Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater Reviews

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February 1, 2008
This is a really strong documentary about Barry Goldwater and brings up a lot of interesting information. It talks about Hillary Clinton's role as a "Goldwater girl", his pro choice stance on abortion, and his pro gays in the military stance, to give just a few examples of the interesting information contained in this film. He was also a union buster and opposed to organized labor. Barry Goldwater was one of the last old school conservatives to gain a high level of national power in this country.
February 19, 2015
This movie is delightful to watch. I expected the topic to be more concerned with his conservative philosophy. The movie is, however, about the man. In this richly detailed biography we see a man who lives his philosophy. He was an outdoorsman, a photographer, a pilot, a ham radio enthusiast. He spoke his mind. We also gain historical insight into his relationship with J.F.K., Nixon, Sandra Day O'Connor, and yes... even Hilary Clinton. He voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 not because he was a bigot (he was half Jewish) but because it violated the constitutional protection of people to freely associate. He believed that such a clear violation of the constitution would contribute immeasurably to the explosion of federal power. He was right.
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