Latest News on Mr. 3000

August 12, 2008

Bernie Mac's 15 Roles to Remember

Planning a Bernie Mac movie marathon this weekend? Entertainment Weekly has helpfully compiled a list of the comedian and actor's 15 most memorable roles.More…

April 5, 2007

Warner Bros. Will Bring DC's "Metal Men" to the Screen

Ever heard of a comic book called "Metal Men"? Came out around 1962? From DC Comics? Nah, me neither, but it looks like someone over at Warner Bros. remembers these guys...More…

May 17, 2005

Screen Gems Gets Rolling With Its "Tekken" Adaptation

Variety brings news of the next video game movie to hit production. The title is "Tekken," and the property was picked up by Screen Gems (from Dimension), with a production date scheduled for late fall. Director Charles Stone III ("Drumline," "Mr. 3000") is an admitted fan of the "Tekken" video game, which is news that might give other fans some high hopes for the movie version.More…