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Not highlighting the colonized history of Zimbabwe is a huge error for the one-sided doc that at times depicts the Black Zimbabweans as emotionless and racist savages. That said, it's a fearless film but do your own research to be fully informed.

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Sue C.

Sue Clayton

Zimbabwe's colonial history does not excuse or explain Mugabe's terror - he has exploited history to his own ends, as all despots do.Yes, land reform was necessary in Zimbabwe but Mugabe did nothing for 20 years and when he was losing his grip on power, he then used the land issue to create a thuggery to keep him in power. And showing the evil of some Zimbabweans does not mean all black Zimbabweans are emotionless, racist savages - for you to assume that is what the Campbell family intended to potray is a racist twist of yours because you would not say that if the Campbells were a black Zimbabwean family....white people all over Africa experience racism daily, in small and significant ways, yet our voices as the victimised are generally construed as racist merely because we are white and our forefathers colonised much of the continent.

Jul 24 - 08:38 AM

Greygoritch G.

Greygoritch Grey

@Sue C., I agree that Zimbabwe's colonial history cannot be used to justify many of Mugabe's actions or the current problems facing the country but you are mistaken to claim "Mugabe did nothing for 20 years." That is a lie. Mugabe and his government attempted for many years since he first took power to rectify the land situation, and he made serious headway with the British Crown and Margaret Thatcher's government to come up with an arrangement that would see Britain helping Zimbabwe to undo the unfair land situation THEY (the British empire) had created. However, when Tony Blair came into power, he went back on this arrangement and basically told the Zimbabwean government that the land situation was not the British government's problem, which was a MAJOR factor in influencing Mugabe's bitterness towards Tony Blair his now perceived "enemies" (unfortunately, ALL white people). The raids that started to occur on white owned farms were the result of tension and anger by war veterans who fought for the land and were furious after their government proved more or less powerless to "reclaim" the land. Mugabe's government, wanting to keep the war veterans (who were his main votes) and seeking to maintain power then allowed and facilitated for the situation to descend into the present chaos. The collapse of Zimbabwe's economy was the result of the economic sanctions imposed by EVERY SINGLE WESTERN POWER after Mugabe refused to back down and then it only got worse from that point. Terrible things have been done which are inexcusable and a lot of greed and corruption overrode everything that Mugabe had tried for a long, long time to fight for, which was basically the empowerment of the black majority. As they say, "power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely." I am a Zimbabwean and I do not agree with, or condone a lot of what Mugabe's government has done in the past decade or so, but it a very biased and one sided opinion to say he did NOTHING for 20 years.

Jul 25 - 12:24 AM

William  C.

William Caston

By the same token, shouldn't all movies about Hitler, contain the Nazi point of view, i.e. all his historical grievances against the Russians, Poles, French etc.? No, there is no excuse necessary for a bloody dictator who has wrecked the country. Zimbabwe used to be self suficient and produce its own food, now it is an economic basket case.

Jul 24 - 02:24 PM

Rodrigo E.

Rodrigo Espinosa

Spot on Clay. If not for Rhodesia there would be no Zimbabwe.

@William C. Any serious historian always analizes the Weimar Republic and the consquences of the treaty of Versailles when talking about Nazi Germany.

To present events leading up to something doesn't justify its atrocities, it better explains how they came to be. AND yes, this movie should have noted that.

Jul 29 - 08:07 AM

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