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½ April 27, 2014
The remake of My Favorite Wife completely recast and retitled after Marilyn Monroe's death. Maybe not quite as good as the original but still did quite well at the box office.
August 27, 2013
This is a good example of how the right actors/characters can carry bad/corny material. Doris Day is perfect here, but James Garner is the surprise - he really could remove the stick from his ass long enough to have a good time.
½ July 26, 2013
Was it high art? No. Is it a typical Doris Day romp? Yes. Was it fun? Yes. A really light but enjoyable time, it still nods to the original which is really nice on their part. I really enjoyed this.
July 6, 2013
When Marilyn Monroe was released from "Somethings Got To Give" the movie was recast and becomes one of Doris Day's greatest comedic roles. Funny storyline with a great cast. Doris plays Ellen Wagstaff Arden who has just been declared legally dead after her plane disappeared 5 years earlier. James Garner as Doris's husband Nick Arden is handsome, funny and great in this role. Ellen returns on the very day Nick marries Bianca played by the beautiful Polly Bergen. Nick's mother is played by the incredible Thelma Ritter who is one of the greatest character actresses of our time. It's a race for Ellen to let Nick know she is alive before he and his new wife enjoy their honeymoon. A lot of fun here.
December 31, 2012
Yay for unncessary remakes? Move Over Darling is annoying beholden to the original, without updating it much to the 60s or to the talents of its cast. Which is sad, because when you got Thelma Ritter, you give her something to do! And My Favorite Wife wasn't the sharpest script to begin with, but the great pairing of Irene Dunne and Cary Grant made it work. Doris Day and James Garner don't measure up and the longer run time makes the thin premise run ever more ragged.
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½ November 26, 2012
A remake of the classic 1940 romantic comedy called "My Favorite Wife," this send up does some good, wacky, sixties style things that are classic in their own way, but doesn't do justice to the original. The reason this was doomed from the beginning is simply because the original didn't need a modern setting, any new set of circumstances, or stars of the time. It's a classic film, the same as the dramas that seem outspokenly protected by time. This was supposed to be a comeback for fallen star Marilyn Monroe, and became the infamous final film "Something's Gotta Give" before being retooled and given a completely different cast. Though I'm sure Monroe would have brought her charm to the role, it doesn't seem specific enough for her, or Dean Martin, who was also cast at the time. What you get instead is new cast members James Garner and Doris Day. While Garner is a perfect match for counterpart Cary Grant in style and substance, Day brings a level of goody two shoes, virginal glee to the mix that though unintentional, is counterproductive. Irene Dunne (from the 1940 version) could always match Grant's witticisms, which were throughout the film. The humor here is much keener than the original, not happy to take risks with changing characters or dialogue, so they put Day in continuously cutesy situations, from storming off with a blush in her cheek, to riding through a car wash completely dressed with the top down on her convertible. There's nothing as sneaky as, say, The Parent Trap, and nothing as smart as a Cary Grant comedy from the forties. It's not lazy, but complacent to take the easy way out time and again. The only true gleaming ray of light is character actress Thelma Ritter, who is always superb. I would put in a good word for Day, though I find her presence almost too sweet to bear. If you're interested though there is a creepy scene with Don Knotts as a perverted shoe clerk, and a shot for shot remake of one particular scene from the original film. The 1940 version is just too solid to be remade, and therein lies this film's problem, enough said.
October 24, 2012
Love the song. Incredibly romantic/saucy lyrics.

Our lips shouldn(TM)t touch
Move over darling
I like it too much
Move over darling
That gleam in your eyes is no big surprise anymore
Cos you fooled me before

I(TM)m all in a spin
Move over darling
I(TM)ve got to give in
Move over darling
And though it(TM)s not right, I(TM)m too weak to fight it somehow
Cos I want you right now

The way you sigh, has me waving my conscience bye-bye
You can call me a fickle thing
But I(TM)m practically yours forever, because

I yearn to be kissed
Move over darling
How can I resist
Move over darling
You captured my heart, and now that I(TM)m no longer free
Make love to me

The way you sigh
Has me waving my conscience good-bye
You can call me a fickle thing
But I(TM)m practically yours forever, because

I yearn to be kissed
Move over darling
How can I resist
Move over darling
Please give me your love, I(TM)m longing for you
I need all your love, honest I do
You captured my heart and now that I(TM)m no longer free

Make love to me
April 7, 2012
This movie could have been so awkward and wrong, but Doris Day makes it great with her standard charm and panache.
April 6, 2012
Very,very funny!!!!! I llove this movie. I could watch this a million times!!!!!!!!!!!
April 2, 2012
day+garner=rom-com bliss
January 31, 2010
The idea of believing your spouse is dead and getting remarried just before they resurface definitely presents quite a quandary. I wasn't quite sure how it would be hashed out, but they pulled it off with great success and the results were downright hysterical! And although there was a great deal of comedy, proper emotion was inserted as well. Doris Day and James Garner worked very well together and it definitely brought to mind the screwball comedies of the 30's & 40s. In fact, this is a remake of a film called "My Favorite Wife" starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunn, released in 1940, but personally I prefer this version slightly. Hey, it even includes a cameo by Don Knotts. Who could ask for more?
½ January 1, 2011
Best Doris Day movie
August 17, 2010
Wow I love old movie most special Doris Day .I just hope to have a DVD of this movie to watch over & over again
July 29, 2009 funny! love the carwash scene...
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½ July 22, 2009
Perfect! It is absolutely delightful with a spectacular cast. Thelma Ritter is in my honest opinion, the best character actress that Hollywood has ever produced, and is allowed to perform her many talents with minimal intrusions by other actors.
The best scene of all is watching Doris Day drive a brand new 1963 Imperial Conv. into a car wash and then accidentally putting the top down.
½ July 1, 2009
sunday afternoon film.
½ May 13, 2009
i like tragic movies like move over darling but y the hell foolish men hv to married again men r sometimes imbeciles n sometimes darlings
April 27, 2009
the dinner scene is very hilarious, and love doris as the swiss nurse, good funny and entertaining movie
½ January 29, 2009
all i'm gonna say is that i can't believe that don knotts is in this movie. what the hell?
December 24, 2008
O filme s fica legalzinho l pro fim. James Garner faz um bom par com Doris Day, mas a histria to ridicula s sendo burro pra engolir. Doris Day faz o mesmo papel de sempre, porm aqui ela aparece um tantinho mais sem graa.
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