class-conscious father turns her away. Twenty years later Katia is a single mother and executive at a large factory. We see the changes in technology and style of late 70s Moscow, yet the three ladies have kept in touch. Before long, the romantic Gosha (Aleksey Batalov) moves into Katia's life. Amongst a few subplots, Gosha and Katia have a falling out and she must rely on her friends to help reunite them. Wonderful performances create characters with depth. The sort of apolitical cultural reference point that shows how much humanity is more similar than we are different.
June 15, 2009
most favorite russian film. americans should definitely watch this too. there is much to learn from this work of art.
December 6, 2013
probably the worst (only?) fight scene ever scored to jazz

also sexism
November 7, 2013
People who give this movie bad reviews are unfortunately ignorant and close-minded. As a Russian person, I can say that this movie is beautiful in showing the humanity of a lost Soviet culture. Not only that, but it portrays people, love, and friendship in the most poignant way. This is one of my favorite movies, if you want to see beauty in the world watch this.
April 20, 2013
super film! I can watch it again and again!
December 17, 2012
Russian films are brilliant.
September 20, 2012
This is my favorite Russian movie, and one of my all time favorite movies. It is the story of three young women dreaming of their future and then fast forwarding 18 years to show how their lives actually turn out. It also gives a good glimpse of life in Russia, though like most Hollywood films, I'm sure it is much prettier and nicer than what life was really like for most people. Despite the fact that it is a Russian movie, the ending actually feels rather hopeful, which will appeal to American audiences more than other Russian films.
Vanya M.
April 10, 2012
Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears (1979) won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1980..
Wonderful film,Drama with Hint of Russian Humor
The acting is superb!
December 14, 2011
This is a very popular movie in Russia. Also quite interesting for me! Because It shows that it is never late to restart and suceed in your life, and in spite of difficulties it is possible to reach your goal and success (whatever it means for you). Also it is a very captivating love storie.Watch give it a shot.
May 15, 2008
A Pre-Perestroika Soviet classic.
August 27, 2005
[b][u]Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears[/u] 莫斯科不相信眼泪 ★★★★[/b]
January 17, 2004
这部前苏联电影光是找字幕就让我花了好几天,找来之后看了一半才发现下半部的字幕根本就是驴唇不对马嘴,没辙。整个故事大致讲的是一个女工人和人谈恋爱, 糊里糊涂怀孕后被甩了,她就一个人把孩子养大自己还进了大学有了一份好工作,然后就是我看不懂的下半部分了。人物还是挺生动的,尽管有些地方所展示的内容 令我觉得有些怪怪的,大概是看西方影片太多了,突然换成25年前的苏联让人有点转向。
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