RT on DVD: Good Luck Chuck, Mr. Woodcock, Family Guy Goes Star Wars!

Plenty of cures for the rotten movies blues.

Here at RT we're glass-half full kinds of people, so instead of dwelling on the abysmally-reviewed home video offerings of the week - Billy Bob Thornton's Mr. Woodcock and Dane Cook's Good Luck Chuck -- we're thrilled to point out that there are delights to be had on DVD shelves, if you'll only look (Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest, Criterion's The Naked Prey)!

Mr. Woodcock

Tomatometer: 14%

It's possible that Billy Bob Thornton will one day get past his irritable Bad Santa persona and graduate (or return) to roles with depth, challenge, and variety, but Mr. Woodcock will not be the catalyst for such a change. Thornton, an Academy Award-winner for writing, directing, and starring in a far better film about a mentally handicapped man a dozen years ago, now plays a terrifying...gym teacher. When Seann William Scott finds out his dear mother (Susan Sarandon, Oscar-winner) is dating the man who terrorized his adolescent years, he comes home to match wits, and slapstick wrestling movies, with Mr. Woodcock. You can do better, video hounds!

Good Luck Chuck

Tomatometer: 3%

They say January is a dumping ground for bad movies; this week, the saying is true for DVD titles. Our first single digit-Tomatometer DVD release of the year, Good Luck Chuck - a raunchy, unfunny romantic comedy starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba -- earned the scorn of an overwhelming majority of critics. On DVD, expect unrated laughs and a strange, interactive feature of Matrix-style sex positions.


Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest

Tomatometer: N/A

Leave it to Family Guy to save the day! The infamous Star Wars episode, retelling the entire space saga with Peter Griffin and Co., has arrived to poke geeky fun, Quahog-style, at Jedis, lightsabers, and storm troopers. Great extras include Seth MacFarlane interviewing George Lucas himself, an episode commentary, and a table reading Easter egg for you to uncover. Bonus points for knowing the working title of Episode VI.


The Naked Prey

Tomatometer: 80%

Film enthusiasts also have something to look for this week: a new Criterion release! Cornel Wilde's 1966 film The Naked Prey, in a newly restored high definition transfer, offers much more than just the movie itself -- the story, based on real events, follows a 19th century colonist on safari forced to flee for his life as African tribesmen hunt him. But as with every Criterion release, this title's packed with goodies -- audio commentary, the original soundtrack cues created by the director and an ethnomusicologist, and a recounted version of the 1913 event that inspired the story, read by Paul Giamatti.

Syndromes and a Century

Tomatometer: 87%

Abandoning conventional narrative, Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul has crafted a meditative story about how his own parents met and fell in love. Slow and mesmerizing, Syndromes and a Century was commissioned to honor the work of Mozart -- a nice, alternative date movie for the discerning, Dane Cook-averse viewer.

'Til next week, happy renting!



idle one kenobi

That FAMILY GUY )Blue Harvest. Was awsome! Maybe not the funniest of all family guy episodes, but it was extremely well made, and captures the entire of Star Wars a new hope PERFECTLY! Bit lame on some gags, but it did have a few side splitting moments.

Way better than the Simpsons movie IMO. That creepy old man that played Obi Wan, stole the show.

I just hope, they make Empire, Jedi, and even the prequels this way. In fact i think the prequels films would work best with Family-Guy. Fingers crossed.

Jan 14 - 05:23 PM

Scarborough Fair

Kyle Beaudette

Blue Harvest was the working title for ep VI?

Jan 14 - 05:23 PM


idle one kenobi

Yep, blue harvest was the undercover title for it. Just like, Batman begins working title was "Rorys first Kiss." The Dark Knight has one too i think, but i forgot what its called.

Jan 14 - 05:26 PM


idle one kenobi

Yep, blue harvest was the undercover title for it. Just like, Batman begins working title was "Rorys first Kiss." The Dark Knight has one too i think, but i forgot what its called.

Jan 14 - 05:26 PM

Mr. Bowler

Joseph Tomlinson

It was nice to see a good Family Guy episode like Blue Harvest after the average episodes. No offense, I like Family Guy, but they have just sacrificed good jokes with rapid fire jokes.

Jan 14 - 05:29 PM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Family Guy sucks.

Jan 14 - 06:28 PM

Floor Man

Floor Man

Call me smitten by the essence of Star Wars nerdity or simply a nitpick, but I must note a minor grammar mistake regarding the plural form:

One Jedi, two Jedi.

(Okay. I'm done. And now I'm going to go watch some movies...including the *real* 'Blue Harvest'.) :)

Jan 14 - 06:29 PM


jeremy d

so let me get this straight... there's a dvd release with just ONE episode of family guy on it? Who the hell would buy that?

Jan 14 - 10:34 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

not i, jeremyd4! to be honest, the robot chicken star wars spoof was

better than the family guy renendering. to be fair the show has lost some of its luster

lately but its still better than so much of the crap on t.v. Also, who here who watch

the blue harvest episode was pissed with the scene when they insulted the brilliant

danny elfman by killing him after he replaced john williams. i mean i know how legendary

john williams is, but c'mon family guy, who the hell doesn't respect and love danny

elfman's career? That's a BIG problem with Family Guy, Just because you can insult

anybody doesn't mean you should, m'kay;)

Jan 15 - 12:59 AM


Rusty Baldwin

The Naked Prey is an awesome movie. If you like old school survival action you should check it out. There are some torture scenes in it I'm still not sure how they filmed.

Jan 15 - 05:01 AM


jeremy burnside

i like family guy and blue harvest was a funny episode but i wouldnt buy it on dvd it will probable be on volume 8 or 9 any way.

Jan 15 - 08:17 AM

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